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    Character Sheet.

    Name: Meagan Te'al


    Race/Species: Chromakai

    Age: 27

    Height/Weight: 5'5", 127 lbs

    Appearance: See above. Clothes vary.

    Power Level: 1,150,000

    Style: Mix-Style/Ninjutsu-utsusu - a product of learning many different skills and techniques and meshing them all together in her own unique way supplementing the stealth Ninjutsu-utsusu training she originally received from her Mentor.

    Techniques : On Separate Post.


    • Teal Cloak - A gift from her mentor, made of a special material that is invulnerable to being destroyed and is strong enough to be used as a weapon in combat. Used as either a skirt or a cloak when not being used as a weapon. magical in nature, it is practically sentient. Weapon of choice is the Sword, long or short. Secondary weapons are the Bo or Spear.
    • A Pocket Full of Shuriken - another gift from her mentor, basically a pouch containing various small objects that can be used as throwing weapons.
    • Money and other misc - basic things that a person might need when traveling.
    • Blue Gem Necklace - A gift from Jinzi.
    • Capsule Wallet - with assorted items inside - Another gift from Jinzi.
    • Key Crystal - Gives her access to the Portal located in the cavern beneath the Temple of Iris. Can only be used by the Temple's Guardian or Apprentices.

    • Chroma Aura: A multicolored Ki power-up aura that makes her attacks and techniques even more powerful.
    • Invisibility: A relatively rare ability, known as a 'Gift of Iris' that allows her to bend light around her in such a way as to make her self virtually invisible. Only a small percentage of Chromakai are born with one of the 'Gifts of Iris'.
    • Flight: Can fly using her Ki
    • Ki Suppression: Makes her truly invisible.
    • Ki Sensing: Something she is still working on, but it holds great potential.
    • Dancing: She is almost as fond of dancing as she is of flying, which is saying a lot. Learned to dance from someone special she met while traveling with her Mentor.
    • Telepathy : Standard mind-to-mind communication and some limited mind reading.
    • Enhanced Intuition: Her mind compiles subliminal evidence, evidence of her senses, of small details, of logic all into a borderline predictive instinct. A sense when something isn't right, when something is about to happen or a feeling that one action is better than another. All women have intuition, some have it better developed than others. Hers is extremely well developed. Kicked in after her 22nd birthday.
    • Enhanced Hearing: Also, a common trait of the Chromakai is their enhanced hearing. Even by Chromoakai standards, Meagan's hearing is above normal. When she is focused on listening to her ears tend to twitch a little.

    History: Meagan comes from a planet that has been at war with a warrior race of invaders since before she was born. An Orphan by age 7, she developed the street smarts and stealth to survive while others of her race were systematically being massacred by the invaders. With the planet's governments in chaos and their military all but destroyed, the people were forced to take the defense of the planet into their own hands. By age 16, she decide to join the underground movement that sought to undermine the invaders any way possible. Tragically, on one of her earliest missions, a fellow rebel had turned traitor and betrayed them. As a result Meagan, along with a dozen others were captured and held in captivity until they could be publicly executed.

    It was at that time that another alien arrived on the planet. This silver skinned woman, who was known only as the Mirror-Mage, took the fight into her own hands. Attacking the prison guards, she freed the rebels from captivity. Meagan took it upon herself to lead them to relative safety, then she snuck back to observe the ongoing battle. Despite the overwhelming numbers and the power levels of the invaders, the Mirror Mage dispatched them with relative ease. Once done, the woman was about to leave when Meagan ran up to her and begged her for lessons in how to fight so that she could protect her planet and her people.

    The silver-skinned woman suddenly transformed into a more normal looking form, looked at her intently and considered this request. With some reluctance, she agreed to let the child come with her, but also said that at some point in time she would take her to a place where there were highly skilled people who could train her better than she could.

    For 3 years Meagan traveled and trained with the Mirror Mage until finally, they reached Earth. it was here that she and her mentor parted ways. In doing so, the Mirror Mage whispered something to her, then said she would return when Meagan's training was through. The rest would be up to her.

    For the next 2 years, Meagan traveled in search of the best Martial Arts/combat instructor. In her travels she did study with several, learning many new skills, but she was never fully satisfied with any one instructor.

    She is determined to become strong enough to end the war and bring peace to her people, or, if she is unable to do so, at least to be able to exact revenge on the enemy of her planet.

    Personality: Deadly serious about her training, street smart and tough; however those aspects she hides behind a friendly smile and a generally open personality. She has seen a lot, on her home world and in her travels, so she is open minded and not easily surprised.

    Received training from the Mirror Mage in many things, including the use of weapons like swords, her shuriken, and her Cloak/Skirt. Her travels have included visiting other planets, so she has a universal understanding of things beyond just any one planet. However she won't talk about it, about her mentor or about her travels to anyone if she can help it. Aside from being a Warrior, her secret dream is to be a Teacher, however her newly appointed position as Apprentice Guardian of Choma may have made that more complicated.

    Meagan's original Armor

    Meagan in her upgraded Armor

    Meagan's Song List

    True Colors


    The Rainbow Connection

    This is War
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    Meagan's bio Page is getting too large, so I am posting her Techniques here:

