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    Default AEW Dynamite Review 10/16/19 - "Tag Team Revolution"

    Your Hosts : Jim Ross , Tony Shiavone & Excalibur

    Tonight Darby Alin vs Chris Jericho for the AEW World Title happens as well as the tag team tournament continues as S.C.U vs Best Friends. This show is in Philadelphia PA. Home of the old ECW. SCU is out as they are suddenly attacked by the Lucha Brothers ! Jim Ross sells this as a literal mugging as Daniels is pile drove on the ramp way. Kazarian is saved by Scorpio Sky !

    Daniels is out of this as they seemingly load Daniels on the stretcher. The Bucks and others join the scene as the referee tells Scorpio that Daniels can't go tonight. Scorpio declares he will take the spot then. He is taping his hands for it. Chuck Taylor and Trent Baretta . Kazarian starts out with Taylor but he's still selling his back as both Best Friends start working him over with crisp tags and get a near pin fall.

    Trent takes over Scorpio with a back suplex and later Taylor bites his toes ? WTF ? Later both men work over Kazarian's back against the railing, Then outside they perform a good double team move on Scorpio and Kazarian. With him being thrown into Trent for a spear ! The Best Friends deliver the assisted suplex to Kazarian ! As they continue to work over his injured back.

    The fans are hot for this match. Finally the heels get paid back as they let Kazarian get away by being arrogant. This allows a hot tag as Scorpio starts to deliver his offense. Jim Ross sells that Scorpio is the most athletic worker in AEW. Then outside we get some fun as Taylor misses Scorpio and delivers a suicide dive on his own partner. Then we see Kazarian deliver an outside huricanrana ! Finally its time for Scorpio Sky fly ! He lands on his feet with a splash and kicks off his last shoe.

    SCU nearly gets the pin as Kazarian and Sky deliver a good double team move. But Kazarian is back in still selling his hurt back. The soul food move to the face. The Best Friends waste time as Sky stops the hug in middle of the ring. Sky later eats a combo out of the ring and we get this Hug as Excalibur sells it and Ross comically down plays it. Finally they deliver the doomsday knee from top rope on Kazarian and both do a combo Frankie KICKS OUT !

    Baretta tries a pile driver on the apron as Scorpio saves his partner. Barretta later eats the double team finisher in ring from Sky and Kazarian . SCU wins after a hot good tag match. Kazarian gives props to Scorpio for what he did on short notice. Jim Ross claims a star was born tonight in Philadelphia.

    Back to AEW after a long commercial break. In ring the tag team Pride & Powerful come out. This is Ortiz and Santana. Part of the Jericho "Inner Circle" we get these 2 men. Jim Ross sells the 2 men of having no conscious. The announcers plug the t-shirts. John Silver starts the match off as he weirdly does this crazy power pose. He eats a kick from Santana. The 2 men start working over Silver and Douglas is worked over outside where he was knocked.

    Ortiz mocks Silver and his posing. While the 2 men deliver the street sweeper in this quick tag team squash match to get the finish. To sell them as a dangerous tag team for the division. Post match El Champion joins us on the tron. Plugging his tag team. Putting them over as street thugs and pit bulls. At Full Gear Santana & Ortiz wants the Young Bucks ! November 9th , at Full Gear do you accept the challenge Bucky Boys.

    We get a video clip of Cody Rhodes in his kitchen as his wife details what he has to do this week media wise for AEW. Brandy claims he disappears when things like this happen as he is intent on being champion. On being World Champion. DDP sells how well he knows Cody and his family for years. We see Michelle Rhodes (his mom) who sells her son being so driven. Then we see Jim Ross & Tony Shiavone sell the schedule he's on doing meetings and training for Jericho. Shiavone puts over his talent. MJF is there discussing his friend as well.

    Dr. Britt Baker is out challenging for the AEW Women's title. She is facing Riho who has a little girl in audience happy. Jim Ross sells Baker for being tough and not covering up her black eye in make up. Fans get behind Riho early. The 2 women have never faced each other in a single match as the 2 start trying each other out. The 2 try some amateur wrestling and both work their way to the ropes.

    Baker tries the lockjaw submission but Riho gets her way to ring ropes. Later both start to work as they soon work their way to top turnbuckle for a spot. Baker attempts a super plex and later eats a diving cross body , she rolls over for a pin attempt. Riho matrixes out of it ! Later in a cool spot Riho reverses out and delivers a stomp from a roll up. She later tries a double stomp from top rope and misses. Baker delivers a running clothesline. Then later delivers a TKO in a spot !

    Britt Baker goes for a pin at one time and Riho kicks out. Later in a fun spot Riho tries several pin attempts. Then in a quick move Baker nails a swinging fisherman's neck breaker and nearly gets the win ! Riho kicks out ! In a cool spot much later Riho does a north lights suplex into a pin attempt showing for a small girl she has some power. Then we get a spot where Riho tries a submission hold stretching Baker ! She later does a double stomp off the top rope as she works the back.

