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    Default The World of Sid & Marty Kroft

    Who else grew up with these crazy shows? I can't imagine my childhood without Sid & Marty Kroft. What an imagination. And they have always denied they were on acid or any other drugs. This was just their imagination.

    Which show was your favorite?

    My top 5:

    1. Land of the Lost
    2. H.R. Pufnstuf
    3. Lidsville
    4. Bugaloos
    5. Dr. Shrinker

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    Electra woman and dynagirl; Bigfoot and wildboy. I’d kind of like to dig up magic mongo.

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    And don't forget The Far Out Space Nuts.

    I used to watch the Supershow every week.

    And, of course, Joy from The Bugaloos was my first love.
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    Whether they personally were hi (puffin the stuff) or not, I don't know, their shows were absolutely trippy to say the least.
    And if there wasn't media proof these things existed, i'd have thought did I just imagine that?
    Bugaloos have a vague memory of them, (although that firefly creeped me out) I remember the kids were great, fun!
    Land of the Lost probably my favorite, as indicated in the other thread the Sleestaks terrified me, but kept me riveted.
    That other not Speed Buggy, remember seeing a few of those.
    Far Out Space Nuts was pretty dumb, but fun! probably caught a few of those LOL!
    Banana Splits, I liked the Hanna Barbera cartoon segments (Secret Squirrel/Atom-Ant), but the mascots had a spazzy energy and look, I remember made me uneasy and would change channels if they came on.
    Edit: Looking on wiki just now, I was likely watching the syndicated in 1971 version with new HB cartoons , not the original Splits run.
    My overall impression even as a kid, was this is some weird stuff.
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