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    Quote Originally Posted by Sub-Zero MKA View Post
    Also, how's this for a new voice for Sarada.
    Good choice.
    Yeah, but if you... man, we're getting into weird analogy territory, like if you disintegrated Superman's arms he wouldn't be able to go "fool! Little did you know that my arms and I are one and can be remade from me!" and will his arms back into being from pure nothingness. - Pendaran

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    Quote Originally Posted by Cthulhu_of_R'lyeh View Post
    Good choice.
    And it's been changed. The Linda Young voice sounded too raspy and too much like Freeza for my taste.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Sub-Zero MKA View Post
    And it's been changed. The Linda Young voice sounded too raspy and too much like Freeza for my taste.
    Heh, and Sarada can't even OHOHOHOHOHOHOHOHOHO.

    Also, wasn't expecting it to be a five-part response, but here we are. So ... have fun with that ^^"
    Yeah, but if you... man, we're getting into weird analogy territory, like if you disintegrated Superman's arms he wouldn't be able to go "fool! Little did you know that my arms and I are one and can be remade from me!" and will his arms back into being from pure nothingness. - Pendaran

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    *contemplates switching his main PC to Tasure for lulz*
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    I'll get around to relocating my Bios and related pages over here when I have more time. Not looking forward to the process.
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    Name: Praxat " Praxy" Luue DXCIII ( 593th)

    Race/Species: Toadian

    Note: Thanks Tami.

    Age: 25 in earth years Post Time skip: 29

    Species: Toadian

    Height: Base state & Boost Mode 5'6" Efficiency Mode 5'8" , Power mode and Max Mode 8'0"

    weight: 150lbs to ?

    Appearance: looks a like a female version of a Battle toad. with green skin and black spots. wears a blue Gi, with dress pants and loafers. has no hair since she's a frog like alien.

    extra: she's a pacifist (update: used to be a pacifist) and a expert in science & technology

    body type: Muscular

    Power Level: To be updated later

    Fighting Style: Frog Kung-FU & Aoem ( Vear Style, Zhino Style, Zawk Style and Vion style)


    1 tongue slam ( it's a move where Praxat grabs her opponent with her tongue and slams them to the ground.)

    2 Tongue spin ( Praxat wraps her tongue around her opponent and release it spin them around like a top)

    3 Tongue electrocution 5 % , 10% , 15% , 20% , 25%, 30%, 40%, 45%, 50%, 55%, 60%, 65%, 70% 75%, 80%, 85%, 90% , 95% , 100 % max charge ( Praxat wraps her tongue around her opponent and send a surge of Ki through her tongue to act as a electric current to zap her opponent with electricity. there's a side effect of heat too but it's because of thing called resistive heating. it is the process by which the passage of an electric current through a conductor produces heat.

    the power of heating generated by an electrical conductor is proportional to the product of its resistance and the square of the current. ) ( each charge increases the voltage and amperage ( electric current ) by 2 times with 5 % being the lowest charge. 5 % Tongue Electrocution has a wattage of 20 watts , 100,000 volts , and 0.2 milliamps . 6 % is 80 watts , 200,000 volts and 0.4 milliamps .

    7 % is 320 watts , 400,000 volts , and 0.8 milliamps . 8 % is 1, 280 watts , 800,000 volts and 1.6 milliamps . 9 % is 5,120 watts , 1,600,000 volts and 3.2 milliamps . 10 % is 20,480 watts 3,200,000 volts and 6.4 milliamps.

    11 % is 81,920 watts , 6,400,000 volts and 12.8 milliamps . 12 % is 327,680 watts , 12,800,000 volts and 25.6 milliamps . 13% is 1,310,720 watts , 25,600, 000 volts and 51.2 milliamps. 14% is 5,242,880 watts , 51,200,000 volts and 102.4 milliamps.

    15 % is 20,971,520 watts , 102,400,000 volts and 204.8 milliamps. 16 % is 83,886,080 watts , 204,800,000 volts and 409.6 milliamps. 17 % 335,544,320 watts, 409,600,000 volts and 819.2 milliamps . 18% is 1,342,177,280 watts , 819,200,000 volts and 1.6384 amps

    19 % is 5,368,709,120 watts , 1,638,400,000 volts and 3.2768 amps. 20 % is 21,474,836,480 watts , 3,276,800,000 volts and 6.5536 amps. just like that. so 100 % Max charge Tongue electrocution has a wattage of 3.1385508269e+58 watts , voltage of 3.9614081e+33 volts, a electric current of 7.9228162e+24 amps.

    Tongue electrocution uses direct current.

    ( fires a energy blast from her hands)

    4 energy stomp ( jumps up in the air and usages a surge of Ki to create a shockwave of energy that hits multiple opponents.)

    5 Energy tongue barrage ( Praxat infuses her tongue with Ki and whacks her opponent with multiple times at hyper sonic speeds ( before power up Mach 5 after power up Mach 10. )

    on Tongue Electrocution technique it be the Ki can be charge up and the more it's charge up the more powerful the surge of Ki going through Praxat's tongue. and the more powerful the surge of Ki the stronger the wattage of the electric current is.

