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That's the kind of stuff "dog-parents" don't know about. Among other things they don't "get".
Dog Mom... I feel some kinda way just typing the 'phrase'.

The police was lookin' for SOMEBODY the other day out in front of the Meijers.

I've got two little girls. Fuckin. Dog Moms- never consider a scenario that possibly, IF, one of these po-po feels I may look like dude who they might be looking for. Qualitatively speain' how hard am I calculating I'm gonna go in regards to these police, of which I'm bigger than them- with a couple kids holding one hand and a rotisserie chicken in the other hand. Pretty damned hard most likely.

Nor do, fuckin. Dog moms, have to curb behavior that might be creeping into my house from the wild ass bad lil' girl at daycare who mine calls a 'friend'. I like dogs btw but I can leave a puppy in a carrier or locked in a room all day if I have too go to work or run an errand. They frown apon those type of actions with actual children.