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    Default Dragonball M: A DBZ RPG Sign-Up and Discussion Thread II

    This is a continuation of the original Sign-Up/Discussion Thread.

    Please be sure to transfer over your character profiles, and relevant information (if possible), so that if in the event the previous thread is deleted you don't lose anything. The Opening Post from Cleric, and the Character Sheet below:

    Welcome to Dragonball Memory !

    Long, long ago there were eighteen universes, and Lord Zeno ruled over them all. According to the Grand Priest, at some point, Lord Zeno destroyed six of them.

    This is not true.

    Lord Zeno did not destroy these universes, but instead sealed them away for reasons only he and the Grand Priest were ever aware of, instead spreading the tale that in a fit of anger he had destroyed them, using this as a warning to the surviving universes to mind themselves and beware his anger.

    Our story takes place in one of these sealed away universes, Universe 15. It is here, on it's Earth, that our story begins (Universe 15 has no idea it's been sealed away, of course. Only it's God of Destruction and Supreme Kai know the truth. Maybe.). This is where we shall uncover the truth of why the universes were sealed away, and what the true fates of these universes are, for all is not what it seems, and even Lord Zeno does not know what lay in their future.


    Welcome! In this game you'll be playing denizens of Universe 15's Earth. You are free to play any race you wish (human, cyborg, alien, dealer's choice, just run it by me first if it's something original), and you'll all start off at a power level of 50. The game will level you up as you post and interact and fight, so not everyone will power up at the same rate. However, things won't ever get too far apart I'd imagine. The last one everyone was within a few thousand of each other as a reference.

    Now, a few things. This Earth is pretty much the same as standard DB Earth, with a few exceptions. Capsule Corp exists (somewhat less a monopoly here), but is run by the Pants family instead. This Earth has a somewhat more advanced space program, so aliens living on Earth is more known/accepted. Magic exists, and you are more than welcome to play a magic user too, just don't expect to drop things like Pre-Crisis Fate or Classic Strange level stuff just yet. Also, please keep super powers/abilities in check. Things like Telepathy are allowed, but don't expect me to allow Charles Xavier type mental shut downs. If you have a question about a power/ability, just run it by me first.

    Anyways, the next post will be the character sheet. Any questions you have, please feel free to post them after the character sheet is posted or PM me.

    - Cleric of Hell's Brigade
    Yeah, but if you... man, we're getting into weird analogy territory, like if you disintegrated Superman's arms he wouldn't be able to go "fool! Little did you know that my arms and I are one and can be remade from me!" and will his arms back into being from pure nothingness. - Pendaran

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    Character Sheet






    Power Level:

    Style: (Fighting style)

    Techniques: (Your attacks and what they do. This is where you list your attacks/moves and what they can do)

    Items: (what your character has on them. This includes weapons)

    Special: (This is where you list something special, if anything, your character can do/has. Telepathy, regeneration, etc...)

    History: (Backstory)

    Yeah, but if you... man, we're getting into weird analogy territory, like if you disintegrated Superman's arms he wouldn't be able to go "fool! Little did you know that my arms and I are one and can be remade from me!" and will his arms back into being from pure nothingness. - Pendaran

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    Name Age Gender Species Style Power Level Player
    Adam 5 Male Android Thousand Wounds Gear Style 28000 rhyvurg
    Asha'rah ? Female Android/Unknown Fusion of Luohan Quan, Southern Praying Mantis and Long Fist 25000 Lord Falcon
    Chuan 22 Male Human Internal Arts 18000 Eternal Torment
    Erosa 1 Female Id Berserking 21000 MrSandman
    Etrina 20 Female Human Spiritual Magecraft 21000 MrSandman
    Held 22 Male Nevada-Jin Yunikōn Ryū (Unicorn Style Martial Arts) 20000 Miburo
    Ishtar ? Female Oni The Crimson Spirit of Bounteous Destruction 26000 Cthulhu_of_R'lyeh
    Meagan Te'al 22 Female Chromakian Meagan Mix 26000 Tami
    Nevanlinna Early 20's Female Threshling The Blade of Auroc 30000 Monstrous Bird of Qin, Ou Ki
    Ochazuke 26 Male Human Crane School Apostate 26000 grampagen
    Ogatan Charco 17 Male Human Dino School ("Kyōryū Ryū") 21000 Yun Lao
    Parsley 21 Female Saiyan White Fang (Saiyan-Do Custom) 28000 Sub-Zero MKA
    Praxat 25 Female Toadian Frog Kung-Fu 18000 bruceleegreyhulk
    Queen Sarada 17 Female Saiyan Crimson Fist Style 33000 Sub-Zero MKA
    Sasheem ? Male Majin Demon (w/Assassination techniques) 45000 KingofPie
    Totoma 20 Male Saiyan/Human Saiya-jin dō ("Saiya-jin Way") 32000 Monstrous Bird of Qin, Ou Ki
    Zaofan 31 Male Human Hokuto Shin Ken, Crane School, Turtle School 21000 Cyke


    Current # of Techniques Available: 16 (excluding 'free' abilities given by Cleric)

    Most Recent Power Level Increase (Linked)

    Base Timeline for Dragonball: Memory
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    Yeah, but if you... man, we're getting into weird analogy territory, like if you disintegrated Superman's arms he wouldn't be able to go "fool! Little did you know that my arms and I are one and can be remade from me!" and will his arms back into being from pure nothingness. - Pendaran

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    Placeholder II.
    Yeah, but if you... man, we're getting into weird analogy territory, like if you disintegrated Superman's arms he wouldn't be able to go "fool! Little did you know that my arms and I are one and can be remade from me!" and will his arms back into being from pure nothingness. - Pendaran

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    Placeholder III.
    Yeah, but if you... man, we're getting into weird analogy territory, like if you disintegrated Superman's arms he wouldn't be able to go "fool! Little did you know that my arms and I are one and can be remade from me!" and will his arms back into being from pure nothingness. - Pendaran

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    Name: Ishtar, AKA Bipedal Goat Woman
    Race/Species: Oni
    Age: 100,002
    Known Relatives/Associates:

    Sarada (Girlfriend/Mate) - Alive
    Shek'hinah (Mother) - Alive
    Zurvan (Adpotive Father) - Alive
    Sihn (Uncle) - Alive
    Chrona (Step-Sister) - Alive
    Etrina (Step-Sister) - Alice
    Erosa (Daughter ?) - Alice
    Nunlil (Cousin) - Alive
    Sekhmet (Former Wife) - Deceased

    Height/Weight: 5'6", 140kg

    Power Level: 1,150,000**
    [Aka Manah: 1,725,000]


    The Crimson Spirit of Bounteous Destruction

    Originally, the Spirit of Bounteous Destruction was never designed for combat purposes. The lessons that were offered to Ishtar over the course of several thousands of years, are simply aspects of the "good", and the "bad" used as a means of balancing her nature while also teaching the blue-skinned Oni how to think, and be. In summary, it is simply a way of life. Yet over the course of those thousands of years, and thanks to a blending of instinct, and Ki/Magical energy; each lesson eventually manifested outwardly. While some of the manifestations were/are useful for protection, and combat, this left Ishtar at a disadvantage until recently. Thanks to the guidance and training of Sarada however; the Oni has been given a strong foundation in attack, defense thanks to the Style of the Crimson Fist. Additional training at the hands of Tasure (refinement), and two months worth of sparring with Asha'rah, allowed Ishtar to build upon the foundation offered by Crimson Fist and make the style her own. Now known as the Crimson Spirit of Bounteous Destruction, Ishtar's way of live has been supplemented by the newfound martial knowledge, allowing her to attack, parry, counter, and capitalize on openings offered by her opponents to deliver massive damage with precise timing and minimal movement; creating a unique fighting style known only by one.