    Riho misses the double knee strike in her 2nd attempt and Baker after another swinging neckbreaker tries to lock on lockjaw. But Riho won't open her mouth ! She reverses into a roll up pin ! Which was great to see as a finish. Jim Ross sells that Riho has been doing this for a long while since she was 9 years old. All 3 sell Britt Baker is gonna get better and be something down the road.

    As an update on Daniels from earlier ; he suffered a neck stinger . He is up and active right now. The Lucha Brothers vs Jurassic Express is next up as we get a silly entrance for Jurassic Express. The Jurassic Express is Marko Stunt and Jungle Boy. Originally Luchasauris was supposed to be here but he has a thigh injury so he can't go. Pentagon & Rey Fenix are part of the Lucha Brothers.

    Pentagon starts off with Marco Stunt who is like a little kid. He's mocked as is Jungle Boy as the 2 deliver a nice combo move on Pentagon. Then later Phoenix and Pentagon try to double team Stunt who manages a great reversal and is thrown at Phoenix and he gets caught with a DDT ! We see some great combo moves from Jungle Boy and Stunt and that lasts til Pentagon catches Stunt with a super kick in corner after he's tossed towards him.

    Phoenix in a cool spot later (among cool spots) delivers an enziguri to Stunt off top turnbuckle and arm drag take down to Jungle Boy ! Then later in a spot Stunt is caught by Pentagon in a hard pump handle slam into pin attempt ! But by some wild miracle Stunt kicks out ! Pentagon clashes with the female referee who won't take his crap.

    Back from commercial Marco Stunt is being beaten on. Jim Ross sells the little guy as taking a pure beating the entire time but staying up. Fans get behind Stunt to make that hot tag to finally Jack Perry. A fact Jim Ross sells his full name finally. Both Marco and Jungle Boy deliver some good tag team moves as Jim Ross pleads with Marco to rest in corner. Later Marco is swung by his hair in a spot. Then we see Pentagon deliver the arm breaker.

    A foot stomp into pocket pile driver sets up the win for Lucha Brothers. Jim Ross sells them as a serious brutal tag team to set up the big match next week with Private Party !

    Up next is Pac/Jon Moxley vs Hangman Page/Kenny Omega. Pac is going by the nickname "The Bastard" as Jim Ross jokes the time he finally got Pac to smile was saying he was very anti-social. Moxley comes out with his coat spray painted with MOX . He claims he doesn't want Pac as his partner , he is the top of the food chain in AEW. He wants Kenny Omega's head on his wall come Full Gear.

    So we have 2 former WWE guys (Moxley and Pac) vs the AEW guys . Omega wants Moxley as Hangman tries to stop him. But as Moxley argues with Pac , he attacks to get revenge. Page is like fuck it and goes after Pac outside as now all 4 work making quick tags. Omega delivers the crusher to Pac over his head in a nice spot. Jim Ross sells this silly bit of team work Pac and Moxley are attempting to do.
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    Moxley stays in control of Omega by stomping on his fingers and cutting him off the ropes with kitchen sink. Jim Ross sells the Omega/Moxley chemistry in ring and that their match will really be good at Full Gear. Page delivers a splash to outside. Page is rolling and tries a pin attempt on Moxley. Then later in a spot slowly climbs top turnbuckle as Pac acts to distract him. This allows Moxley to get up and throw him off top turnbuckle as he eats the ring apron on his way down !

    Coming back from commercial Pac and Moxley have been working over Page/Omega. Excalibur sells that them as a team have worked better during commercial break. Page delivers a lariat clothesline as he finally delivers hot tag to Kenny Omega. Then we see Omega do the rolling over head power slam into moonsault pin attempt in corner. Omega is on a roll and delivers snap suplexes on Moxley and Pac ! He is ON HIS GAME.

    Omega calls it and delivers the flying overhead splash to outside on Pac. Then we see Moxley do his suicide dive head 1st into them both. Page climbs up and delivers the moonsault off top turnbuckle to finish it. Later in a spot we see buckle bomb on Pac into a super kick by Page. Moxley delivers a double foot drop kick to Page. All 4 are deliver big kill shots in spots. Shiavone is amazed at this series of spots and Page knocks Pac outside. Leaving Omega/Moxley.

    The 2 men deliver slaps , chops , knee strikes and finally the entire series ends with a cool lariat from Moxley. Both men are wore out from this as they both roll slowly outside for weapons. A barbed wire bat for Moxley and a barbed wire broom for Omega. Moxley looks to deliver a kill shot with his barbed wire bat to Omega. But Pac stops this (and cuts his finger if you watch) removing both. He yells at Moxley to use his head.

    Moxley answers with a double bird and DDT , leaving Pac behind. Page delivers a buckshot lariat and sets up the pin by both men finally. Back from commercial the company sells their Pittsburgh show next week on Dynamite. Moxley vs Pac will happen. Due to what happened tonight.