    • Chroma Blast : A blast of Rainbow colored Ki Energy, one that is moe effective than a normal blast. .
    • Rainbow Discs : Shapes her rainbow Ki into a dozen or more 2-inch or larger diameter spinning discs that she launches and controls at will. A form of Ki Shuriken.
    • Rainbow Kienzan : Her take on Krillian's signature technique. Instead of many smaller discs, she creates one, really large and very destructive disc that is quite beautiful to look at, as long as you are not the target.
    • Rainbow Reflection : A modification of her discs which turns them into a defensive shield, not only blocking attacks but also deflecting or reflecting Ki and other Energy attacks back to their source or to any other target she chooses.
    • Power Combos:
      • Alpha : Basic Martial Arts that combines many different styles. Effective as it is both unpredictable and unusual.
      • Beta: AKA Teal Blade - A martial Arts attack using her cloak as a weapon whose edges can be as sharp as any blade when used in combo with her ki.
      • Delta: A stealth attack using invisibility and the Ninjutsu skills she learned from her Mentor.
    • Amplification : Amplifies, at will, all of her senses, especially her hearing.
    • Reaching for the Light : It is a Ki booster to her speed; reflexive movement, running and flying are included in this boost. The more Ki she can channel, the faster she can go. It also creates a natural Aura Barrier around her to protect her body from any harmful effects of moving at high speed. Used too often without rest, it can cause physical injury.
    • Blessing of Light [Gift] : The user must be in contact with the recipient. The recipient must be either dying, on death's door, or just passed into death within the last minute for the technique to work. The Blessing of Light forms a bond between the user and recipient that uses the life force of the user to stabilize the wounded/dead/near dead. However, this technique is draining the longer the bond exists. Only those with superb ki control can even perform it. Beyond that, the longer the bond, the faster it drains the user, putting them at risk of death.
      The technique cannot "heal" a person. All it does is keep them from going that last step/pulls them back from that last step into death. Its use is only for emergencies when a healer is not readily available, nor a regen tank, and you have to act fast.
    • Cytokinesis: Creates multiple physical Ki clones of herself, each one acting independently, but in connection with Meagan. Doing this diminishes her ability to use Ki attacks slightly, though it doesn't affect flying, invisibility or controlling her cloak (which doesn't replicate).
    • Healing Ki : Her Ki now heals her own injuries as long as they are not life threatening.
    • Ki-Gestalt : A Technique that allows her to merge her own Ki with the Ki of another for various effects, from boosting another’s Ki to Controlling another’s Ki even to the point or suppressing it.
    • Kaio-Ken [Gift] : A Kaio-Ken briefly doubles a person's maximum Ki. This effect can be increased incrementally. Since 2 Kaio-Ken's equates to multiplying Ki 4 times, fractional increases can multiply the effect odd number times. There is a risk of injury if the user pushes her/his body too hard.
      • Kaio-Ken Level 1 = x2 power + 1 action/attack [Kaio-Ken]
      • Kaio-Ken Level 2 = x3 power + 1 actions/attacks [Kaio-Ken x1.5]
      • Kaio-Ken Level 3 = x4 power + 2 actions/attacks [Kaio-Ken x2]
      • Kaio-Ken Level 4 = x5 power + 2 actions/attacks [Kaio-Ken x2.5]
      • Kaio-Ken Level 5 = x6 power + 3 actions/attacks [Kaio-Ken x3]
      • Up to Kaio-Ken x 10
    • Hide and Seek : Her power increase has affected her natural invisibility ability. She no longer needs to be in constant contact with someone or something to turn it invisible. One touch is enough to keep something invisible as long as she herself remains invisible. Also her range has increased dramatically and those covered by her invisibility can see others also covered by her invisibility.
    • Blast Grenade:
      • Supernova: Condenses her Ki into a faction of its' size, then sends it to a target where it rapidly explodes outward, creating a series of concussive waves that can take out not just one person but many if they are within range.
      • Internal Combustion : What was a mistake, is now a technique. Basically creates a Blast Grenade like taught to her by Nunlil, only instead of simply releasing it against something, she slams the Ki into the target. Acting on a delay timer, the Ki then explodes from within.
    • True Sight / The Third Eye of Iris: A portion of Lady Iris's powers, a supernatural power beyond both Magic, Ki, and Psychic. Gifted to Meagan as a sign of her new status as Apprentice Guardian of the planet Chroma. The mystical power manifests it's self, first as a Sigil on Meagan's forehead, then as a Third Eye, but only when she taps into it. The true nature of this gift is unknown, but it's powers will evolve gradually over time. See below for more information. Third Eye Open

    Notes on The Third Eye of Iris

    Quote Originally Posted by Tami View Post
    Mother Pearl nodded, then began, "Much of what I will tell you is based on both first hand accounts and knowledge passed on through the Sisterhood. Only Lady Iris knows for certain."

    "The Eye of Iris has been seen in use by members of the Sisterhood, as the name suggests it appears as a Third Eye on the forehead of the user. It is not a physical eye, though it has the appearance of one once it manifests. In the library, one of the Journals of the Sisterhood, you will find a detailed accounting of every time the Eye has been seen in use, and the powers manifested by it."

    "A few of the described powers include the ability to see great distances. It was said that Lady Iris could see a small child, in his bed, in a small village on the Darras Archipelago. It has been speculated that she can use it to see even further, possibly even to other worlds."

    "There have also been reports of Lady Iris using the power of the Eye to create paralysis, confusion, and illusions."

    The grey haired Chromakai paused to take a sip of tea before continuing, "You will see many accounts in the journal. In truth, I doubt that even we know the full extent of what it can do. My own belief is that, the power of the Eye is what it's user needs it to be. That this power might very well manifest it's self differently in you than it did in Lady Iris."

    "As for its nature, one account has Lady Iris refer to the Eye as tapping into a power she calls, 'Aethi'. When asked, she told the questioner that Aethi is the energy that binds all of us, and that flows through all of us. It is one of seven linked energies; 'Psy', the energy of the mind, 'Ki', the energy of life, 'Soua', the energy of the soul, 'Bia', the energy of force, 'Ley', the energy of magic, 'Kan', the energy of emotions, and 'Aethi', the energy that binds or connects the other six."

    Meagan took advantage of the pause to ask a question, "Ki is finite, is Aethi? And how do you access it?"

    Mother Pearl shook her head slightly, "No, child. No energy is finite, not in the larger sense. An individual may die, but Ki is replenished so long as there is life. Even if some greater power managed to destroy the Universe, the power of the Universe, all of the power, would have to go somewhere. Energy cannot be destroyed, it can be transformed or relocated or re-purposed, but it cannot be destroyed."

    "As long as the other energies exist, so will Aethi. It is why those who build up their Ki often, eventually develop psychic powers. It is why Ki it's self is linked to physical development. The greater your Bia is, the greater will be your Ki. The Eye taps into Aethi, as though it into all other energies. At least, that is the theory. The power you were given was probably intended to awaken your awareness of Aethi and to provide a means of accessing it. That is my assumption, that is about all I can tell you."

    "It is from here that you will have to figure out how to Awaken the Eye, how to access and use it. As I had said, my knowledge is limited. Still, you are clever enough to figure it out. The question is, are you brave enough to do so?"
    The Eye is more than sight, it is a gateway to tapping into the energy known to Lady Iris as Aethi. How that energy is used depends on the user. In Meagan's case, it will respond to her needs, as those needs arise. Primarily, initially, in the form of Visualizing All Energy, it's nature, forms, signatures, and patterns. In time she will learn how to use it to control and manipulate those energies. The possibilities are endless.

    • Doesn't work with god-level powers or energies.
    • Can't control, change, or manipulate Magic directly using this ability. Can deflect or block magic, or control it's outcomes if those outcomes manipulate natural energies & forces.
    • Is limited to energy levels less than or equal to the maximum level of energy (ki, etc.) that she can control through all other means (Kaio-ken, etc.) [Curently about 10x her power level].
    • Is still evolving, but slowly. May take a life-time to master.
    • Certain low level, basci abilities of the Third Eye may become innate over time. However, the Eye it's self is not meant to be used continuously over a long term.
    • The speed in which the eye can be opened will improve over time, but it always requires a conscious effort of will and focus to do so.
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    Meagan's Powers Part II

    Techniques cont.