    "How passing strange." - Ishtar


    Ishtar's Techniques - Part I
    Ishtar's Techniques - Part II
    List of Known Spells
    Additional "Free" Techniques/Supplementary Techniques


    Magical Outfit Reliquary, or MORE (Amulet)
    Katchin Blade
    Zurvan's Grimorie
    Coven of the Grey Thorns Grimoire

    Special/Racial Traits:

    Innate Magical Acuity
    Giant Form


    Origin Story
    The Black Temple of Erebus
    Reawakening, Pt I . Reawakening, Pt II


    Her name is taken from the Mesopotamian Goddess of the same.
    Her style and techniques are centered loosely around the religion of Zoroastrianism.
    Enjoys eating, though does not specifically need to.
    Her Mentor, Zurvan, only ever took one student.
    *based on her appearance.
    ** Current PL equates to, Capable of glassing a planet.
    Was one of the First Oni created/born, in Otherworld
    Lost her Right Arm, on Day 2. Thanks to the craftsmanship of both Jinzi Pantaloon, and Nunlil, her arm has been reforged.
    Due to the drinking of three vials, Ishtar has taken on the racial traits of: Devils (Wings), Frost Demons (Tail), and Namekians (Size Alteration). As a result her mass has increased by 50kg.
    Is a "WereTrap".
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    Yeah, but if you... man, we're getting into weird analogy territory, like if you disintegrated Superman's arms he wouldn't be able to go "fool! Little did you know that my arms and I are one and can be remade from me!" and will his arms back into being from pure nothingness. - Pendaran

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    Ishtar's Techniques (Part 1):

    Aṣ̌a Vahiṣ̌ta "The Truth is, simple. I exist." - As Ishtar sheds her previous understanding, the radiant White-Gold flame that once coated her extremities as a means of offering the 'truth of intent', has now turned inward; and taking the true concept of Aṣ̌a to heart (literally), the Oni has found herself capable of surviving injuries that would have once been the death of her. A side-effect too of this internalization, Ishtar's physicality is now inexorably linked to the spark of life that refuses to be put out; and as such her strength and durability is now at all times, equal to her PL.

    In essence, so long as Ishtar has the strength, she will continue to be.

    Xšaθra Vairya - Ishtar's body is now a blending of crystal, and metal, and blood. The blade that she had once 'found' herself in, has now been reshaped thanks to Jinzi Pantaloon, and Nunlil, into her right arm. Allowing her unrestricted use of the limb as if it had never been lost at all; while also allowing her to 'reforge' the appendage should it suffer damage. As a result of this too, Ishtar is also capable of manipulating metal, allowing her to create weapons and armor; or even liquefy and re-solidify metal on a whim ... so long as the metal is bound to her in some fashion, or has been previously imbued with her Ki.
    • Sűrahe Vaędha (Avesta: literally. "Weapon, Knowledge") - "Blessed be you, Daughters of the Moon, and Children of Moonlight ... for yours is the mantle of order ... peace." - The information contained with in the energy gifted by Sekhmet, was not simply the hidden knowledge of a forgotten school of magic, but the knowledge of the Order of the Twin Luminaries and its peacekeepers: The Moonsworn. As a result, the martial training that was offered all Knights of the Moonsworn is now at Ishtar's disposal as well, affording her a passive increase to her martial competence in the use of Khosian (Ancient Egyptian), and Luarian (Celtic) arms. A secondary aspect of this ability, Xshathra (Avesta: literally. "Power, Dominion, Rule"), Ishtar is also capable of focusing her energy through the tip, or edge of a weapon as if it were one of her own limb. This concentrated energy enhances the strength of her attacks with the weapon used by x3 Ishtar's PL (900000) for (5) attacks. This ability cannot be 'double-dipped' and requires a short channel time (2) in-game posts before it can be re-used.

    Spəntā Ārmaiti - "... of Mother Nature; she who is the very ground beneath your feet ... who provides for her children good dwelling, and enduring ..." - Ishtar's body has formed a kinship with the earth itself, and through it is able to take on its aspects; allowing her to bolster her defenses while also improving her ability to withstand punishment. Yet as her connection with the world(s) around her, and its 'children', has deepened; so too has the golden-eyed Oni's understanding of it.
    • Pṛthivīpatnī - "The Lady of Earth ..." - By filtering her Ki down into the world(s) beneath her, Ishtar capable of manipulating the sand, stone, and soil, as she might her own limbs in an area around herself equal to 50-Yards for each 10000 of her PL. Supplemental to this, as had been performed once before- an act of desperation more so than understanding- Ishtar is capable of spreading her bolstered defenses to that of her allies through physical contact.

    Vohu Manah (Vōhu-Mánāh) - "... of the kinship of animals, and of cattle in particular." - By diverting her body's chi into three specific areas (legs, and her horns), Ishtar performs a devastating close-range attack designed to penetrate the defenses- and possibly the bodies- of her enemies.

    Haurvatat - "... of the waters; and of the wholeness provided by its sustenance." - Ishtar draws her daily sustenance from the energies provided by water.

