This is a continuation of the original Sign-Up/Discussion Thread.

Please be sure to transfer over your character profiles, and relevant information (if possible), so that if in the event the previous thread is deleted you don't lose anything. The Opening Post from Cleric, and the Character Sheet below:

Welcome to Dragonball Memory !

Long, long ago there were eighteen universes, and Lord Zeno ruled over them all. According to the Grand Priest, at some point, Lord Zeno destroyed six of them.

This is not true.

Lord Zeno did not destroy these universes, but instead sealed them away for reasons only he and the Grand Priest were ever aware of, instead spreading the tale that in a fit of anger he had destroyed them, using this as a warning to the surviving universes to mind themselves and beware his anger.

Our story takes place in one of these sealed away universes, Universe 15. It is here, on it's Earth, that our story begins (Universe 15 has no idea it's been sealed away, of course. Only it's God of Destruction and Supreme Kai know the truth. Maybe.). This is where we shall uncover the truth of why the universes were sealed away, and what the true fates of these universes are, for all is not what it seems, and even Lord Zeno does not know what lay in their future.


Welcome! In this game you'll be playing denizens of Universe 15's Earth. You are free to play any race you wish (human, cyborg, alien, dealer's choice, just run it by me first if it's something original), and you'll all start off at a power level of 50. The game will level you up as you post and interact and fight, so not everyone will power up at the same rate. However, things won't ever get too far apart I'd imagine. The last one everyone was within a few thousand of each other as a reference.

Now, a few things. This Earth is pretty much the same as standard DB Earth, with a few exceptions. Capsule Corp exists (somewhat less a monopoly here), but is run by the Pants family instead. This Earth has a somewhat more advanced space program, so aliens living on Earth is more known/accepted. Magic exists, and you are more than welcome to play a magic user too, just don't expect to drop things like Pre-Crisis Fate or Classic Strange level stuff just yet. Also, please keep super powers/abilities in check. Things like Telepathy are allowed, but don't expect me to allow Charles Xavier type mental shut downs. If you have a question about a power/ability, just run it by me first.

Anyways, the next post will be the character sheet. Any questions you have, please feel free to post them after the character sheet is posted or PM me.

- Cleric of Hell's Brigade