    Tonight is a Philadelphia Street Fight for the AEW World title. Darby Allin vs Chris Jericho and he comes out with a skate board deal. Which he rides out to ring. Chris Jericho comes out in his full look with his evil Joker makeup now aka Painmaker . Possibly to compliment Darby Allin's look makeup look. Jim Ross keeps remaking himself over the years as Jim Ross details. Allin has "champ" written on his face and body.

    Fans are fully behind Jericho due to him being more known . Darby starts off quick with a drop kick and takes Chris down quick to start. Allin is moving quick and after a botch taking Jericho over with a clothesline in ropes he stays on him. Chris delivers a kick to sternum and slows the pace down. Chris finally through his heel work gets fans to chant for Darby to make a come back as he starts.

    Of course after a quick pin attempt , Darby eats a clothesline from him. Then he makes Darby suffer some pain as he throws him into the ring post hard , as he lands on his knee outside the ring. Back from commercial Jericho has a kendo stick and misses off top rope as Allin moves quick. He later tries a crucifix pin and gets a near fall. Finally after awhile Darby locks in a fuji arm bar to start. Excalibur points out that Darby tried rolling into a dragon sleeper and Jericho reversed into a lion tamer.

    Then we later see Jericho deliver chart topper which is shocking in a spot. Fans want a table from Jericho on Allin. Instead he gets a steel chair and lays him out spine wise. Jericho props up a chair in corner and tries to lawn dart but its reversed into a stunner by Darby. We then get a Lion tamer in middle of ring by Jericho ! After growing angry at Darby , Jericho duck tapes Allin's hands so he can't defend himself !

    Then we see Darby duck and move. He delivers a moonsault into a pin attempt all while his hands are taped up ! He then delivers a drop kick and forward moonsault all while he can't use his hands. Jim Ross sells this one big. Finally Jericho puts an end to this and he power bombs Darby on skateboard. Darby kicks out and attempts another moonsault later. He gets cut off by Jake Hagar.

    The rest of inner circle come out to celebrate with El Champion and a little bit of bubbly.

    The Good : A great opening match which was one where it swerved Daniels/Kazarian and actually had Scorpio Sky take his place. Its clear Scorpio is a star on the rise and Jim Ross selling him was a good move. Losing his shoes during match was a funny touch. But damn if he wasn't electric out there.

    Ortiz was selling his character very well by not playing to the fans as much. In one spot he putting the ring rope in his mouth with his look was good. Then we get Jericho post match selling his heel group and setting up a tag team match. Also using Jericho to set up a PPV tag team match was a good move here.

    I really liked how Riho's finish as she realizes what is coming and won't open her mouth. Then manages to shock Baker into a roll up pin. Its sold by all 3 as someone who isn't as experienced but will get a lot better in Baker vs a more experienced foe in Riho.

    Jurassic Boy & Stunt did some great tag team moves and work in ring. From a power bomb into a pin finisher attempt to throwing Stunt like a weapon into a move. Stunt clearly could be a Mikey Whipreck type if AEW later splits him off. Jim Ross sold him as being bullied a lot in matches and by folks. As Mick Foley told me at Scarefest ; there hasn't been a real Mikey Whipreck type in wrestling in years.

    The finish of the Page/Omega vs Moxley/Pac match made great sense. Moxley detailed he could care less about his own partner before hand . So him laying out Pac was pretty funny and effective on what he already said.

    For a couple weeks people haven't been kind to Jim Ross selling a guy who stuffs his hands in his pockets. Maybe this was a bit of a wink by AEW to this by having Jim Ross sell a guy who has his hands taped behind his back who delivers good moves that way and nearly beats the champion.

    The Bad : We really never got to see what this Silver & Douglas tag team was. Both men were basically jobber tag team. With only Silver doing anything character wise in ring. Douglas I never saw at all in ring.

    The MJF deal is weird. On the prelaunch Youtube shows they played him as a arrogant heel and one of the best young heels in the industry now. But his character turn to face weeks in makes little sense here. Unless its a heel turn and it makes even less sense given what we saw 2 months ago. It doesn't make me really get invested in someone if he's doing such quick heel/face/heel turns.

    The entrance and team of the Jurassic Express is really too silly to get into. I can understand Jungle Boy wants to create his own identity away from his famous father. I can understand that. But when your doing a Jurassic Park deal with a shaking class that is nearly 30 years old , well I gotta say its not working. Some ideas AEW should look at working to change or morph is this.

    I'm not a fan of skate board guys and it really distracts from the dangerous character Allin could be. Painting champion all over his body was a nice taunting tactic. But really I hope we stop seeing skateboard deal after this week where Jericho power bombed him on it. The finish was rushed as we saw. Hagar appears seconds before the show ends and all. Really a good move here would have been for Hagar to arrive earlier.

    OVERALL : **** outta 5. A big issue was the ending of main event . It seemed like the ending was rushed due to TV near ending. That was really my only issue with the live show and ending of Hagar coming out so late. It cost the post match celebration deal.
    "The story so far: As usual, Ginger and I are engaged in our quest to find out what the hell is going on and save humanity from my nemesis, some bastard who is presumably responsible." - Sir Digby Chicken Caesar.

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