    Amərətāt - "... and of plant-life, and the immortality provided by its sustenance." - By actively drawing upon the plant-life around her, Ishtar is capable of amplifying the strength of a single action that relies upon her Ki. Yet as her understanding of the connection between herself, and the Flora that is found upon the surface of the world(s) flourishes, so too does her understanding of the relationship between it (Amərətāt), and Spəntā Ārmaiti.
    • Dūraoša - "Of the beautiful man, he who through the White Haoma, keeps death at a distance." - By repurposing the energy absorbed from plant-life, Ishtar is capable of offering succor, and nourishment to those in need by filtering this energy into their bodies to either replenish their stamina, heal injury, or empower their next Ki-based ability. Ishtar is capable of storing the energy necessary for (2) uses, gaining additional 'charges' at a rate of (1) per 10000 PL, unaugmented. A single charge is capable of restoring 25% of one's stamina/energy, healing injuries no greater than broken bones, or amplifying the strength of a target's next Ki-based ability by 50% of their base PL. Multiple charges are capable of restoring an additional 25% of one's stamina/energy per charge, healing moderate internal injury, and amplifying the strength of a target's Ki-based ability by an additional 10% of their base PL per charge. Ishtar is, by nature of the ability, incapable of using this ability (Amərətāt) on herself.
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    Yeah, but if you... man, we're getting into weird analogy territory, like if you disintegrated Superman's arms he wouldn't be able to go "fool! Little did you know that my arms and I are one and can be remade from me!" and will his arms back into being from pure nothingness. - Pendaran

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    Ishtar's Techniques (Part 2):

    Druj (Indra) - "Lie, as guided by chilling frost." - Ishtar's chi speaks the lie of her intent. Manifesting as a chilling frost, it coats Ishtar briefly before shattering, to reveal the Oni gone, and in her place is a 'clone' of ice. Whilst hidden/glamored, Ishtar will have (1) free action, based on her movement range per second (m/s), before the clone shatters and Ishtar reappears. The higher Ishtar's power level, the more clones she is able to generate (1).

    Spəntā Aēšma - "Through tempering, and the crucible of death and rebirth; I have learned the truth of Bounteous Wrath ... Let me teach you of it now." - An ability in two parts:

    The passive effect being that Ishtar is now wholly capable of projecting/manipulating her innate Ki energies, without risk of tapping into her Hakai energies unnecessarily.

    The active effect of Spəntā Aēšma. By tapping into the embers of Aēšma, Ishtar can now increase her strength and lust for battle over the course of combat, at the cost of slowly narrowing her focus and Ki usage towards a singular outcome. During this process, Ishtar's strength will increase gradually until she reaches the final stage, Aēšma Sij:

    • Stage 1 (Active) - An immediate increase to strength and speed equaling of 50% of her power level for a total of (33750), Ishtar loses the ability to use the following techniques: Vōhu-Mánāh, Amərətāt, Druj. Ishtar will also lose the ability to perform the following spells: Dar-Tanu, Vińdât Dűrât, Starapateńti, Paņca.
    • Stage 2 (Passive) - Ishtar loses the ability to deactivate Spəntā Aēšma, and in exchange receives an additional 50% increase to strength and speed for a total of (45000). In this stage Ishtar is also incapable of using any techniques or spells; with the exception of Kāmag-Xwadāyīh. While also in the throes of Stage 2, her Ki energy becomes more chaotic, burning all things she makes contact with (including herself) and her horns also lengthen, slightly. Ishtar can be knocked out of this Stage so long as she is incapacitated, knocked unconscious before the final "turn". At which point nothing short of Death will prevent:
    • Aēšma Sij - At this time unknown (Event Locked).


    • The stages will progress based on the duration of the engagement, five posts to transition from Stage 1 > Stage 2; and five posts to transition from Stage 2 > Aēšma Sij.
    • Aēšma Sij's effects are currently unknown.
    • Ishtar can now consciously cancel the progression so long as she has not progressed within two posts of Aēšma Sij.

    Asvins (Aśvinau) Naonhaithya "... of the unified Daeva, the twin-spirit of spiritual disobedience." - A passive effect as the result of Ishtar's resolve, the Oni finds her body and soul resistant to the influences of others. This manifests in both a change- or rather a return to form- of her mind, body, and soul:

    • Body/Soul - The Ki that permeates Ishtar's body mimics the Oni's defiant soul. This manifests as a resistance to Ki-abilities that target her physically, making it harder to perform things like the alteration of her physical form and the manipulation of her soul, halting or preventing movement, or the manipulating/draining of her Ki. A double-edged sword however, this also means that she is more resistant to beneficial effects such as healing via Ki manipulation/lending.

    • Mind - Ishtar's mind similarly mimics Ishtar's defiant soul. This manifests- simply- as a resistance to telepathic suggestion/assault, the altering of her mind or mental state, or the altering her perception via illusions or some other means of obfuscation. Unlike the passive effect of her body/soul's resistance however, Ishtar can only sense that something is 'different' and must consciously attempt to bypass illusory effects.

    Note: This can be mitigated by Ishtar's consent, and this effect will fail completely should Ishtar exhaust her Ki. Her level of resistance is equal to double Ishtar's Current PL (30000/45000)

    Aka Manah (Akvan) - "... of the Daeva of seduction and sensual desires." - Ishtar's soul years for satisfaction, and in finding it; a connection is fostered. A passive action that results from the formation of a beneficial relationship, Ishtar subconsciously 'binds' herself to someone in body and soul, allowing them to share in each other's experience. This results in each receiving a boost of 50% of Ishtar's Current PL (7250), during combat. Not without its side-effects however, once paired Ishtar and her bond-mate [Sarada], experience what the other does. Simplified, if one experiences pleasure, the pleasure is shared between the bond. If one experiences pain, the pain is shared between the bond.

    While a passive effect, the ability can be deactivated outside of combat. Similar to Aeshma Xeshm however, once in combat the ability activates automatically and cannot be deactivated until safely outside of combat.

    Note: A 'bond-mate' is the individual(s) [Ishtar/Other] sharing the link. Only one person may be bound to Ishtar in this manner. In the event of death or serious injury, only the mortally wounded individual will die (obviously). The other however, will experience all of the pain and emotional backlash of the dying individual.

    Araska - "... Of revengefulness, and of the evil eye." - A secondary side-effect of the connection forged by the Aka Manah, and its sharing of stimuli in exchange for its boon; the lesser Daeva of Vengeance has revealed itself to Ishtar. What it offers however, is deceptively simple: Payback.

    This means that, should Ishtar suffer damage, be it the feedback from the Aka Manah (Sarada takes damage), or damage Ishtar receives directly (Self/Other), she can now harness the energy from the various sources of incoming damage -- to a certain point -- and can make use of this pilfered energy to amplify her stats across the board for a short duration (think Sebastian Shaw). The more she siphons the stronger she becomes, up to a total of x5 of her maximum PL in a given state. It is not a uniform thing however, some methods are more efficient than others and will determine the amount of energy siphoned. Feedback from the Aka Manah (damage Sarada takes) can be siphoned at a rate of .2x Ishtar's Current PL. Direct damage (damage done directly to Ishtar via Self/Other), can be siphoned at a rate of .5x Ishtar's Current PL. After Ishtar reaches the maximum storable based on her PL (at the time the effect is activated), energy will not continue to be siphoned. Also, after (5) in-game posts, Ishtar will rapidly loose the built up energy, should there be no siphonable sources.