    • To Help Themselves: Primarily a Healing Technique, but it can do much more. Using the Power of the The Third Eye, Meagan can use Aethi to guide a person's energies in such a way so as to allow them to heal themselves, even to the point of regenerating missing body parts [so long as the person is still alive]. After doing this, the person's energies become trained to respond to physical injuries in the way that antibodies react to invading bacteria and viruses. This technique can also be used to encourage the development of latent, energy based abilities. Or to correct certain problems, imbalances, or deficiencies that are energy related.
    • Standard Guardian Powers:
      • Heightened Telepathy
      • Heightened ability to access and use Magic
      • Heightened Awareness and Sensing
      • Awareness of and limited precognition to existing and impending danger, especially as it relates to Chroma and those she cares about.
      • Extended Life Span
      • Access to a small spark of Creational Energy
      • Ability to read and speak multiple languages
    • Third Eye Awakened: With her powers expanding, Meagan can now access, control, and manipulate all forms of energy, including physcial. Not just those tied to living sources.
    • Infinite Power: Despite it's grandiose name, it is fairly straight forward. The energy that she needs for herself, including Ki, can not be depleted so long as there is any kind of energy source available. Even without activating her Third Eye, her body now naturally absorbs energy, then transforms it into Ki or other forms of life energy as needed. It can be used as a power-up when combined with other techs.
    • Blinding Speed– Leveling up RftL, a speed burst that begins when her aura emits a burst of dazzling light, which briefly stuns the vision of all who are watching as she accelerates her movements to incredible speeds. The speed burst lasts one turn, and is fast enough to make her nearly impossible to follow.
    • Pinpoint Sight - Upgrade to the Third Eye, gives her the ability to quickly 'see' areas of weakness in anything that emits any form of energy, living or not.
    • Punishment Drive – A rush attack that uses Blinding Speed and Pinpoint Sight, with the option of using invisibility, to attack an opponent in such a way as to stun them. When used with a power-boost like Kaio-ken, can cause varying degrees of physical damage.
    • Stardust Break-Dance – Using the graceful moves of dance and the high speed moves of Blinding Speed, she Raises two hands above her head. As she does, she creates two rainbow colored spheres of energy, one in each hand. She then smashes the spheres together, crushing them into energy dust, Star Dust. This Star Dust has an affinity for targets with high power levels. Once crushed, she uses her Aura to create a strong wind to blow the dust at her target, engulfing the target in it. The Star Dust burns hot upon contact with a target. The more energy that a target is generating, naturally or through a power-up, the hotter the Star Dust will burn. The only defense against it is to decrease one's power level drastically. If a power-drop is initiated, the Star Dust will fall away and vanish.
    • Third Eye Never Blind {locked}– An upgrade to the Third eye, one that increases the duration of the use of the Third Eye as well as providing a camouflage, hiding it from the sight of anyone except those with access to any level of Creational Energy.
    • EMP: Electromagnetic Pulse (EMP) is a means by which she can create a full disruption of the power flow to any non-living source, as well as causing damage to electronics and similar technology. It is a last resort tech since the results could cause widespread problems to both the target and to innocent bystanders.
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    Name: Cyanna Tur'quoise
    Age: 21
    Race/Species: Chromakai
    Height/Weight: 5'1" 112 lbs
    Power Level: 800,000
    Special: Like Meagan, she was also born with a gift. Her gift is Chromakinesis, the ability to manipulate color. Gives her Chameleon like camouflage. Basically, it is invisibility with the added benefit of color manipulation. Like Meagan, she can also extend her ability to others.

    Style: Ninjutsu-Muchitsujo


    • Aura Manifestation [Special]: Like all Auras, it offers some protection from harm while in flight and even in a fight. Her Aura is Multi-color Pastel.
    • Flying [Special]
    • Ki Sense [Special]
    • Ki Suppression [Special]
    • Ninjutsu Martial Arts: Hand-to-hand fighting, among other things.
    • Fireworks: Creates a multicolored explosion of Ki that looks very much like fireworks. It can be used a distraction, or as a direct attack strong enough to blow weaker persons apart.
    • Ghosting: Creates Ghosts, Spirit copies of herself that are intangible, and if she wishes, invisible. These ghosts are used to spy, whatever they hear or see is what she hears and sees. They can also be used as a weapon, possessing someone weaker than her and controlling their actions. A mix of Ki and Psychic abilities.
    • Standard Ki Blast [Special]
    • Braided Blast: A Ki blast variation where she powers up both her hands separately, one with pastel blue energy, the other with pastel pink energy. Slamming her hands together, the two energies intertwine and spiral like a high-speed screwdriver that can bore a hole through whatever she is attacking.
    • Teleportation: Taught to her by an old, really old, Oni as a thank you for a favor. Her abilities with it will grow gradually over time, unless she finds someone to help her.
    • Voice Projection: Who needs a communicator? A psychic based form of voice projection that allows her to speak without moving her mouth, and to place her voice in other objects (Like her Ghost Forms) even at a great distance.
    • Swimming Shield: Instead of covering her whole body, it usually moves around to intercept any threat, expanding and contracting as needed. Like her Aura, it is multi color pastel swirl of light.
    • Raining Down: A Ki attack that rains Ki down in a wide area around her.
    • Trip-wires: Extends one or more long tendrils of invisible Ki about a foot or more off the ground. Like the name says, designed to either trip someone or something, or stop it in it's tracks.
    • Binding: A technique which turns Ki into flexible, cloth like sheets, that she can use to bind her opponent like a mummy, among other uses.
    • Sticky Fingers: A Ki technique that creates an adhesion over her body. This adhesion can be used to attach herself to any surface, even upside down. It can be used for other purposes as well.
    • Probability Manipulation: Thanks to the Cintamani Stone, she can, if she wills it, alter probability to a degree. Basically, if there are multiple outcomes of an action or event, she can will the most advantageous one (for her or someone she is helping) to occur. It takes focus and an effort of will, so she uses it rarely. It also works on a lower level, automatically adjusting outcomes slightly to be in her favor, when such outcomes are affected by chance. Basically, it gives her a small measure of good luck.
    • Line of Sight: Evasion is useless. Using this technique, she can hit any target she aims at, even if that target is moving fast or dodging. This technique works in conjunction with any of her other techniques, or even when bound to another for a combined attack of any kind. This technique doesn't need to be activated as it works automatically, however she has to stay calm and focused long enough to get a bead on a target at least once, to see the target.
    • Twist of Fate: Part psychic, part Ki, the effect is to cause an attacker to attack him/her/it's self, or to have an attack detonate prematurely so as to cause harm to the attacker.
    • Energy Thief: When in physical contact with someone else, she can steal some of their energy. Usually no more than 10% of her target's power level.
    • Illuminare Magis: Light Magic, taught to her by Etrina with some encouragement from Eva. Can cast spells that manipulate light in various ways.
    • Illuminare Tridenti: A Magacite Staff that transforms into a trident. The Trident can be used as a weapon it's self, or it can be used to channel magic. Current spells include light blasts and 'light butterflies' much like Lady Eva's.
    • Awai chō / Pale Butterflies: Her first real magic spell, first taught to her by Etrina, then by Lady Eva so that they could communicate with her over long distances. Since then, she has made improvements on this spell.
    • Illuminare Illusion: Light Magic that can create visual illusions that look very real until you get right up close to it. Lasts for up to ten minutes.
    • Night Light [Yoru no Hikari] : A magical attack designed to warp the light around a target into a sphere which entraps the target in darkness. A darkness so complete it weighs the target down, the longer the target is trapped within the more depressed they become, the weaker they become. Deosn't work as well against more powerful targets, doesn't work at all against vastly more powerful targets or those with magic immunity of some kind. She can only keep it going for a few minutes, just long enough to weaken the target well below her level
    • Lights Out: A two-fisted, in-your-face double blast. In an attempt to use her magic more offensively, she tries combining it with Ki. Her left hand summons a hard-light based magic blast, her right a strong ki blast. Basing this on her Braided Blast, she merges the two, weaving them together to form a brightly exploding blast that hits Twice, like Two Fists slamming into her target. In addition to a long-distance punch that can, potentially, knock a target unconscious. It can also, potentially, blind a target by affecting their optic nerves.
    • One Step [Locked]:


    • Azure Cloak: Basically the same as Meagan's and she pretty much has the same level of control, though she uses it differently. Her Cloak Weapon of choice is a whip or a Urumi.
    • Cintamani Stone: Having a penchant for pick-pocketing items that don't belong to her, she took this from a strange-looking being. Once the jewel was in her hand, it embedded it's self there. When her Mentor found out, Cyanna was forced to do some serious penance as punishment while the Mirror Mage negotiated with the subject of her theft in order to keep her out of jail. What the stone does, what power it has is still unclear, but her luck has improved since obtaining it. Link

    Background: Orphaned at age 4, Cyanna met Meagan at one of the few remaining Orphanages in the city and latched onto her like a little sister. Being that it was overcrowded, the children voluntarily left as soon as they were old enough to take care of themselves. Those children that left often came back when they had acquired food and supplies to help the younger children. Meagan returned as often as she could, and when she did she always made sure to check on Cyanna. This was especially important because Cyanna is impulsive and a little goofy at times. It may be from a desperate need for attention, or maybe she's just hyperactive.

    The last time Cyanna saw Meagan was just before Meagan left with the Mirror Mage. Cyanna begged her to get her new Mentor to take her as well, but she was only 11 at the time. Meagan did promise to see her again some day. Cyanna made a promise as well, a promise that lead her to join one of the resistance cells on Chromkai and to train as best she could.

    Persuading the Mirror Mage to take her on as a student, she has been training very hard.

    Now, not only has she been reunited with Meagan, she has become Meagan's apprentice in a new role that may be life changing for both of them.

    Cyanna had a bad habit of lifting things that didn't belong to her, until an encounter with a mysterious stranger. Though she no longer does it, her talent has been put to good use on occasion.
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    Name: Rayne "Dash" Dashiell

    Race/Species: Human

    Age: 23

    Height/Weight: 5'6"


    Original - Adolescent Appearance

    Power Level: [To be updated later]

    Style: Horse Clan - Pegasus Style/Elemental Style + Ninjutsu


    Posted on another pages due to length


    Rainbow Sash: Refuses to wear a cloak, so instead she accepted the gift of a Rainbow colored sash to wear around her waist, her neck or in her hair. It holds the same properties as the other cloaks given as gifts by the Mirror Mage to her apprentices. Has learned to use it the same way. Her Cloth Weapon is the Chakram or a Bladed Boomerang.

    History: Member of the Horse Clan - Lesser Horse Clan [jokingly called the Pony clan], though they get annoyed if anyone assumes the word 'Lesser' refers to their fighting style, which it doesn't. Not Much more than that of interest, until she challenged the Mirror Mage which lead to an unexpected apprenticeship. Since then, she has been traveling and training with the Mirror Mage and her fellow Apprentice. Her goal is to be the fastest Human on the planet.

    Family: Her bloodline to the Horse Clan is through her father, Kevin Dashiell. Her biological mother, Wendy Dashiell, passed away two years after Dash was born. Dash knows little about her mother, except that she was an Outsider. Her father later remarried, when Dash was 5 years old, to another member of the Horse Clan, Catria Tori. Dash has no siblings, but she does have many cousins, aunts, uncles, and so on from her Father's side.

    Other: Didn't even consider the possibility of learning to fly until the Tournament, so now that is high on her list of things to learn to do. Also her hair color isn't natural. She changed it because she thought it would be cool and make her stand out.

    Horse Clan

    Voiced by Betsy Lee
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    Name: Avoca

    Race/Species: Saiyan

    Age: 24

    Height/Weight: 5'9/160 lbs


    Power Level: Android 17/Kamiccolo

    Style: Black Rose

    Known Relatives:
    • Parsley: Wife/Lifemate
    • Garnish: Daughter
    • Mais: Son
    • Sarada: Best friend/sister-in-law
    • Inanna: Sister-in-law
    • Pinach: Brother-in-law
    • Lettise/Guar: Mother/Father-in-law