    6 Poison Cloud ( Praxat spews up a cloud of Poison gas with Ki increase it's effectiveness . the poison induces vertigo in her opponents and causes them to hallucinate .

    time skip

    7 Hyper Charge : Praxat sends surge of Ki though out her entire body than coverts the surge of Ki into electricity super charging her body. pros- this boosts her acceleration , movement speed and striking speed while adding a extra oomph to her strikes. Cons - it does not boost her reaction speed / time, can't cling to walls while in Hyper Charge.

    Max speed when in Hyper Charge- Mach 20. Hyper Charge gives a 2X boost to Praxat base power level.

    8 tongue shield

    9 Shockwave Punch / Gigantic Shockwave Punch

    10 Efficiency Mode

    11 Boost Mode

    12 Power Mode

    13 Max Mode

    14 Gigantic Guard

    15 Thunder Tongue barrage.

    16 Big Boot.

    17 Flash Hop

    18 Vlephant Buster

    19 Machine Gun Fist / Giga Machine Gun Fist

    Items: Three Items - a how to be intimidating for dummies handbook , a poison plant and insect handbook, and Jobox

    Racial traits: Inflation like the American Bull frog Praxat can inflate her body to make herself look bigger than she actually is. she uses this as a bluff tactic to scare off opponents. doesn't work on opponents who can read power levels, and she can do this because her body is super elastic. power leaping , 360 degree vison , Poison Generation, Poison immunity , Prehensile Tongue , Wall Crawling , Burrowing, Dynamic Camouflage , Temperature Regulation , semi-aquatic , Infra-Sound Hearing , Infrasonic communication , Water Sense, Regeneration ( can regenerate her eyes and limbs) , Accelerated Eyesight , Night Vision ( she can see color even in what would be consider pitch black darkness) , and Thermal Resistance ( extremely resistance to heat but highly sensitive to cold ) .
    on Praxat Inflation and Poison generation ability . these two abilities are connected to each other. how Praxat's Poison generation works is like this .

    first Praxat consumes poisonous insects or plants , then glands inside a specialize muscle that resembles a human diaphragm absorb and store the toxic fluids of these insects or plants as one toxic fluid . When Praxat expands this specialize muscle by inhaling . This tells the specialize glands within it to covert this toxic fluid into poisonous gas , and to also alerted it's chemical composition. After it this done the glands within her specialize muscle release this poison gas though out her body causing it to inflate like a balloon.

    To deflate herself she has no choice but to unleash the poisonous gas . She can only hold the poisonous gas in for so long while inflated. Her species replenishes their specialize poison glands with in their specialize muscle by consume a poisonous insect that resembles a common housed fly. So to replenish her poison glands located in her specialize muscle Praxat consumes poisonous plants and poisonous insects , but technically she can consume anything poisonous and it will refilled her poison glands located in her specialize muscle .

    blood contains a natural antifreeze.

    History (Backstory): Praxat comes from a race of frog Type aliens in Universe 15 called Toadians , this race live on a planet were amphibians and reptiles are the high species. Generally her kind are pretty weak aliens rely on their ability to inflate themselves to scare of attacks in the past. however there inflation has one nasty addition and that is that Praxat species don't inflated them self with air they inflate themselves with poisonous gas. so if inflated themselves didn't work a last ditch effort was to spew up poisonous gas .

    spew up this gas causes them to deflated. the poison gas the spew up causes vertigo and hallucinations in those who inhale it. however with technology advancements they have rely on high tech weaponry to defend off their attackers instead of this tactic. Praxat was the oldest of 500 children ( their frog aliens and frogs basically have lots and lots of children) not much happen in her life until she accept a mission to go to planet called earth to see it had intelligent life.

    upon arrive on earth Praxat sure that there was indeed intelligent life on earth and powerful beings. on earth Praxat met martial arts master Khan who thought her Frog Kung-FU . Praxat develop a passion for martial arts and start competing in tournaments. at first she use her inflation to scare her opponents into forfeit ,but when thing got tough with opponents who could read power levels . Praxat start to using the techniques she developed from training with her marital arts teacher.

    she hasn't won a single torument she enter , but has done too bad either.

    Other: she actually made the ship she use to fly to earth herself. every part of her ship including it's control system was developed and constructed by her. once played a game of poker and won even though she didn't have a winning hand and the hand she had totally suck." " this is because her opponents her unable to call her bluff. since they couldn't read her emotions at all.

    all they could see was a blank expression on her face which never change. she's a technogeek , and has Ornithophobia which is the irrational fear of birds.

    voice sounds like Tsuyu Asui from My Hero Academia

    Former mentor : Master Khan

    Current mentor : Althena Orpheus

    Praxat's Family's Pet Vog - Aoszer : Aoszer is a Ovizao he is the pet of the Luue family. he hatch a ride with Praxat when she head to earth. he stays with Khan at his place. despite the fact Aoszer drools and slobbers more then a bull dog . Aoszer is quiet well house train.

    has a habit of snatch Khan's stuff and buried them in Khan's back yard. will it almost eat anything but favorite food earth peanut butter. Aoszer drinks just like a earth dog does. when clean up after Aoszer Khan uses a gas mask as the waste from is foul smell worse than that of dozen rotten eggs on top of a pile of garbage .