    Note: A ramping up effect, the intent is that the longer Ishtar remains in combat the stronger she becomes. The energy siphoning is a passive trait, however: Araska requires conscious -- non-verbal -- activation (she thinks it, she begins to siphon energy) before the passive takes effect. Similarly, while Ishtar's body is more resilient given her nature, and the recent alterations to her genetic make up; once the effect is ended it cannot be activated without sufficient time to recover (Healing to 100%, or (1) in-game day). A final note, while tapping into these reserves, Ishtar is unable to utilize the following: Spəntā Ārmaiti.)
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    Yeah, but if you... man, we're getting into weird analogy territory, like if you disintegrated Superman's arms he wouldn't be able to go "fool! Little did you know that my arms and I are one and can be remade from me!" and will his arms back into being from pure nothingness. - Pendaran

    Arx Inosaan

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    Additional "Free" Techniques/Supplementary Techniques/Spell List

    Limited Flight - Ishtar is now capable of Ki/Chi aided flight. Though it is, more closely, simply the ability to hover/maneuver while airborne.

    Jump Assist - Ishtar can fire small explosions of Ki/Chi from the bottoms of her feet, slightly amplifying height of her jumps, and the strength of abilities reliant on her legs.

    Katchin Sword - Ishtar has recovered a single-edged Katchin blade from the Lookout's decrepit Armory.

    Atar Vazishta Ashtem - (Avesta: "missile[arrow] of Atar[fire] most swift") - Due to her nature, and thanks to assistance from Nunlil, Ishtar is capable of generating and firing bolts of electricity from her hands, eyes, and horns.

    Starapateńti - After her lesson with Grav, the Vitalmancer, Ishtar is capable of manipulating gravity by means of physical spellcasting.

    Aēva - By amplifying the effects of gravity in an area, on an object, or to a person(s), Ishtar can pin a target in place or slow progress, or cause physical harm by applying the force directly- in a short burst- to a limb or through physical contact. The longer she wishes the effect to persist, the longer Ishtar must impart energy/invoke the spell (equating to post-count), with anything beyond three posts, requiring the creation of a summoning circle.

    Paņca - Unknown at this time.

    Note: Isthar performs invocations in Avesta, the words used are translated as follows;

    - (literally "star, to fall"),
    Aēva - One
    Paņca - Five

    (Each number corresponds to the post-requirement).
    Her hands also glow
    (outfit not included).

    Anubis (Summon Tulpa) - Summoning spell to call forth a thought-form daemon.

    Dar-Tanu - (Avesta: "To hold[bind], person") The same spell used to bind Earth's Guardian, Evangeline.

    Atar Vazishta - (Avesta: "the Atar[fire] most swift") By converting herself into lightning, Ishtar is capable of nigh-instantaneous short-ranged travel. At current the distance that can be instantaneously covered is roughly 100 meters.

    Vińdât Dűrât - (Avesta: "too seek from afar) - A spell designed to find an individual across long distances, Ishtar is capable of scrying their location so long as she is in possession of a material focus (hair, blood, etc).

    Ufyemi Vaędha Hathra - "To weave knowledge together." - Ishtar - As a result of Ishtar's return to balance, her ability to blend the halves of herself- Magic/Ki- has similarly found itself returned to form; allowing her to subtly weave her Spirit of Bounteous Destruction with her innate magical ability to affect different manifestations of her abilities. The spell used to augment those Spenta/Daeva that can be affected in this manner, will determine the augment. Starapateńti, will increase the impact force of physical attacks by x1.5-2 PL (3,625-7,250). Dar-Tanu, gives certain abilities tangibility (think Crimson Bands). Abilities used require access to both Ki/Hakai energy, as well as magic, as "without half, there is no balance". The currently known spell/Ki combinations are:

    • Ahűm-Jaidhi - (Avesta: "to smite the world") - Ishtar uses gravity magic in concert with Aša Vahišta, or Vohu Manah to focus, and amplify the force delivered in her punches, and kicks at the instant contact is made. Ishtar refers to this in "common", as her "World-Breaker".
    • Atar Vazishta Ashtraya - (Avesta: "whip of Atar[fire] most swift") - Ishtar uses binding magic in concert with Atar Vazishta Ashtem to create either chains, or a whip of electricity that can be used to tether an opponent. If enough of a charge is built before the cast (determined by post), more chains/wrapping will occur from the site of impact eventually/potentially, binding an opponent.
    • Vairyanăm Anghu Raocah - (Avesta: approx. "river of luminous energy") - Ishtar has blended her ability to generate ephemeral bursts of lightning, with that of Dar-Tanu, and Starapateńti both; allowing her to turn a bolt of electricity into a a powerful projectile that maintains its cohesion and striking power well beyond what would otherwise be possible. This blending of magics and Ki also affords a pinpoint accuracy and a timed detonation, allowing the Oni to fire beams of destructive energy without risk of errant shots or the ensuing explosion striking unintended targets.

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    Yeah, but if you... man, we're getting into weird analogy territory, like if you disintegrated Superman's arms he wouldn't be able to go "fool! Little did you know that my arms and I are one and can be remade from me!" and will his arms back into being from pure nothingness. - Pendaran

    Arx Inosaan

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    Name: Sasheem

    Race/Species: Majin

    Age: Thousands...or something. Don't bother asking him, he won't remember.

    Height/Weight: 6"2 225 lbs.

    Appearance: Sasheem V2.jpg

    A fish-like Majin. His skin is navy blue with a yellow underbelly. He has two thin antenna that jut out of his forehead and two fins on each side of his face. From his upper lip, there are two catfish-like whiskers on each side of his face.

    He has no visible nose and his eyes are black with red pupils. He has a fish-like fin jutting from his back. He sports no clothing in particular aside from a pair of red gloves on his hands.

    His frame is small at first glance, but well built and he sports white pants held up by a golden belt with an M embedded on it's front along with a pair of black shoes.. When sufficiently angered or motivated in some other way, he bulks up considerably, and his full height is around six feet.

    Power Level: 1,800,000

    Style: Demon fighting style incorporating Assassination techniques with some Galactic Judo and Wrestling.


    Majin/Demon Fighting Style

    Majin Lightning: Sasheem fires a dual shot of electric blasts from his antennae. Strong enemies get paralyzed from it. Weaker enemies....tend to turn into snacks. Must take some time to recharge so it cannot be used more than a few times consecutively within an hour or two.

    Umibozooka: Whenever Sasheem sleeps, a bubble appears to pop up from his seemingly nonexistent nostrils. The bubble tends to get larger the more he snores until it pops with the force a medium sized ki explosion.

    Sasheem's never used thus move when conscious, but he's apparently aware of it enough to name it.

    Aqua Kadabra: A magic spell used to make any surface have similar properties to water, allowing Sasheem to swim in it.