    • Ki
      • Rose's Thorn – A highly concentrated beam of energy that can pierce even those who are stronger than Avoca
      • Black Vortex – A pitch black energy tornado that can trap anyone caught in it.
      • Death Spore Barrage – A barrage of small needle-like energy blasts that will pierce anything that they make contact with.
      • Midnight Bloom – A pitch black sphere of pure darkness that absorbs the light around it. If fired at a target, it blinds them.
      • Thunderclap – Avoca generates an incredibly loud sonic boom that disorients her chosen targets.
      • Demon Spark – Avoca fires a pair of Big Bang spheres that was link together by an energy tether. The tether wraps around the target, entangling them and leaving them vulnerable when the two spheres collide and detonate.
      • The Threshing Floor – During her training with the far stronger Sarada and Parsley, Avoca has learned how to better defend herself against enemies that far outnumber her. One of the best and most reliable ways is to depend on autonomous defenses. With that in mind, she developed The Threshing Floor. It's initiated by first infecting a particular radius with her ki. When an enemy comes within that radius, they are beset by a field of energy scythes that flying around them and cut into them, giving Avoca enough time to reposition and regroup.
      • Warrior's Artistic Flair – In her training, Avoca learned how to manipulate her ki to the point that she could create realistic images. These images possess the qualities of whatever object they mimic. She can even create copies of people, though these images can't act on their own without her compulsion and can't speak.
      • Bidrae – During her lessons with the legendary Saiyan fighter, Beats, Avoca was bestowed with one of his greatest techniques, Evasive Divorce. By manipulating her ki, Avoca can divorce her energy signature from her physical body, diffusing it across a wide area to make it impossible to track her through ki sense. In addition, this technique creates multiple chromatic illusions that further make Avoca difficult to track through eyesight.
      • Burning Attack – Avoca charges a seemingly simplistic energy shot and fires it at the target. On contact, it explodes into a fiery inferno of flaming ki that enflames anything caught in the radius.
      • Final Impact – Avoca charges a massive amount of ki in one hand, then concentrates it into a thin beam of energy. If powerful enough, it can punch straight through a target.
      • Energy Bondage – Avoca launches a set of energy bands that, should they connect with a target, bind their limbs together to a tether that Avoca holds. Energy Bondage is best used in conjunction with any of her ki draining techniques, or to bind them to a surface.
    • Ki Manipulation
      • Ki Negation – A expansive mist projected from her body that weakens or outright negates ki attacks that enter it. If a person enters the mist, their power will decrease by 10% of their original power level per turn.
      • Ki Inhibition – An upgrade to Ki Negation that prevents the target from increasing their power for a time. Currently, the time frame is five minutes.
      • Attack Denial – A similar mist to Ki Negation that confuses and muddles the targets internal energies and prevents them from focusing those energies to form an attack. It lasts for five posts.
      • Unlimited Eat Works – Training with the legendary Saiyan glutton, Buffet, Avoca has learned how to 'eat' energy and add a portion of their essence to her own. She can do this for three posts in a row, after which she has to release the stored energies in a single, massive attack. Each attack she eats adds 10% of the enemy PL to her own.
      • Ki Siphon – An expansion over her mastery of other people's ki, Ki Siphon does exactly what it says. It heavily drains a target of their energy to the tune of 20% per post, until they have nothing left. Unlike her base ki draining techniques, she can store the stolen ki and use it to either replenish her own reserves or give it to someone else to replenish them.
    • Miscellaneous
      • Punishment of the Presumptuous – Avoca enters a state when she is defenseless. When activated, Punishment of the Presumtuous records and remembers every bit of damage she suffers over a five post period. Once the period is over, that damage is mimicked and transferred to the attacker(s). They suffer the same injuries that Avoca suffers. If she dies before the five posts are complete, the rebound effect activates right then, resulting in mutual destruction.
    • Transformations/Powerups
      • Master Flex – After training with the legendary Saiyan warrior, Brocado, Avoca has learned the secrets of his godly gains and divine musculature. She's learned that by flexing her muscles to their maximum extent, she could use the hardness to greatly increase her durability. For a duration of 7 posts, her durability increases by 50% of her PL.


    • Insatiable hunger
    • Insatiable bloodlust
    • Transformation
    • Zenkai


    Avoca was born to the parentage of two low-class Saiyans. One was a chef, the other a technical engineer. She was born with a power level of 100, so they knew right away that she was going to be destined for great things. She graduated from the CTC at the top of her class, boasting a PL of over 3000 by the time she was finished with her formal training. This was more than good enough to earn her a spot among the Super Elites in the Saiyan army.

    At some point when their schooling at the academy overlapped, she befriended Sarada. The two became fast friends, with Avoca quickly proving herself a capable listening ear. She was the first person – and for a long time, the only person – Sarada confided in after her molestation. During their teenage years, they became lovers, as was the norm with Saiyans their age. For a while, it seemed that there was something beyond simple lust between them, but as of recently, these feelings have faded.

    Avoca has a conflicting opinion of half-breeds. While she has a distaste for them – to the point of chastising Sarada about mating with a human during an argument – she doesn't think they should be exterminated. This put her at odds with her new lover, Parsley, who stated her intention to genocide all of them during the Tournament of Destiny.

    • She still feels uncomfortable around those she knows to be half-bred, but doesn't hate them
    • Her name means “daughter of Vocado” in Vocadoan
    • Voiced by Hynden Walch
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    Name: Prince Pinach & Rutaba

    Race/Species: Saiyan

    Age: Pinach – 15/Rutaba – 14

    Height/Weight: Pinach – 6'1/185 lbs/Rutaba – 5'1/125 lbs


    Power Level: Pinach – TBD/Rutaba – TBD

    Style: Heroic Duo Style (Saiyan Do Variant)


    • Justice Flash – Rutaba fires an endless barrage of bullet-sized energy blasts from her fingers.
    • Justice Cannon – Pinach fires a tremendous energy blast.
    • Victory Cheer – Pinach has the ability to manipulate sound by lacing his ki into the air to conjure soundwaves. He can imitate voices, sounds, even music. He often uses his ability to produce his and Rutaba's own fanfare and theme music.
    • Heroes of Justice – The Heroes share an uncanny bond that allows them to combine their might, raising their power levels by the other's PL.
    • Galick Twister – Pinach and Rutaba each fire a Galick Gun, which twist around each other to form an energy tornado. Anyone caught inside the tornado is bombarded by miniature Galick Guns.


    • Hero Uniforms
    • Just Saiyan memorbilia
    • Royal Armor

    • Insatiable apetite
    • Oozaru Transformation
    • Unyielding curiosity with other races
    • Obsession with being heroes

    “Tada! Introducing the heroes of justice themselves, Pinach and Rutaba!!”

    Pinach and his younger cousin Rutaba are just two examples of King Mato's educational overhaul. Whereas in years past, Saiyans their age would have been completely obsessed with being the most powerful warriors they could be – with varying results – these two misfits are only obsessed with seeing the universe and encountering different races. Also, being superheroes.

    They live with their surrogate mother, Maiz, in the nursery near the CTC. Due to their more relaxed dispostions, in addition to the relaxed environment in which they live, they are much, much stronger than average Saiyan power level – which is skewing upward because younger Saiyans are becoming stronger. Pinach hopes to be stronger than his sister, Parsley, while Rutaba wants to become Queen of Vocado.

    Both enjoying visiting other planets with Maiz. It was during a trip to Earth a few years ago that they encountered merchandise of The Just Saiyan. From that moment forward, they have been obsessed with being superheroes, just like him.

