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    impact this week was cool. they did a tag tourney where they purposely paired people with animosity towards each other and the winning team will wrestle each other for a world title shot. holy shit an original concept from impact that's actually good!! they don't have the best tracj record with that kind of stuff.

    anyways the results have my wondering, are they really going to pull the trigger on tessa as world champ?? that's a bold move and i'd have to tip my hat for having the balls to do it if they did.

    much as i like james mitchell i hope the undead stuff just goes away, if he sticks around to manage havok that would be cool but i still say they put her with OVE.

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    I hope they do let Tessa win the World Title. If you've come this far, then go all the way with it. Also she's their most over star and the crowd eats up everything that she does. Plus she's had a couple of really good matches with Brian Cage before, so I'd love to see it again.

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    In pretty funny news ; Jim Cornette posted this blog 2+ weeks ago about the Fanboy Expo he was supposed to be at.

    Long story short...

    - Cornette was supposed to do a Midnight Express reunion at the Con. It was supposed to be Bobby Eaton , Stan Lane , Dennis Condrey and him all together. Cornette told the convention guy to take the money they were gonna pay him and split it all among the boys . He wanted a table to sell at free for the weekend. The guy agreed to it and promised to get back with him for the Con.

    - Time passes ; Jim claims his wife had a death in family and he was doing MLW stuff but he spoke a week before the Expo. Things were confusing and he promised he'd be booked a room and all.

    - That week the convention guy gets in touch ; tells Cornette he has a motel room and details the numbers for the room. Jim drives a couple hours to Knoxville . (the rest of the video explains how that went)

    Anyhow Cornette demands to talk to "Dave" who is running this. After getting no response for that he leaves. On the Fanboy Expo FB they discussed it.
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