    Counter-Warp: Upon physical impact, instead of taking damage, Sasheem scatters into chunks that warp around towards the opponent's other side where Sasheem will prepare a quick strike. Can only be used three times before a recharge is required.

    SameHada: An assassination technique Sasheem utilized in the past. He blasts a razor thin ki blast similar in shape to a shark's fin around seven feet tall in length, that slides around the ground, speeding towards his opponent, slicing through them if it makes contact.

    Sasheem can control the movement of the ki fin with his arms and can even have it sink under neath a surface to mask it's whereabouts from an opponent.

    Cien Majin Rush: Sasheem scatters himself into around a hundred pieces, each one forming into a tiny Sasheem who then rush towards an opponent before exploding with concussive force before re-forming into Sasheem.

    Annihilation Orb: A large orb of ki is shot forth from Sasheem's hand, the energy it's made from spiraling around itself violently. This can be used as a simple projectile, strong enough to cause a large crater in the Earth or it can be held in place strategically for Sahseem to launch enemies into it.

    Absorbtion: Supposedly one use only. Used against P-Sta to absorb aspects of his appearance, knowledge, and abilities.




    Snake School Assassin Arts

    Venom Mist: A ki technique first devised by the long dead Snake School. Ki spat out that takes on a poisonous property, that can temporarily blind upon contact with the eyes. The poison leads to a temporary loss of motor control.

    Naga Palm: A technique first devised by the long dead Snake School and variation on the multi-arm technique. With intense concentration, Sasheem can sprout up to five extra arms, growing seven in total, giving him the ability to cover his blind spots and take on multiple enemies at once in physical combat.

    In addition, all of these arms also stretch just the same as his standard two limbs.

    Mamba Boost: A Snake-School technique named after the fastest snake in the world, it is a simple technique that allows for smoother flight and sudden bursts of speed when flying.


    Artifact Techniques

    Spider's Blessing- The gift bestowed by the Guardian of the Spider Shrine. It allows Sasheem to become undetectable from ki sensing, so long as he releases small fragments of his ki in the air.

    Bear's Claws- The gift bestowed by the forest that was once the Bear Shrine. Razor Sharp claws extend from Sasheem's hands. These claws can be coated in his Venom Mist.

    Galactic Judo and Wrestling

    Katchin Mode- Can temporarily solidify his entire body into Katchin metal to weather hits and perform enhanced strikes.

    Meteor Clothesline- Sasheem leaps far into the air and activates Katchin mode before blasting himself forward by shooting a ki blast from his feet and extending his arm to hit enemies with a vicious clothesline.

    Dynamo Drill Typhoon (DDT)- In mid-air, or after tossing his opponent in mid-air, Sasheem locks his arm around their head before spiraling faster and faster back towards the ground below, using ki blasts from his feet to boost himself as he spins fast enough to cause razor sharp wind to encompass him and his opponent, spiraling around like a drill.

    From there he'll drive his opponent's head into the ground.

    Destroyer's Elbow- Sasheem shoots out three orbs from his body that hover in the air before leaping into the air in Katchin mode and ricocheting across each orb, building up speed until finally, he's propelled downward towards the opponent in a high speed elbow drop.


    Special: His limbs can stretch up to five feet away from him.

    He used to have been capable of regeneration, but he hasn't been blown apart in so long, he's forgotten how.

    History: Born years and years and go to a race of Majin, Sasheem arrived on Earth and immediately set his sights on creating carnage. Corrupt world leaders and criminals saw his destructive potential and eventually became brave enough to attempt to hire him as a personal assassin for the (criminal) underworld. with offers of food and money to buy more food. Needless to say Sasheem quickly accepted.

    He became one of the top three assassins in record time with other vicious warriors who became known as the Hell's Trio. Any would be hero who attempted to thwart criminals would be annihilated by them....until one day they crossed paths with a powerful wizard.

    Sasheem's two companions were no match and were quickly defeated, but Sasheem was a step above them...but the wizard knew what sort of creature Sasheem was, having heard about him beforehand. He had a plan. Reciting an ancient spell, the old wizard attempted to seal Sasheem up for eternity in a lamp, but he sneezed and ended up fumbling the words.

    Sasheem was sealed, not in a lamp, but in a toilet. The wizard, presuming this was an even more just fate for such a creature, left victorious. However, due to his fumbling of the spell, Sasheem would not remain sealed forever....For three rubs of the toilet and the demon within would be released to grant a wish...or that's what the rumors whispered amongst people who dared to pass by the ancient outhouse at the dead of night had heard.

    Truth be told, Sasheem spread those rumors himself, as he could emerge partway from the toilet...He had originally attempted to trick passersby into getting close enough to be turned into food so he could at least eat while he's stuck in his aquatic prison, but they fled as soon as they realized the danger and he had no way to give chase.

    Years stuck in the toilet have left Sasheem generally bored and irritable as well as lazy, having not much to do for a while. Even scaring off people from attempting to use the legendary cursed toilet was getting boring and as he was getting hungry, he grew tired and decided to take a long nap.

    Eventually after many years of sleep, he became fed up with confimement and sought to find something interesting to do. around the present, he decided to spread more rumors again, the toilet now being surrounded by a large public park with plenty of victims to deceive.

    This time, he planted rumors that demon of the cursed toilet had returned...this time, granting wishes in exchange for food or money. This worked for about a day or two before people discovered he was full of shit(....not literally, thankfully.).

    So armed and angry a mob formed in an attempt to kill the majin. His fighting instincts dulled after many years of wasting away, Sasheem concentrated as hard as he could, hoping to break away from his prison, only to due so partway...he could unhinged the toilet from its stand on the ground, but he still couldn't remove himself from it....hopping away from the angry mob, he couldn't help but look on the bright side. At least he wasn't stuck in isolation anymore...and he had a whole new world to tear soon as he got something to eat.

    Other: Techniques Part 2
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    Name: Queen Sarada

    Race/Species: Ascended Saiyan

    Age: 21

    Height/Weight: 5'4/145 lbs



    Royal Armor
    Royal Battle Armor
    Alternate Royal Attire

    Power Tier:
    • ???

    Style: Crimson Fist Style - Crimson Fist is a mostly offensive martial art that focuses on beating your opponent through quick and swift strikes and utilizing different centers of gravity. The primary focus lies on both elbow jabs and knee strikes and it often relies on the strength and reflexes of both the attacker and defender. The biggest strength of Crimson Fist is the pure and raw amount of both focus and energy given to each movement. By capitalizing the quick movements of both fighters your opponent tends to overexert themselves, making them easy to overmaster.

