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What? Two or more of those like in every Arrowverse show ever? What are you on about?
"Ah! He might be thinking of Legends of Tomorrow!"

"Yeah! Legends of Tomorrow was very progressive. Remember, we had Jax and Kendra."

"Yep! Oh, but then it was just Jax."

"Ohhhh, right."

"And Kendra was only attracted to white guys."

"She had the fever, it can't be denied."

"And Jax only had that thing with that white girl from the fifties--"

"Okay, whatever! Kendra left as these things happen, so then we had Mari!"

"Yeah, Mari was great. Jax had to go though."

"Yeah, that was a shame. Two of those."

"Two of thoooooose. And of course Mari was only attracted to that white guy."

"Is it SO unbelievable that Black characters wouldn't prefer to be with a white person? White people are great!"

"They are great! Look at Diggle, he's got a white wife. And he's a hero."

"RESPECT. And look, we haven't killed Curtis off yet! YET. And he's also a gay, so he covers so many bases. And he's even dating a white guy!"

"Love knows no color."

"True that. So anyway, Mari was great, just great. But then we brought in Wally, so she had to go."

"Rule of two, my brother. The Sith can't break it, so neither can the CW."

"What's true is true. Shame Wally had to go."

"Wally did have to go. I'm heartbroken, I really am. Now there's none of them!"

"Yep! None of them. Think we could bring in Hawk and Dove?"

"Hawk and Dove? On Legends? That would be legendary!"