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    Default Furons vs the MCU

    In case you need a refresher on the Furon Empire from the Destroy All Humans game series, feel free to check out the above video.

    This invasion takes place before the events of Infinity War. Steve Rogers, Tony Stark and King T'Challa are each sent a unique message, in various forms, all saying the same thing. "The Furons are coming." Though the messages are anonymous, the circumstances of each one suggest that they were sent by Nick Fury who appears to have disappeared.

    In deep space, the Furon Empire has prepared for war. Ready and fully equipped to subjugate the human race and exterminate, the Furons have cloned an army of 10,000 Cryptosporidium warriors, all of them fully equipped and geared up, each with their own saucer ships and all coordinated from a mothership by Orthopox 14.

    Given the weapons and tactics suggested in this video, can the MCU uncover and stop this invasion.
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