    Other: Rutaba has a massive crush on Just Saiyan. She also makes a living making and selling jewelry on Vocado and Ruco.

    Pinach is a serious entrepreneur. He owns an amusement park on Earth, called HeroLand. He also owns majority stock in two businesses on Earth and owns stock in Capsule Corp.
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    Name: Lady Maiz

    Race/Species: Saiyan

    Age: 100

    Height/Weight: 5'6/185 lbs


    Power Level: 50,000

    Style: Tosale is a mostly defensive martial art that focuses on immobilizing your opponent by disrupting your opponents movements. The primary focus lies on both deflection and pressure points and it often relies on the speed and quick thinking, or lack thereof, of your opponent.

    The biggest strength of Tosale is the inclusion of weapon, or anti-weapon, based techniques. By exploiting the pressure points of yourself your opponent will likely leave an opening, something you'll be able to take full advantage of.


    • Blutz Lamp
    • Limited Telepathy
    • Minor Healing Spell
    • Astral Image
    • Danger Sense

    • Insatiable appetite
    • Oozaru Transformation
    • Thirst for Battle


    Maiz was born on Vocado during a time when the Saiyan race was nothing more than a species of savages and brutes. They relished in genocide, enslavement, and other terrible things that haunted even the most battle-hardened of warriors. To say that Maiz shunned this lifestyle when she was younger would be a complete lie. However, at some point in her life, she realized that there had to have been more to life than just slaughter, mating, and eating. So, she left Vocado and traveled the galaxy, covertly studying different races to see their ways of life.

    She eventually found herself on a planet called Earth. It was here that she first observed the familial relationships and how such engendered interactions affected young children. She then based her findings on her own childhood and those of her companions, and found the Saiyan lifestyle lacking.

    While humans engaged in war, slavery, genocide, and every other sort of injurious activity, there was a tangible peace and unity that wasn't found on Vocado.

    When she returned home and proffered her findings, she was roundly rejected. She was called a fool, a weakling, and worst of all, a meat-mixer, as only someone who mated with another race would consider such a stupid philosophy.

    Still, she persisted. She started, with permission from then Queen Becbaga, a nursery in which she and a few like-minded others would raise Saiyan children for their parents, who couldn't be bothered to handle it themselves. In this time, she engendered somewhat loving relationships with dozens of children, included Mato, Toma, Parsley, Sarada, and countless others. Within the walls of her nursery, she tried to teach the youths in her care that there was more to life than violence and savagery.

    For years, it was like she was trying to swim against the current; her philosophy was completely drowned out by the outside world and all of its influences. It wasn't until Mato took over that she started to see a shift in our her wards responded to her message. And it wasn't long until the fruits of that labor started to blossom.

    Recently, Maiz chose to become the next Kami of Vocado, the first to hold that position in over five hundred years. She made this decision to not only be better able to help Sarada with her royal duties, but to be able to do more to help her fellow Saiyans in any way she could.

    Maiz enjoys taking her children on field trips to other planets. At first, it was a little rocky given the Saiyans' terrible reputation. However, after seeing how well-behaved – relatively speaking – her children were, they usually let them come back.
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    Space for Mato
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    Name: Pois

    Race/Species: Saiyan

    Age: 35

    Height/Weight: 5'5/149


    Power Level: 15,500

    Style: Saiyan-Do (The Saiyan Way)

    • Royal Saiyan Armor

    • Transformation
    • Insatiable Appetite
    • Battle Lust


    Pois was born to the parentage of an Elite mother and an unknown father. She was born on Ruco, so there are questions as to whether or not she's actually a purebred. Every test has come up the same – that she is pure Saiyan – but her calm, relaxed disposition and patient demeanor still call it into question.

    It was that patience and relaxed attitude that attracted the attention of then Queen Becbaga. Her personal servant died just a few months prior and she had been looking for a replacement. In Pois, she saw a girl who had the ability to carry out her every desire and fulfill every need. Thus, when she was sixteen and graduated from the Rucoan CTC with flying colors, she was invited to serve the Queen in the palace rather than join the army. She accepted.

    Pois remained in the palace even after the change in power from Becbaga to Mato. She served his life-mate, Toma, to such an excellent degree that she Chief Royal Servant. This means that she oversees the palace operations and is in charge of all other servants in the palace.

    As of currently, she serves Queen Sarada and her consort, Ishtar.

    • Pois' name has a double meaning. Not only does it mean pea in French, but is also a pun on the word poise, which she has in abundance.
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    The Saiyans of Universe 15 hail, for the most part, from Planet Vocado. Discovered by the legendary Super Saiyan Vocado two thousand years ago, it has become a place feared by those that have learned of its history. Vocado, the man, had an insatiable lust for battle and combat, and that carried over into the culture of the planet he founded. For hundreds of years, Vocado played host to gladiatorial games in which the planet's champion would battle challengers from across the planet and the galaxy. These battles were to the death, as only that would satisfy the bloodthirsty Saiyans.

    However, in recent weeks, it has been discovered that the 'historical' records found on the saiyan Vocado were in fact forgeries created at the order of King Otatop IV as part of his propaganda campaign to convince the Saiyan race that war and conquest was in their blood. In reality, Vocado was a kind-hearted man who cared deeply for his family and his people. As part of his propaganda, Otatop erased all mention of Vocado and the several monarchs who came after him, the Guardian system and its connection to the throne, and any mention of Saiyan society in the past.


    Saiyan society on Vocado has seen a quantum leap in sophistication in the last one hundred and fifty years. It was part of an effort to bring the planet into the same accord as neighboring planets who had developed such innovations centuries earlier.

    At the very top of the food chain, as it were, is the ruling class. Comprised of the king and queen, their children, and any family members deemed fit to rule. The current rulers are King Mato and Queen Toma, the two strongest saiyans on the planet. Saiyan royalty is determined by strength. As such, there is no guarantee that one of their two children, Potat and Carra, would automatically assume the throne in the case of their deaths. If a stronger saiyan bests them in a Trial of Sovereignty, then that saiyan would become the new ruler. This has happened twice in the past; the most recent was when Mato's father challenged the then Queen for her throne and won.

    Beneath the ruling class are the super elites. These are the very best of the best, the most powerful saiyans on the planet. They are the most highly ranked in the saiyan army, and the ones who take the lead in any incursions and wars that are waged against other races. They tend to have a power level of around 1200 to 5000, though there have been cases of higher levels, though this is a rare occasion. Prince Potat and Princess Carro are standouts among the super elites, both boasting power levels of 4790 and 4869, respectively. King Mato's personal bodyguard, Onio, is another super elite, with a power level of 4890.