    it's a smell so foul that Khan wears a mask just to keep from gaging. to Khan Aoszer does seem to resemble a bulldog but ugliler. Khan himself should be freak out by Aoszer appearance but Khan finds Aoszer somehow strangely adorable.
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    Ishtar's gonna be walking kinda funny for the next few days

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    NAME (Surname/Given)
    Ogatan Charco





    Dino School ("Kyōryū Ryū")

    TECHNIQUES, Part One (Martial, Internal Chi, & External Ki)
    TECHNIQUES, Part Two (Altered States & Support)

    Dino School and The Ogatan Clan
    Long ago, massive creatures called dinosaurs roamed the lands. They still do, but they once posed as humanity's greatest foe, threatening to snuff out the fledgling species before they could even thrive. Several of these small early tribes of humans decided to join forces, becoming one in order to utilize the skills of their greatest warriors and hunters. Initially, it was only through a tremendous feat of skill, bravery, and luck that they could fell a dinosaur, but with practice and experience, such feats grew to become commonplace. Over time, the threat of the dinosaurs had become nothing more than hazy memories in the minds of the tribe's elders, yet the skills and techniques continued on, practiced and perfected against their fellow man as they clashed against hostile tribes. They survived on the fear they sown in their potential enemies, and ensured their safety through the brutality they delivered against those who would do them harm. As generations passed and peace persisted, such a brutal and violent style drew harsh criticisms and disdain from outsiders, making it difficult for the Dino School to be formally recognized as a martial arts, and even after it was, its practitioners would find it difficult to interact with the other schools. Some of the masters of the Dino School of martial arts would begin to contemplate whether or not such a brutal and violent style as their own should exist long after their purpose fulfilled and as a result, they withdrew from society as hermits, reluctant to take in students. Those that persisted, proudly and defiantly, like the Ogatan clan, would be systematically pushed away as their participation in organized tournaments or events would be restricted, if not outright banned.

    In this current day, the Dino School of martial arts finds itself much like its ancient foes: relics of a time long passed, forced to survive in the wilderness.

    As a child, Yakiniku Charco was quite the handful. Always energetic and mischievous, he provided no end of woes for his parents in his early life. His father sought to put this energy to use through sports, and while Charco enjoyed them, he proved too aggressive for his peers. This would prompt his mother to attempt to subdue these tendencies of his through herbal medicine and vigorous studies, and while this would prove to make him a relatively intelligent child (or at least kept him from being below-average otherwise), he would occasionally lash out, picking fights or getting into trouble. He couldn't help but feel that something was wrong with him, a feeling that would be confirmed after overhearing an argument between his parents one night. From what he learned, he had been "cursed" by those of his mother's family. Charco had never met them, as his mother had cut off all contact with them before his birth, but he knew that to cure this curse, he would need to confront the Ogatan clan.

    And so, this eight-year-old boy would begin plotting out his journey, and eventually left home one night while his family slept. His trek was easy going at the start, but it was when his route drove him deep into the wilderness that he realized he had underestimated the scope of his task. The boy might have perished out there, had it not been for an elderly hermit who found him and gave him shelter. The hermit called herself Tyranno-sensei, explaining that she had once been the head of a great dojo who once fought against great and terrible beasts. Piquing the boy's interest, he asked her to train him, so as to fight off those that cursed him. Although reluctant, Tyranno-sensei said she would consider it, if his parents approved.

    By the time daylight broke, word that a search party seeking out Charco had reached the hermit and the two of them went to meet the others. His parents, grateful for the return of their son, sought to thank Tyranno-sensei, only for their relief to turn to horror. The young boy would discover that Tyranno-sensei was his grandmother and one of the dreaded Ogatan clan he had been looking for. Confused that someone that had rescued him could be evil, he inquired about his curse, only to learn that it was not a real curse, but rather the deposition society once held for them. He might have been rambunctious and bit more aggressive than need be, but nothing was truly wrong with him. While it would take time, his family began to mend and as a result, his grandmother held true to her promise to train him, although it would now be to protect those he cared for.

    *Charco's given name is a play on "Charcoal", while his currently recognized family name, Ogatan, is the term for a type of Japanese charcoal made from sawdust.
    *Charco's real surname is Yakiniku, having changed it to his mother's surname upon taking up the mantle of heir to the Dino School. Yakiniku is a term for Japanese barbeque (literally translated as "grilled meat").
    *As you can imagine for a martial arts style called the Dino School, it's techniques are all based on the names of dinosaurs. The Hidoi Tsume is the rough Japanese translation of "Terrible Claw", whose Greek translation is the basis of the Deinonychus, whose appearance and features are often misattributed to the Velociraptor.
    *Inspiration for Charco's character concept was based on the PuToTyra combo from Kamen Rider OOO.
    Rex Profile
    Shōchū Profile
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    These techniques are purely physical, relying on no or little chi/ki to perform effectively.
    Brick City Suplex ("Renga no Machi Sūpurekkusu")
    To Be Revealed
    Jurassic Kick Rocket ("Jurassic Kikkuroketto")
    To Be Revealed
    La Brea Slam ("Tārupittosuramu")
    To Be Revealed
    Lark Quarry Stampede ("Hibari Saisekiba Sutanpīdo")
    To Be Revealed
    Stego Spin Drop ("Sutēgo Supindoroppu")
    To Be Revealed
    Tyrant Punch ("Bōkun-zuki")
    To Be Revealed

    Techniques that utilize the internal energy of the body to achieve results beyond what the body is usually capable of.
    Ankylo Smash ("Ankylo Sumasshu")
    A brutal strike where one's full physical and spiritual strength is delivered into the target through one of nine chosen points (fists, elbows, knees, feet/shins, or head), producing an impact several times more powerful than normal.