    Techniques II


    Racial Traits:
    • Insatiable appetite
    • Saiyan pride
      • A Saiyan's Pride: A passive ability that only activates when Sarada is on the verge of collapsing during battle. A Saiyan will never allow herself to show weakness or succumb to injury, no matter how severe the injury is or how practical surrendering may be. When the above condition is met, Sarada can tap into a hidden reserve of power to help her continue the fight despite all signs pointing to that being impossible.
      • Royal Authority: Queen Sarada is the supreme authority in the Saiyan Empire. No one has the right to command or otherwise order her to do anything she doesn't deem to be within her will to do. This undisputed authority is made manifest in an ability that grants her higher resistance to any attempt to subjugate or usurp her free will. This includes technology, magic, telepathy, or any other esoteric ability.
    • Saiyan Tenacity
    • Battle lust
    • Transformation
    • Zenkai – grows in power every time she heals from near fatal wounds
    • Enhanced sense of smell
    • Elongated canines


    “What are the words of the sheep to the lioness?”

    Sarada was born to the parentage of two elite Saiyans, Guar and Lettise. They cared about as much about her as typical Saiyan parents, which was very little. When she was little, she was tested to measure her potential, the results of which were kept secret for the reason of tempering expectations. Whatever the results were, it led her instructors at the Combat Training Center to treat her more harshly than they did the other students.

    This, on top of the success of her older sister, Parsley, only added more pressure to Sarada, which stunted her growth. She began her tenure at the CTC with a power level of 20, and ended with at 50, dooming her to a life as a slave in the Meat Market. She was quick to refuse this fate. For one reason or another, she decided to leave Vocado, despite not being strong enough to survive in space on her own. She managed to steal a ship and left before anyone could stop her.

    Days later, she found herself on Earth, which she decided to make the stage for her ascension to greatness. She would grow in strength until she was powerful enough to leave everyone who ever doubted her in silent awe. Then, she would take her rightful place among the Saiyans of legend.

    Her relationship with her mother is... complicated. While Lettise doesn't appear to care for Sarada much, if at all, there were times when she did show more concern for her daughter than most mothers would. Not enough to give evidence to even the minimal level of affection, and certainly not enough to compel her to actually play a more active role in Sarada's life than training her and occasionally seeing about her well-being.

    Sarada is much more relaxed than older Saiyans, a result of the complete overhaul in education ushered forth by King Mato. She's just as quick to anger, but also just as quick to restrain herself, instead choosing to eventually let go of any trespass against her Saiyan pride. While not passive by any means, she is much more conscientious in how she reacts to provocation.

    She, like many her age, is sexually liberated, choosing to enjoy mating with both genders. It seems, though, that she prefers females spoilers:
    She was molested when she was eight, and for years displayed an aversion to mating with men. She got over this hangup when she mated with Jack Knave, but he has been the only man she's been intimate with
    end of spoilers. She also despised half-breeds, much like many purebred Saiyans. She considered them abominations due to them having been infected with the inferior DNA of another race. However, after being in such close proximity with a half-breed, Totoma, her aversion on them has relaxed considerably.

    • Sarada means salad in Japanese
    • Voiced by Maryke Hendrikse
    • Shares a spiritual bond with Inannacalled Aka Manah.
    • Sarada is bisexual
    • Aliases
      • Little Love - Inanna
      • Stoopid Monkey - Sasheem
      • Monkey Lady - Ryu Shingen
      • Monkey - Erosa
      • Big Sister - Pinach
      • Angry Child - Archon of Gaineamh
      • Soft Snowflake Who Mates With Animals - People of Callion
      • Her Excellency/Her Majesty/Her Highness - Saiyans

    Important People and Things:
    • Vocado (The*man*and the*planet named after him)
    • Saiyan Race Part I,*Part II
    • Inanna (wife)
    • Kumara (Shala) (daughter)
    • Parsley (older sister)
    • Lettise (mother)
    • Pinach & Rutaba (younger brother and cousin)
    • King Mato (Advisor)
    • Maiz (Care-nurse)
    • Ceriac (Vocado's final Guardian)
    • Enoki (Great-aunt)
    • Avoca (Best friend/sister-in-law)
    • Guar & Lettise (parents)
    • Erosa (daugher?)

    Meditation Theme: X-Men Legends OST - Weapon X Facility (Quiet)
    Royal Theme: Dragonball Super OST - Saiyan Pride
    Rage Theme: Rip and Tear - Doom 2016 OST
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    Name: Patrol Officer P-Sta

    Race/Species: Alien/Cyborg

    Age: Technically 200. Physically 30

    Height/Weight: 6'1

    Appearance: Fighting-EX-Layer-PVs-Init_02-27-18-1.jpg

    An technologically enhanced alien with yellow skin, he sports a blue full body Galaxy Patrol uniform with black overarmor, gloves and boots. The Galaxy Patrol symbol is on the center of the armor, of course.

    On his head he sports a black helmet with a single antenna going down the middle and a glowing blue visor that covers all but his mouth.

    Power Level: 13,000

    Style: Galactic Judo and Wrestling


    Katchin Mode- Can temporarily solidify his entire body into Katchin metal to weather hits and perform enhanced strikes.

    Triangle Choke- An enhanced strength triangle chokehold.

    Justice Cube- A cube shaped ki attack thay can be used as a projectile or to imprison criminals inside.

    X-citing Chop- A double chop made more impact full by P-Stanley flying at his opponent's with his full speed.

    Justice Ball- An orb of ki that has intense concussion force that can ricochet off surfaces.

    Supergiant Swing- P-Sta grabs an opponent's legs and swings them around, fast enough to create a cyclone around himself before the opponent is finally launched at high speeds towards the ground.

    Meteor Clothesline- P-Sta leaps far into the air and activates KAtchin mode before blasting himself forward by shooting a ki blast from his feet and extending his arm to hit enemies with a vicious clothesline.

    Justice Vision - A long range attack in which P-Sta shoots narrow ki beams from his eyes, once hit with it the opponent is trapped within a rapidly enclosing barrier. Often used to round up criminals, though it can be broken by those powerful enough.

    Knockback Wave- P-Sta swipes his elbow through the air as multiple homing blasts of k shoot off from it, following the enemy in a pincer formation.

    Liberty Saber- A ki blade emerges from P-Sta's right arm to assist him in melee fights.

    Dynamo Drill Typhoon (DDT)- In mid-air, or after tossing his opponent in mid-air, P-Sta locks his arm around their head before spiraling faster and faster back towards the ground below, using ki blasts from his feet to boost himself as he spins fast enough to cause razor sharp wind to encompass him and his opponent, spiraling around like a drill.

    From there he'll drive his opponent's head into the ground.

    Items: Standard Issue Galaxy Patrol Blaster. Standard issue Galaxy Patrol Spaceship.

    Special: Can fly. He is fairly good tactician.

    History: One day, a Yardratian scientist named Dr. Cast, under the employ of the Galaxy Patrol put out an offer. Undergo cybernetic strengthening utilizing the rare and difficult to destroy and become elite soldiers for the sake of protecting the galaxy. Only four siblings decided to volunteer, with the intent of becoming stronger and rose through the ranks of the Galaxy Patrol as decorated heroes. These four were P-Sta, his brother X-Bo, his sister N-Ten, and his sister P-Cee.

