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I dont recall Shiva's race ever being specified. Infact during the O'Neal years she was drawn as more Indian than anything.
I get the first argument but the second one is hokey as hell.
There is no evidence confirming Shiva as Chinese beyond typical stereotypes which imo is more insulting.
I was referencing Cassandra's Batgirl run, which did establish that she was part Chinese. Personally, I find almost every aspect of Lady Shiva an offensive stereotype starting with her name and the interpretation of a popular and actively worshipped god, but that's just me. As a devout Hindu housemate of mine pointed out: members of Abrahamic religions have been doing worse for ages and at least they got the Thuggee as being non Hindu right.

Brenda the Barista was the first one to discuss with Cass her Chinese looks in the Bludhaven arc. Unlike Shiva, Cass was always depicted as being Chinese in appearance. It's one of the reasons she was sent to Hong Kong. Her early stories starting in No Man's Land characters regularly discussed that not only was Cass Chinese, but everyone assumed that Cain had bought her or stolen her from an orphanage. Up until the decision to retcon Shiva never having children and making her Cassandra's mother, you're absolutely right that Lady Shiva was some sort of miscellaneous Eurasian ethnicity. Batgirl, and later Birds of Prey, made her a Chinese American.