    Carnotaurus Charge ("Nikushoku Oushi Tosshin")
    By focusing one's chi, the user can propel themselves in a given direction like a cannonball, allowing for quick dashes, evades, and ramming strikes.

    Pachycephalo Strike ("Pachycephalo Sutoraiku")
    Seen as the Ankylo Smash taken to its most extreme. Whereas the Ankylo Smash focuses on perfected motions and precision to drive the full force of the user's strength into the enemy, this technique draws from the energy derived from Kikojutsu, allowing one to strike much harder than they should physically be able to at a cost.

    ParaSHOUTolophus ("ParaSAKEBUolophus")
    In most schools of martial arts, the kiai, or shout, is often only to help the user focus on an accompanying attack or intimidate an opponent. Some schools have managed to weaponize the kiai, enhancing the user's vocal chords with chi in order to produce a sonic blast; a legendary technique known as the Lion's Roar. It is unknown whether the ParaSHOUTolophus or Lion's Roar came first, or if it was simply just two similar ideas, but in typical Dino School fashion, the former pushes the limits of human vocal chords and in some records cases, shreds them, rendering the users mute afterward. By infusing the vocal chords and lungs with chi, the user releases the energy with a kiai, or in the case of Dino School Master, Peking Duck, a scream. What results in a directional path of destruction and force, easily diverting projectiles and weaker opponents away by the sheer pressure of it alone.

    Ptera Slash ("Ptera Surasshu")
    The premise of the Ptera Slash is a simple one; by swinging one's arms or legs, the user creates a vacuum blade that slices through anything in its path. A simple, maybe even mundane technique, but an effective one. This can also be combined with the Terrible Claws to create the Pterano Swarm, which creates multiple vacuum blades.

    Terrible Claw ("Hidoi Tsume")
    The gruesome signature technique of the Dino School. Through specialized training and focusing on one's chi, the user's fingers and toes can slice into their opponents like razor-sharp blades.
    *Terrible Scythe ("Hidoi Ōgama")
    Much like the Tyrannotitan Blast, this is the result of channeling the energy produced by the Thyreophora state through a familiar technique. When focused through the Terrible Claw, the Thyreophora energy turns the usually invisible blades of chi (known as Deinonychus blades) into large, scythe-like construct blades of orange ki (known as Therizino blades). Aside from their noticeable increase in range, the Terrible Scythes are much sharper and more powerful than their typical form, but lack the element of surprise the former had and usually burn through the Thyreophora energy after a single attack.

    The release of excess energy, these techniques are the most noticeable when in use, as well as the most destructive.
    Atomic Breath ("Genshi Kokyū")
    A technique developed through the combination of Charco's ability to catch and release foreign energy (such as the KameTyrannoHa) and the ParaSHOUTolophus. By performing the latter in defense of an enemy's ki technique, Charco can shape and expel the energy back with a roar of destruction.

    Brachio Stomp ("Brachio Sutonpu")
    Created by the Old Hateful Hermit, Poepayne, this technique weaponizes the user's killing intent. An aura-based technique that, once activated, creates a powerful vacuum around the user that draws in anything unable to escape its pull. Once pulled in within a certain range, the object or being is crushed beneath the pulverizing weight of the user's killing intent. When the user finally decides to let up, the sudden lack of the vacuum creates a whiplash effect, launching everything drawn it upwards, providing the opportunity for the user to further their attacks. Aside from the crushing force similar to a large creature, this technique's name is derived from the circle of destruction it creates, reminiscent of a giant footprint.

    Kentro Spike ("Kentro Supaiku")
    Through focus, the user is able to create a spike of pure energy from their aura, allowing for piercing strikes, sharp defense, or as a projectile that can be kept "on hold" until desired. By pouring more energy into one's aura, they can produce several of these spikes which are otherwise known as a Kentro Array.

    Spino Grasp ("Spino Tsukamu")
    Having gained a mastery of the Tyranno Blast, Charco has begun to develop different ways of unleashing the destructive energies of the Dino School. For this technique, he takes a far more controversial approach through restriction and heavy focus, channeling the violent forces through the Terrible Claws of one hand. In this state, once this hand grasps the opponent, the bound energy within is fully released, enveloping his enemy in what could be simply described as a point-blank Tyranno Blast.

    Tricera Bash ("Torikera Basshu")
    As the predecessor of the Tyranno Blast, the theory behind Tricera Bash is very much the same, although its methods for entrapping the target varies differently. Although originally used on its own, it is currently used during the Thyreophora state, as its results are much more powerful. It is by pointing the index and middle fingers with the thumb at an opponent, that the user fires off three beams of ki that skewer them, holding them in place. Then, by focusing the entirety of the energy produced by the Thyrephora into a single blast, the user fires it by thrusting their other arm forth in a similar fashion to an open palm strike. Much like the Terrible Claws, this technique was also known for its cruelty, as the user could keep the victim skewered for an indefinite amount of time as long as they focused on keeping the three skewering beams materialized (often indicated by the user keeping the three fingers extended), but factors such as the victim's strength and durability, outside influences, and the Thyreophora's limited window of time can easily break the hold.