    The next are the saiyan elites. These make up the bulk of the higher ranks in the saiyan army. Their power levels range from 500 to 1000. Notable saiyan elites are Sarada's parents Lettise and Guar – with power levels of 950 and 845, respectively – and Okra, overseer of the Combat Training Center – power level of 1000.

    The level below this consists of the working class. This is where the vast majority of saiyans rank. The power levels here are from 100 to 499. Every menial labor task that keeps Vocado running smoothly – from education instructor, garbage disposal, custodian, chef, etc – are performed by the working class. Despite their low rank, they are the most respected and appreciated – for the most part – due to saiyans recognizing how much they keep the planet functioning.

    Finally, the absolute lowest are the slaves. These are the saiyans that are unable to grow their power level above 100 by their 16th birthday, as well as captives captured during one of the planet's incursions. These saiyans harvest the fields in the hot sun all day long for little to no pay, are forced to work in brothels to “entertain” elite and super elite saiyans after they return from battle, are used as fodder in the gladiatorial arena. The slave-women may even be used as breeders if a female saiyan of a higher rank is infertile or doesn't wish to waste time with pregnancy. Vocado is a planet where everything is determined by strength, and when a saiyan isn't strong, they are expendable.


    In a saiyan child's formative years, they are sent to learning centers to learn how to read, write, channel their ki, as well as other essential skills, like mathematics, history, science, etc. When they turn ten, they begin their combat training at the Combat Training Center. There, they learn the essentials – such as flight, how to sense power levels without the aid of a scouter, how to channel their ki in various manners, how to create a false moon to trigger their great ape transformation, and how to control themselves in their great ape form.

    Formative combat training lasts for six years, after which a saiyan is graded on his or her progress. If they pass – or have a power level of at least 100 – then they are sent into the working class, where they make a living and continue their training to see if they can progress any further. If they fail – or have a power level less than 100 – then they are sent to the Meat Market.

    Students routinely kill slaves from the CTC to help them grow accustomed to the feeling that comes with taking a large amount of lives at one time.

    The Meat Market

    The Meat Market is the “affectionate” name given to the slave labor camp used to hone weak saiyans and prisoners of war for life as a worthless slave. Food is scarce and housing is the absolute bare bones. The stories from the camp are as varied as they are terrifying. There are stories of how the woman are brutally assaulted, people are killed for morsels of food found on the streets.

    Every so often, a group of slaves are pulled from the Market and placed in the Arena to face one of Vocado's champion. This tradition is five hundred years old, and not once has a slave survived more than ten minutes.

    UPDATE: As slavery has since ended and the slaves freed, ever good person who was stuck in the Meat Market has since left Vocado for another place to live. As such, the Meat Market has instead become a den of crime and vile behavior.

    Cultural Shift

    In the last five years since Mato took over the throne, Vocado and Saiyans in general have undergone a slow, but very noticeable shift in their culture. He has scaled back their invasions and conquests by 35% in an effort to ween Saiyans off of genocide. In addition, he has completely overhauled the education system, placing more importance on book knowledge over combat skill – though the latter is obviously still emphasized.

    Among the things Mato has instituted was educational courses on other races – such as Nevadians, Namekians, Arcosians, Chromakians, with more being added as data becomes readily available. The lessons young ones learn are tailored to engender an appreciation and respect for other races, while not minimizing Saiyan culture. As a result, young ones are much more accepting of the strengths of other races as opposed to just assuming all races are inferior to Saiyans.

    Also, Mato has made a concerted effort to teach the younger Saiyans how to restrain themselves when provoked. It is no secret that many races hate the Saiyans, and many seek to provoke one into an altercation so that they can claim self-defense if and when the Saiyan is slain. To combat this, Saiyan youths are taught this simple proverb: What are the words of a sheep to a lion? Haughtiness aside, it does well to show that not every remark needs a reply, not every action needs a reaction. Many of said remarks or reactions are simply to get a rise out of them, and the best response is none at all. This has caused the younger generation to be much more measured, almost reserved, in their responses to hostile stimuli. They feel less need to protect their pride, because they're secure enough to know that the words of others don't matter.

    Since education of this sort takes place when prior to combat training, young Saiyans are much more receptive to the lessons. As a result, they become stronger due to their more relaxed disposition. As a result, in recent years, the number of Saiyans submitted to the Meat Market has decreased sharply to only 25%, where it previous been as high as 45%.

    The nursery is located on the same zoning block as the CTC. Here, saiyan infants are nurtured and taken care of until they are old enough to fend for themselves, which would be around three years old. At this point, they undergo preliminary training to raise their power levels before receiving official training at the CTC. This isn't official protocol, but the nurses there consider it a necessity to prevent the young ones from living a life as a slave.

    Because Saiyan parents don't feel obligated to care for their children outside of training, every aspect of child-rearing is handled by the nurses here. Because of this, Saiyan children develop a bond with their nurse that often lasts throughout their lives; often times, Saiyans refer to their nurses as 'mama' as opposed to their actual mothers because of this.

    The nurses are generally about as kind as Saiyans get, being more patient that average while still maintaining a tight ship. This makes for a more relaxed environment, meaning the children under their care develop much more rapidly, for the most part.
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    Default Saiyan Information I


    Over the years, Saiyans have developed a system of currency that is uniform for every colony in an effort to keep things simple. Whereas in the past, they had only one form of denomination – Otatop's Coin – nowadays, they use orbs, one of which is equal to one zeni. For ease, Saiyans carry small chips embedded in their wrists that hold all of their money.


    In centuries past, the Saiyan race spoke exclusively in the Arcosian language, even doing their best to mimic the smooth, rolling tones all Arcosians spoke with. As years went, distaste at having anything to do with the race that enslaved them motivated them to come up with their own language. Vocadoan, as it came to be called, matches the Saiyans' natural aggression with a series of aggressive sounding grunts combined smoothly with melodic hums. Example of the Vocadoan language.


