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I wouldn't put Static in that list tbh. Statics problems have nothing to do with the big two and or race relationsand are all about estate control.

Naomi will (much like Riri and eventually even Miles) be much better when she's out of Bendis hands. Thats not a knock against her though just Bendis being an incredibly mediocre writer.

Cyborg being on the league was a bumbling mess as was the attempts to work in his solo. Why are 90% of his villains other cyborgs ? Why has he never fought a magic user ? Its all lazy shoddy writing.
DC pulled Nu52 static book with a quick hook,I know they are rights issues but they had rights to use him at time and put out a clear bad project ,had quick hook and never used him again. But anyways the point was Static and Naomi are the things that we want to see well put together original characters. But if like Static and Cyborg you just put them out there have them fail and don't real try again what is the point. Even worse if you do a move like put Cyborg on Justice League to highlight him as major hero but then keep on using Batman,Superman and Wonder Woman as the key elements what is the point.

They are doing good job with Naomi but if when she is put on young justice they just focus on Tim Drake, Superboy, Impulse it is creating the same problem. Marvel and DC have actually done a good job creating new minority characters but superhero comics are built to perpetually keep things the same. If you make a character a small side character they will pretty always stay there at that level. If you create to be big time there is no guarantee the character will catch on with the fans but in perpetual cycle if they catch on a little they will always been seen as important. It is two part thing treat characters as important and even when they don't do as well you,clean the slate and try again. Captain Marvel is the blueprint for what you need to with new character. She has been pushed as important character in world and in publishing they have never allowed her to completely fail and they have reload her book even before it fails. At some point it has to stand on its own merit for success but Captain Marvel book has had every opportunity to find its audience. Cyborg who had the same importance for DC imo never was given the chance to find its place in the market and among the major players in universe.To make it simpler they know it takes longer than 12 or 24 issue to find the right and tone feel for a book. Hulk is the perfect example they have been putting out middling Hulk books for years. And finally they found the the right tone for the book.