    Tyranno Blast ("Tyranno Bakufū")
    Created and perfected by the current head of the Dino School, Tyranno-sensei, this ki blast is formed in halves in each of the user's palms, which are brought back at waist level. Thrusting the arms forward and inward until the heels of the palms touch, the dual blasts are combined into a swirling bolt of energy that strikes the opponent. The portions of the blast that don't make physical contact "spill" behind the opponent, and like the great jaws of the Rex, snap close on them.
    *Turtle Tyrant Wave ("KameTyrannoHa")
    This combination of the Kamehameha and the Tyranno Blast is Charco's result of a "catch and release" type of attack. Exploiting how the Tyranno Blast combines two blasts into one, the user can effectively use another's ki against them by combining it with his own and firing it back by using the Kamehameha technique. While it does help conserve Charco's energy reserves without affecting the destructive output, it does require a lot of concentration to contain the foreign energy, or at least in its current form.

    *Tyrannotitan Blast ("Tyranno Kyojin Bakufū")
    A variation of the tried and true Tyranno Blast in which Charco utilizes his signature blast while in the Thyreophora state. Dark teal in color rather than his usual jade-hued ki and the fiery orange of the Thyreophora, the Tyrannotitan Blast is fired without restraint, unleashing the maximum output of energy he can muster.
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    When your best isn't enough, you must evolve and adapt in order to succeed.

    Thyreophora ("Shīrudobearā")
    A good defense is a pure offense, or so the saying goes, and for those of the Dino School, this is no exception. Notable for changing one's aura into a bright orange, the Thyreophora technique enhances one's physical durability and strength by strengthening the muscles in the body and creates a pseudo-barrier as one's aura grows denser and almost solidifies. This technique takes a large toll on the body, yet it poses another potential risk as prolonged use will cause the user's aura to go out of control and explode, harming them and those nearby. While usually recommended for brief bursts, the explosive side-effect can be possibly avoided with techniques that can expend the aura's energy.
    *Thyreophora, Base State ("Shīrudobearā Kihon Jōtai")
    Due to training and experience using the Thyreophora, Charco can tap into a state between his "usual" and the "complete" Thyreophora. By focusing his chi into a defensive state, his body gains a minor defensive boost while his aura gains a barrier-like quality. While the benefits of this state are slight to the observer, even to the point where his aura remains its usual green color, it allows Charco some defensive measures without concern of detonation.

    *Thyreophora, Second State ("Shīrudobearā Dai 2 no Jōtai")
    Although considered the second state, this level is the original "completed" form of the Thyreophora and performs as well as it did in the past. Aside from his aura turning orange and the barrier-like aura that toughens and grows denser with each hit taken, this state boosts Charco's power level by 50% (rounded down) of his base PL. With the slight increase in muscle mass, his body becomes much more difficult to harm than usual, but his speed and agility begins to suffer. Upon activation, Charco must exhaust this excess energy within the next 3 posts to avoid detonation.

    *Thyreophora, Third State ("Shīrudobearā Dai 3 no Jōtai")
    The next step of the Thyreophora places all available bit of energy into defense, greatly increasing his ability to take punishment as well as boosting his power level by double (rounded down) his base PL, but at the cost of nearly all of his usual speed and agility. Once activated, Charco must expend this energy within the next post or suffer detonation.

    *Thyreophora, Fourth State ("Shīrudobearā Dai 4 no Jōtai")
    In most situations, the Thyreophora's third state would be the pinnacle of this technique; however, due to the training Charco undertook under Ochazuke, he can go beyond the boundaries at the risk of death. Utilizing his knowledge of Kikōjutsu, he draws in every available source of chi within, tapping into his very life source, Charco unleashes the power of his entire being, pushing his power level up to 4 times (rounded down) of his base PL. Unlike the previous two states, he foregoes the need for defense, instead focusing on using his volatile power boost to quickly smite his enemies. Should he fail to expend all of his excess energy within the same post as when activated, Final Extinction will automatically occur at the beginning of the next post.

    *Final Extinction ("Saishū Zetsumetsu")
    The Thyreophora was never intended to be used for durations longer than a few seconds for the energy produced is far too unstable to properly maintain. Those greedy for power or embracing the risk to overcome their foes will experience their ki and chi imploding, dealing massive internal damage. Should the practitioner foolishly choose to push their bodies to the fourth state and fail to purge themselves of this energy in a timely manner will find their self-destruction ensured. The implosion of energy within expends every last drop available, reducing their entire being to ash.

    Charco REX
    *Charco REX, Awakening ("Charco REX, Kakusei")
    By accepting the aide of the ancient spirit, Rex, Charco can tap into the nigh boundless power of the Tyrannosaurus who once nearly drove humanity to an early end. This power is not without risk, however, as the spirit uses it to try and erode the will of his host until the entity can fully possess them, regardless of their consent. As of this current time, Charco can raise his power (5x) his usual base power level before Rex's influence becomes a threat, although the latter will always offer the temptation of going beyond this limit.