    Dr Cast intended for their bodies to permanently become Katchub, but his calculations were off and thus the four were only able to stay in that state for minutes at a time, only able to increase the duration with training which begrudge the scientist. He considered the project a failure, though the four still managed to use their newfound abilities to become Galaxy Patrol officers.

    Unfortunately, due to their various eccentricities, none of the four ever got promoted. They split off to protect different quadrants of the galaxy with P-Sta looking to guard the quadrant that this very story takes place in.

    He once got an alert that a malevolent creature known as Majin Sasheem had been spotted on Earth, which was in his jurisdiction and he was tasked with getting rid of him, but...he got sidetracked on another planet along the way attempting to impress it's empress with tales of his heroics.

    Eventually he made his way to Earth...and the Majin was nowhere to be found! The last known location of the Majin didn't have much in it period aside from an odd looking toilet. P-Sta could only come to the logical conclusion that the beast had heard of his arrival and offer himself in fear. Clearly the only explanation. Satisfied, P-Sta returned to his superiors and reported Majin Sasheem dead.

    Other: Despite his pompous nature, he believes in justice more than anything.

    Member of Galaxy Police Elite Katchin Squadron.
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    1. Ki
      1. Crimson Flash: The divine evolution of Sarada’s Crimson Fist. By channeling her God Ki into her hand, Sarada a punch that’s accompanied by multiple other punches that are an extension of her aura.
      2. Dead Man’s Wrath: Taking the lesson taught to her by Jack, Sarada amplifies her Crimson Flash by charging it not just with all of her available God Ki, but with a portion her own life energy. This increases its potency by many orders. She can only use the technique safely once, though she'll be drained of stamina. If she attempts to use it more than once, she runs the risk of losing consciousness or dying.
      3. Supreme Hunter: Through years of practice and the influence of pure God Ki, Sarada’s control over her ki is perfected. This allows her to control her ki blasts from a greater distance than before, lock onto targets for her blasts to chase down, and mold them into whatever shape she desires.
      4. Queen’s Blessing: Sarada can infuse any person or object with God Ki, reinforcing them (objects) or making their techniques stronger and their Ki usage more efficient for a time (person). The boost can only be used one per battle per object/person, and lasts for one post (person) or five posts (object) before the God Ki fades away.
      5. Unending Suffering: Sarada fires what looks like a normal ki blast that erupts into tendrils, much like Agony Matrix. However, when the tendrils seep into the target, they attack different parts of the body. Some attack the pain receptors simultaneously like Agony Matrix, while others atrophy the muscles and internal organs, causing them to slowly and painful deteriorate. Much like Descent Into Misery, Unending Suffering forces the target to remain conscious throughout the entire ordeal.
      6. Divine Galick Destroyer: The most powerful variation of the Galick Gun. Sarada pours her God Ki into the blast at a more efficient rate, allowing her to fire a fully powered blast immediately, rather than having to waste time charging it for a certain length of time.
      7. Royal Spear: Sarada grabs hold of her target and plunges them both toward the planet’s surface. Just prior to the point of impact, Sarada’s aura expands and takes on the appearance of a meteor that had been hurtling toward the planet, then molds into the appearance of the Saiyan Royal crest.
    2. Resiliency
      1. Aura of Invincibility: Sarada can form an energy barrier that prevents attacks from reaching her. Any attack that is of a lesser power than hers is negated by the barrier. If an attack is higher than her PL, the energy barrier is broken. Her purer God Ki allows her to layer her shields together if need be to form an even more powerful barrier, though she can only layer three shields together at a time.
      2. Divine Sovereignty: Divine Sovereignty is a damage barrier that blocks attacks that are less than her power level. If an attack is equal to or higher than her PL, it was bypass the barrier and damage her.
    3. Saiyan Traits
      1. Prideful Spirit: Taking the principles of the base technique, Unyielding Pride: Battering Ram, Prideful Spirit is a technique that allows Sarada’s blows to bypass a person’s defenses and strike them internally. Rather than striking at hardened skin and muscle, she attacks bones and organs. Prideful Spirit is an attack boost that lasts one three posts and has a cooldown of two posts.
      2. Saiyan Pride: The age old pride of the Saiyan race still burns differently and more brightly than the falsely stoked egotism of the bygone conquerors ever could. In Sarada, that pride shines like the moon in the darkest night. In a microcosm of the Saiyan race expanding its reach across the stars in good faith, Saiyan Pride is a boost Sarada bestows on her allies. For one post, they feel her overwhelming confidence and indomitable spirit. All recipients find their stamina and Ki replenished, and their mental defenses boosted temporarily.
      3. Saiyan Grit: A passive ability that personifies the Saiyan fighting spirit and resiliency, Saiyan Grit is a slight healing and restorative ability. Whenever a Saiyan receives a grievous injury, this passive activates, healing the injury and restoring stamina loss due to injury to allow the Saiyan to continue fighting as if the injury never happened. Note: This ability does not restore stamina drained from fighting, nor does it regrow severed limbs. Rather, it stops the bleeding, closes cuts.
      4. Spirit of Saiyans: Regardless of the form or severity, there are few things in the universe as resilient as a Saiyan's pride, his spirit. As the Queen of the Saiyan race, Sarada embodies the pride, strength, resiliency, and tenacity of the people she rules over. Spirit of Saiyans is the tangible manifestation of that embodiment. So long as there is a single Saiyan in the universe, Sarada becomes empowered by their spirit. Spirit of Saiyans is an overflow of tremendous energy, exorcised by means of a single massive attack. It can only be used once per battle after A Saiyan's Pride has already been triggered.
    4. Miscellaneous
      1. Fear of God: The overwhelming, distressing feeling a person feels inside when they know beyond all doubt that their death is imminent. Fear of God is an ability that allows Sarada to project that feeling into her enemies, causing them to be paralyzed with terror. A sufficiently strong enough enemy (equal to or stronger than her) can ignore this feeling. The weaker the enemy, the more paralyzed they become.
    5. Instinct
      1. Ultra Instinct: For six years, with the help of her teachers - Parsley, Ochazuke, and Zaofan - Sarada had been working toward a goal to perfect the art of fighting purely off muscle memory. Little did she know that she had unwittingly been tapping into a technique inherent to and perfected by a race of creatures called Angels. Ultra Instinct is its name and its regard as one of, if not the ultimate martial technique. The body moves without input from the mind, eliminating the precious time wasted with thinking then reacting. This vastly increases her reaction time, reflexes, and speed. It also comes with a variety of other perks.
        • Reflexive Evasion: Sarada can predict exactly how her opponent will react, and thus already have her evasive maneuver in motion by the time said action is put in play.
        • Offensive Intuition: She is able to intuitively detect weak-points in her opponents body/defense, allowing her to strike with maximum efficiency.
        • Essential Celerity: Essential Celerity is the gradual boost in her speed over the lifetime of the battle. Her speed only increases as needed,
        • Whetting Stone: Whetting Stone refers to the sharpening of her hand to hand skills. As the fight progresses, her strikes become faster, stronger, and sharper. Whetting Stone doesn't increase her overall strength, but greatly improves her striking power.
        • Seamless Transition: Seamless Transition is her body’s ability to fluidly transition between attacking and defending. The transitions happen so seamlessly that it's difficult, if not impossible, to sense them.
    6. Transformation/Powerups
      1. Queen's Crimson Crown, Saiyan God: After a miraculous and effective ritual by means of E. Bekon's kaizuna, Sarada has become a god. Her normal ki has been replaced with God Ki, which is more efficient and more powerful than regular ki; God Ki also cannot be sensed via conventional ki sense, but it emits an immense pressure that can be felt. Her appearance hasn't changed. Also as a result of this ritual, Sarada has gained a new transformation, something she calls Saiyan God. In it, her physique leans out slightly and her hair and eyes turn red. Her aura resembles that of a flame. Her power, speed, strength, and durability all increase dramatically. For now, stamina is an issue, so the Saiyan God doesn't will run out over time.