    *Only the STRONGEST Survives
    The innate ability of Rex which had allowed the dinosaur to survive the savage conflicts of an early world. By consuming anything possessing energy, whether it's a destructive ki technique, or the flesh of a living creature, Rex, and by extension, Charco while under the influence of the former's power, can replenish their energy reserves, heal injuries, and boost their power, depending on the state of their being before using this ability.


    Although never standing in the direct spotlight, these techniques are essential for the warrior to learn if they are to expand their combat prowess.

    DinoSoar ("Kyōryū Hishō")
    Defying the laws of nature and gravity, the user takes flight, achieving a new level of freedom.

    Energy Work Technique ("Kikōjutsu")

    Sensasaurus ("Sensu Kyōryū")
    Once known as "Prey Sight", this six sense-like ability is created when a practitioner of the Dino School has developed an understanding or how chi and ki work and their fives senses have been trained beyond that of normal limits. Much like the sensing techniques of other schools, it has difficulty sensing beings like androids.
    *Sensasaurus REX ("Sensu Kyōryū REX")
    To Be Revealed

    Lain's Fang
    Upon his encounter with an ancient Nevadian sword on Papaya Island, Charco became afflicted by the sword's hatred of magic. Considered a blessing although possibly more of a curse, while he is able to physically dispel magic and is no longer traditionally affected by it, this however, applies to all sources of magic, friendly or malevolent. The reasoning behind this affliction might be that the sword cut his essence completely from the aspect of magic, as he now has trouble comprehending it at all, his senses failing to process it.
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    Name: Ashaírah

    Race/Species: Android/???

    Age: Indeterminate

    Height/Weight: 5í6, 1,200lbs

    Appearance: Ashaírahís android body is humanoid in shape, but coated in metal alloys rather than a fleshy exterior. Eight mysterious orbs orbit her body, and she is suffused with a strange phenomenon akin to ki.

    When out of combat, Asha'rah is able to manifest her original appearance as a God of Creation:

    Power Level: Exactly 9000!!!!!!!!!!!!

    Style: Elements of Luohan Quan, Southern Praying Mantis and Long Fist have been blended into an existing style of indeterminate origin.


    Items: Eight orbs, clothes, footwear, and a meager sum of money.

    Special: ???

    Many years ago, an android awakened in the mountainous depths of Kame. The sun was red and the leaves were the color of rust, falling from the heavens in a bittersweet but glorious display. But the android was so tired, and it fell back asleep. It awoke again to the howl of harsh wind. White fluff blew past and upon it, blending its body into the landscape. A weight was pressed against its leg, and the android managed to turn its head ever so slightly. A fowl was taking shelter from the cold. The fowl raised its head in wonder, but the android was so tired, and it fell back asleep. Now the land was lush and green, and sunlight broke through the canopy of leaves overhead. The sound of water streaming past was pleasant to hear, and almost lulled the android back to sleep.

    But today the android was not so tired, and so sheÖit? She, she decided. She was not so tired, and the world looked so inviting, so she rose to explore. Getting up was complicated. Her body didnít feel as it should, and she flailed upon the for much time till she rose to her knees, then one knee, and finally when the sun dipped below the horizon she was on her feet. Well, the land might prove beautiful at night too, the android thought. So she stepped forward, and immediately collapsed in a by-now familiar jumble of limbs. Walking was unexpectedly hard.

    A few days later, the android was finally able to kneel by a flower with confidence she would not crush the beautiful thing. Crushed patches of grass and dirt stretching out behind her lay testament to her training.
    She had accomplished something. She-who was she? It occurred to the android that she knew not her name, nor how she came to be. Why did she know she should have a name? Why did she know grass was called grass, or the sun, the sun? The android knew not the answers.

    Eventually, she came upon a remote temple, where monks lived, meditated, worshipped and trained. They were surprised to see her, but they welcomed her nevertheless. They offered her a bath to wash the flora off, clothes though she did not feel threatened by the weather. They asked about the spheres on her back. Strange, she didnít know she had spheres. The android learned these monks lived to find wisdom, to find enlightenment. Perhaps if she learned from them, the questions she had might be enlightened too.

    Many years have passed since that day, and the android has travelled to many temples, meditated atop mountains and below waterfalls, visited towns, exchanged wisdom and blows with local practitioners. She has begun to remember a few things. She remembers her name, though not from whence she came. She can remember vague impressions of her past, of an age of wonder and strife. But what is done is done. Memories may come in time, but now she feels called to the greater world, feels a sense of duty to and passion for it. From whence these feelings for a world seen mostly in news broadcasts come from, she knows not. But she has mastered her body, discovered she can do things she never knew she could. And so bids her friends a fond farewell and she sets out to find herself, to find Ashaírah.

    After meeting with the other M fighters and Kami herself, Asha'rah's memory has begun to awaken bit by bit. Thanks to her interactions upon Kami's lookout, especially after Meagan showed her the journal of the First Guardian, Asha'rah has recovered large portions of her memories. She was once the God of Creation of Universe 15, and forged many of the celestial bodies, fundamental laws and intra-universe divine power structures that exist in the world today. Notably, she created the first God of Destruction to balance her powers of creation. The first bearer of this title was a Saiyan named Indar'en. However, she had creative differences with upper management. The nature of the universes inherently heavily favored individual martial might at the highest levels, and Asha'rah believed this would lead to needless tyranny and bloodshed. Having already laid the Foundation of the universe, however, even she lacked the power to change it at such a fundamental level without Zeno's blessing. She was outmaneuvered politically and her concerns dismissed.

    Eventually, Asha'rah rebelled. She managed to defeat Indar'en and absorbed his power into herself. Much of the universe rose in support of her, and a great war raged in the heavens. No matter how many victories they won, however, it would all be pointless so long as Zeno stood against her. She knew the childish Supreme Being could end their entire struggle in an instant if he so chose, and so long as he remained in his palace there was no hope to communicate with him. Eventually, Asha'rah led a force to storm Zeno's palace and beseech him to hear their pleas. They succeeded in the entry, but it was for naught - Zeno's views had been poisoned by Asha'rah's enemies, and he stood ready to enact judgment. It was all Asha'rah could do to plead for mercy for her followers, taking the blame upon her shoulders alone. She was sealed in a robotic prison and cast down, where she lay dormant...until now.
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    Path - Martial

    Feather’s Flight:
    Asha’rah is able to float up to two meters above the ground and slow her momentum.

    Smiting Orbs: Asha’rah orbs are solidly built and deceptively heavy. She can control them at will, sending them out at dizzying speeds as far as she can see. Her orbs carry charges of aura similar to that found on her person, and act as foci allowing her to channel aura techniques through them.

    Visions in the Desert: Using a combination of her aura and holograms, Asha’rah creates illusions to fool the senses.

    Hachiyoken: Asha'rah grows six extra aura-arms, allowing her to throw eight times as many punches as Ishtar can. Edit: Now four times, as Ishtar procured a replacement arm.

    Monkey Steals the Peach: Asha'rah directs a surge of power to her servos, momentarily causing her grip strength and pulling power to rise dramatically.

    Path - God of Creation

    Heaven’s Gate:
    By linking orbs together with her aura and rotating them rapidly, Asha’rah creates a vortex shield suitable for weathering attacks. Heaven's Gate is not necessarily a hard shield - Asha'rah may modify its malleability to be as soft as silk.

    Light of Creation: In the first, stuttering steps towards her former glory, Asha'rah accesses the universal plan and makes the broken whole again. With greater experience, Asha'rah may now create mundane materials out of nothing.

    Light of Creation – Souken: As Asha’rah continues to approach her former level, her powers as a god of creation grows. Asha’rah is now capable of creating more advanced works, such as katchin.

    Life's Splendor: Asha'rah creates simple forms of life, driven by instincts in addition to their creator's will. They are imbued with brilliant energies derived from Asha'rah's own aura, energy beyond what they would be able to control or sustain for long. They live brilliant, short lives, unable to generate energies of their own due to their ephemeral nature. Because of this limitation, Asha'rah avoids creating any truly sentient beings using this ability.

    Kami Dama: Asha’rah retains a connection to all creation. She can call upon creation (matter, the fabric of reality and living creatures) to lend her energy, which she concentrates into a single, massive lance of energy. When ready, she can hurl the energy at its intended target, detonating it on impact or when close enough. However, the Kami Dama has a considerable set up time, during which Asha’rah cannot move or hide her presence. As Asha’rah continues to grow more powerful, the range at which she can gather energy from creation will increase, leading to more and more powerful Kami Damas.

    Tiangou, the Suneater:

    Dimensional Anchor: The Universe was not born in a day. The concept of a day, for that matter, was not born in a day. Many experiments needed to be conducted, and their results needed to be kept from running away with themselves. Asha’rah’s solution was the Dimensional Anchor.

    When manifested, the anchor acts to pull reality back to a central node of clarity as determined by Asha’rah. Attempts to teleport away, shift the battlefield to another location, mind control, disguise the battlefield as other than it is, manipulate time or otherwise shift the normal rules of the local reality are hampered (though not necessarily outright shut down, simply made much more difficult to use and imprecise). Due to its nature, the reality anchor also prevents Asha’rah from using her own powers of illusion for more than simple messages and light shows.

    The anchor can also be used as a physical weapon to actively smash down specific alterations of reality, released on a chain to hunt down enemies using reality-altering means to flee, as well as give enemies a really bad headache.

    Divine Strength: The gods of creation predated the concept of gender. While most eventually identified themselves somewhere along the gender spectrum, this did not physically limit them from presenting themselves as either sex. Or from manifesting their attributes differently when using a different form.

    Even for Asha’rah, there are times when finesse and creativity will not be as valuable as raw physicality. When using Divine Strength, Asha’rah manifests her masculine form, losing her orbs, her ability to cast illusions, create new life, sprout extra arms or float effortlessly. In return, however, she gains a massive boost to physical ability, especially strength and durability to aid in melee combat.

    Path - God of Destruction

    Orb of Destruction: Little by little, Asha'rah has begun to awaken. And not all of what sleeps below is benevolent. Asha'rah taps into the tiniest vestiges of the purest essence of destruction, creating a sphere the size of her palm from which even the air that it touches becomes as nothing. Doing so requires intense concentration on Asha'rah's part, and she is unable to utlize this sphere as a meelee weapon in combat. Likewise, this sphere immediately dissolves into nothing upon leaving her palm, making it useless as a ranged weapon as well. Right now, the Orb of Destruction is important not for its own sake, but for what it allows Asha'rah to unleash - the Kamihameha.