        Due to the nature of her ki, she can no longer transform into any of the Super Saiyan forms.
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    Free Gifts:
    • Lasair's Gift, All-Consuming Flame: The Archons of Tatenen II are masters of their elements, and thus can manipulate their element in ways most would find impossible. After completing the quest given to her by the Archon of Criostalach, Sarada was accepted by the Archon of Lasair as his kin and kith. As such, she was gifted with an ability of his choosing. That ability, All-Consuming Wildfire, turns Sarada into an unstoppable wildfire, an effectual juggernaut. Anything she touched is consumed by her aura, devoured like dry grass by a literal fire, and then dispelled. It's most effective against ki attacks; at higher levels, it can consume magical attacks. Much like a literal inferno, this state is only temporary. She can maintain this state for five posts.
    • Fusion:???
    • Nevanlinna's Gift, Mightier Than Magic: Sarada was gifted an enchanted armor by Nevanlinna after their battle with Cancer on Ruco. The armor's breastplate nullifies one spell, absorbing and converting the magical energy into ki that increases Sarada speed and strength for one attack. The degree of Sarada's power increase depends on the power of the spell the armor absorbed. After nullifying a spell, the armor cools down for a period of three posts, after which the nullification will be available.
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    Name: Parsley

    Saiyan (Transcended)

    Age: 25

    Height/Weight: 5'6/125


    Known Relatives:
    • Avoca: Wife/Life-mate
    • Garnish: Daughter
    • Mais: Son
    • Guar & Lettise: Parents
    • Sarada: Younger sister
    • Inanna: Sister-in-law
    • Kumara (Shala): Niece
    • Pinach: Younger brother
    • Rutaba: Cousin
    • Enoki: Great-aunt

    Power Tier: ???

    Style: White Fang (Saiyan-Do Custom)

    Techniques:, II

    • Royal Armor
    • Alternate Royal Clothing
    • Communicator
    • First Race space vessels
    • Piecemaker Piecemaker is the name of the ax Parsley retrieved from one of Alt-Ishtar's ships during the latter's invasion of AT2 Earth. It originally belonged to Alt-Parsley, but when the Saiyaness was slain, it was taken as a trophy. It is molded to accommodate Parsley's grip and strength. It's crafted from Ultra Katchin and thus can channel her energy through it. In fact, only Parsley can channel energy through it.
    • 3 First Race handguns
    • 1 ultra katchin rapier
    • 1 pieces of Chance Fruit
    • Auroc's journal
    • Geistbane - An enchanted sword found in Auroc's storeroom on Reshlan. The sword is lightweight, with a blade sharper than Parsley's ax. It's also older than much of the known universe and many of the sentient beings found within. It's capable of cutting through intangible targets, even if they are magical or spiritual in nature.
    • Astro-globe
    • Caliban's Button

    Racial Traits:
    • Zenkai
    • Insatiable hunger
    • Insatiable battle lust
    • Tenacious


    Parsley is what happens when reality meets – and exceeds – expectations. Born the eldest child of Saiyan Elites Guar and Lettise, Parsley was expected to be an extremely powerful saiyan from birth. Born with a power level of 150, she was never in any danger of enslavement. Rather than rest on her laurels and coast through the CTC, she used that guarantee to ensure that her growth was as steep as possible. By the time her training began after formal education, she had a power level of 230. By the end of her first year, it had doubled to 460. This caused her instructors to label her as a prodigy.

    The praise and adulation came from every direction. Were saiyans capable of things such as humilty and modesty, Parsley may have simply deflected it and kept her head in her training. She didn't. At the young age of 11, she developed an ego that would put even the most powerful saiyans to shame. When a band of Saiyans returned with a new method of determining potential in young ones – stolen from the race they had just finished razing – it only grew. It was determined that she had the potential to be one of the most powerful saiyans alive, even rivaling King Mato.

    It went straight to her head. It all went to her head and made her believe that she was the most powerful already. Her talent flourished her second year, swelling her power to 755. After her third year, it exceeded 1000. The instructors at the CTC were amazed and dumbfounded. They had only seen this kind of rapid development in two other saiyans, King Mato and Queen Toma, the two most powerful on the planet. Many believed that Parsley would surpass them and take her rightful place on the throne.

    By this point, her younger sister, Sarada, was about to start her first year. The same Potential Prediction System was used to measure her potential. The results were astounding. While Parsley was slated to rival King Mato, Sarada was predicted to surpass him. Meaning that she would surpass Parsley as well, by a pretty good margin.

    This would not do. She would not stand for her younger sister – or anyone, but especially not her – being stronger than she was. She did what she needed to do in order to ensure her place at the top of Vocadan society.

    At the end of her fourth year, she was measured at 1345, then 1855 at the end of her fifth. When graduation came at the end of her final year, she was measured with a staggering 2250. At the age of 16, she was already a Super Elite.

    Her power only grew when she started to partake in conquests and mercenary assignments. As her power grew, so did her fame, until she was known across the planet as the prodigy who would one day challenge for the throne. This did not escape the attention of the king himself, who invited her to the palace to spar. When they finished, he was impressed by both her strength and her attitude.

    • Despite her ego, she appears to be a pleasant person to be around, much more so than other Saiyans. Has grown out of her manipulative, deceitful ways.
    • Led her own mercenary band, named the Hellraisers
    • Voiced by Grey Griffin

    Main Theme: Savage Warrior - Halusatwin
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