    Annihilation Aura: Asha'rah can exude an aura carrying the essence of destruction itself, enhancing her capability when making direct contact with the enemy. Unlike with traditional ki enhancement, annihilation aura does not enhance explosive or kinetic power. However, its nature makes it extremely tricky to fully negate its damaging effects - unless ridiculously beyond Asharah's power level, being in contact with pure destructive energy will cause one to suffer destruction damage on some level.

    Atomic Destruction: Asha’rah originally designed destruction energy to normally be an overwhelming but surgical power. Its purpose was, after all, to utterly obliterate works of creation without unintended collateral damage. There is, however, more than one way to leverage such neatness. Using her ability as a God of Creation to perceive molecular structure to wield with her destructive energies like a scalpel, Asha’rah only partially destroys the atoms in a microscopic area. Protons and neutrons, suddenly lacking their partners, release the tremendous energies stored in their atomic bonds. The result is commonly referred to as a nuclear explosion.

    The precision Atomic Destruction demands requires that it be done almost within touching distance. Asha'rah must thus set up a situation in which she does not roast herself and her allies in nuclear "fire" before utilizing it.

    Path - God Transcendent

    Kamihameha: Asha'rah gathers the light of creation in one hand, and the void of destruction in the other. She then combines the two, reconciling the antithesis of the other into a furious maelstrom of energy beyond what either could achieve alone. Then she opens her palms forward, joined at the base of their wrists, unleashing a massive torrent of destruction and creation that unmakes and remakes all it engulfs in a massive God Destruction Wave.

    Divine Stature: Asha’rah’s soul continues to grow stronger, and at times can briefly force its way through the inner trappings of her robotic prison body. During this time, she enjoys vast increases to her stats across the board and assumes titanic proportions befitting the soul of a god. However, briefly free or not, her soul remains bound to her robot body, which she can no longer directly control. Inflicting sufficient damage to her robotic form is a quick way to force Asha’rah back to her usual state. That is, if you can find it and get through Asha’rah’s soul. While in Divine Stature form, Asha'rah is unable to use generic ki blasts, and gathering energy for named energy attacks takes several seconds longer. Compared to an Oozaru form, Divine Stature does not increase Asha'rah's speed as much. In fact, Asha'rah's agility and reaction-time go down, reflecting the energy required to move something so weighty.
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    Part 2 of Asha'rah's bio:

    Asha'rah backstory reveals:

    How to make Asha'rah angry:

    Theme music:
    Battle music:

    Reminder: Flight, ki sensing, ki suppressing and generic blasts are freebies.

    Asha'rah is kind and considerate, thrives on helping people progress, and wants everybody to have a fighting chance. She enjoys teasing friends and opponents alike, perhaps too savagely. She's keen to test herself, always having this vague feeling she should be capable of so much more. Besides training, Asha'rah spends her time studying science and philosophy, meditating, enjoying tea, painting, taking in theater and finding the perfect spot.

    However, when riled or in the midst of battle, Asha'rah begins to display a more militant, oppressive side to her benevolence. She has no issues with physically brutalizing her enemies - snapping bones, rupturing organs, ripping them limb from limb, all are measures she is readily prepared to employ. She has thus garnered a mixed reputation among Kami's Champions - while generally liked and respected, her brutality in combat has aroused mixed feelings ranging from moral disagreement to fear. Asha'rah has taken this reaction mostly in stride so far, often even finding it amusing.

    Origin of Asha'rah's reputation: http://community.comicbookresources....=1#post3442970
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    Name: Reimi Himizu [Mirror Mage/Silver Lady/Outsider]

    Race/Species: Human - Elevated/Planeswalker

    Age: Looks around 26-36, possibly tens of thousands of years old.



    Silver Lady

    Nanny Lo [Lotus Mulberry]

    Height/Weight: 5'7", 135 lbs

    Power Level: Unknown

    : Ninjutsu/Kagami Mahō


    Too many to name. Skilled in Ki, Psychic, and Magic. Specializes in Portals that allow her a wide range of travel. The full extent is unknown to nearly everyone except herself of course.

    Items: Ruby Sash and Cloak [She is a collector of rare and power items. items she uses rarely, and shares just as rarely.]

    Special: Her unique transformation gives her many abilities. These include, but limited to, a near invulnerability to physical harm, increased speed and strength, as well as being able to exist in hostile environments.

    History: Few remain who know her true history. What little is known is she was once a human warrior trained in the art of Ninjustu and Assassination who rejected that role and set off to find her true self, her true purpose. Along the way she became close friends with another wanderer with great potential. In the course of an epic battle, she was forced to bond with a talisman of unimaginable power along with absorbing the powers of a second talisman which transformed her even more, drawing out all of her latent power and then some.

    After the battle, she decides to leave her world and explore what is out there, to help others as much as she could. Bringing her friend along, who had also been elevated in power, the two traveled together for a long time. That is until tragedy struck, giving her a second purpose to her travels.

    Her current project is to provide aid to a planet in need and training to a young warrior.

    Other: She can shift her appearance at will, often appearing as a mortal to blend in with others and as the Mirror Mage when in combat.
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