    1. Ishinsa
    2. Pepa
    3. Ruco
    4. Callion
    5. Turrip
    6. Langal

    Colony Information

    1. Ishinsa
    2. Pepa
      • Established 60 years ago
      • A large planet consisting mostly of water with several large islands. Was previously inhabited by a race of mermen and aquangels knowns are Arquinians. They were wiped out by a cadre of Saiyans using their latest wearable gills technology.
      • Average temperature is 55°F
      • Democracy – Pepa is the first Saiyan civilization to utilize this method of government. It was agreed upon by the first settlers in an effort to differentiate it from Vocado and the rest of the colonies, who still run monarchies for the most part. The current chancellor is Boturega, PL 5,500.
      • The capital is, funnily, Angel Island. It's the smallest island, yet the most important, as it is where the massive statue of the Water Goddess Tunsar resides. The Arquinians worshipped Tunsar as their goddess, which the invading Saiyans made light of as they slaughtered them to the point of extinction.
      • Pepa, as well as the other colonies, was chosen due to its similarities to Vocado as far as atmosphere, and planetary rotation and revolution went. Its days and years, as such, are the same as Vocado – 26 hours and 400 days respectively.
      • Over the years, the Saiyans of Pepa have become more mild-mannered than the Saiyans on Vocado. While they still maintain the usual levels of brutality when it comes to fighting, as well as the insatiable love of fighting, they aren't as quick-tempered and volatile toward non-Saiyans. Also, they don't seem to have the level of distaste of half-breeds as the Vocadoan Saiyans do.
      • Average power level is 3,500.
      • The population is 300,502
    3. Ruco
      • Established 45 years ago
      • An intermediately sized planet that has many mountains, valleys, plains, and lakes. Has been likened to a paradise due to its luscious green foliage and pristine water. The skies are clear due to the lack of pollution in the air.
      • Average temperature is 75°F
      • Monarchy – Ruco is ruled by Queen Senerg, PL 6,000
      • The capital is Vespa, which was the name of the man who defied the Saiyans the longest. Of the three that arrived to wipe out the race, only one was left standing, with one dead and the last unconscious. Vespa, the former monarch, managed to defeat the two by himself with his fantastic psychic abilities. The remaining Saiyan only defeated him by, ironically, sneaking up on him and attacking him from his blindside. Out of respect for his uncanny strength, they named the capital city after him.
      • The days and years, respectively, are 24 hours and 366 days long
      • Much like the Saiyans on Pepa, Rucoan Saiyans are much more relaxed and peaceable than Vocadoan Saiyans. They've even gone as far as to allow non-Saiyans to live within the colony, treating them much the same was as they would Saiyans. Many half-breeds live on Ruco, and interbreeding with other races is a common occurrence.
      • Average power level is 4,000
      • Population is 8.5 million
    4. Callion
      • Established 50 years ago
      • Very little in the way of greenery, the vegetation is darker colored, almost black; it's still very edible. The water is red, yet clean. Much of the planet is covered in rocky plains, mountainous regions, plateaus, and mesas that make for excellent training grounds.
      • Average temperature is 70°F
      • Monachy – Callion is ruled by King Pinrit, PL 3,400
      • The capital is Mt. Pinrit, named so for the sake of placating the ego of the vain king who rules over the planet. The only reason the planet itself isn't named after him is because it was named so for the Saiyan who conquered the indigenous race by himself.
      • The days and years, respectively, are 30 hours and 450 days long.
      • Callionian Saiyans are very similar to their Vocadoan counterparts, in that their society is very brutal and difficult to navigate if one is of a low power level. Pride in the Saiyan race is at an all-time high on Callion, and outsiders and half-breeds are not welcome. While outsiders aren't enslaved like on Vocado, they are treated with malice and contempt. Meat-mixers are ridiculed and mocked, and their offspring are often attacked and sometimes killed.
      • Average power level is 1,000
      • Population is 150,000
    5. Turrip
      • Established 10 years ago
      • Much of the planet has been converted to a technological oasis of some form or another. The previous race, the Tuffles, were very adept with science and technology, and their environment reflects that. Futuristic cities pepper the planet, with the rest being covered in lush green forests, and large oceans.
      • Average temperature is 65°F
      • Oligarchy – The only other Saiyan civilization that is governed by something other than a monarchy. The planet is ruled by The Conglomerate – a group of five uncannily intelligent Saiyans who are fully capable of understand and utilizing the technology and notes left behind by the Tuffles. These five are responsible for creating the innovations that were close to breaking through before the Tuffles' extinction, as well as training other Saiyans to maintain the things that are already there. Their average power level is 8,000
      • The capital is The Conglomerate's sprawling tech center, the Focal Point, where all of their experiments, construction, and innovation is contained. The massive area is over seventy miles in diameter, and – even though it is technically only one building – is considered by many to be a city in and of itself. It's large enough that it would take an entire day for a normal person to walk from one end to the other.
      • The days and years, respectively, are 32 hours and 290 days
      • Turripian Saiyans are more intellectual than any other Saiyan civilization. As such, they have left behind the savage, brutal, violent ways of their ancestors, having deemed them low-brow and uncivilized. Instead, they focus on more cultured means of life, that being business ventures and the like. These Saiyans are not as boisterously prideful as other Saiyans, but there is a very noticeable snobbish attitude that permeates their hi-tech cities.
      • The average power level is 6,000.
      • Population is 10,450,500
    6. Langal
      • Established 150 years ago
      • The planet is lush with green vegetation, ample farm lands to grow food, and vast oceans filled with sea life. The sky is vast and open, and filled with edible aerial creatures.
      • Average temperature is 76°F
      • Monarchy – Langal is ruled by Queen Becbaga, former queen of Vocado. Her power level is 7,500
      • The capital is Victory City, the location of the final battle that secured the Saiyans victory over the indigenous race, the Cyntosians. Langal was the Saiyan who struck the final blow, using a hidden knife she had wrapped her tail around to kill the king of the cryomancer race. The planet was named after her, and the capital was named Victory City as commemoration of this great battle.
      • The days and years, respectively, are 24 hours and 365 days
      • Langalian Saiyans have gone through something of an evolution of sorts over the last two decade or so. In the past, they had been complete carbon-copies of their Vocadoan counterparts. Half-breeds were mistreated, outsiders were regarded with mistrust and vitriol, and the weak were treated as slaves. It wasn't until a Saiyan named Baddack rose to power – yet not quite enough to become king – and gained enough clout with then ruler Queen Epa to influence a complete change in thinking. The attitude toward outsiders and half-breeds was softened until both demographics were allowed to live with a semblance of peace. Slavery was abolished and those that had served as slaves were given reparations and trained until they reach a respectable power level. The changes are slow to come, as it requires a complete divorce from the Saiyans' natural psychology.
      • The average power level is 1,500
      • The population is 2,400,000

    UPDATE: As of today, all Saiyan colonies are now a part of the Saiyan Empire, which is ruled by Queen Sarada.
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    Default Saiyan Information II

    Body Language

    Saiyans are not known for displaying outward emotion other than reserved happiness, annoyance, anger, and apathy. Other than these four, they would appear to be emotionless. However, much can be determined by paying attention to their tails, which often reveal the inner feelings. Examples of that body language is as follows:

    • Twitch = annoyance
    • Zig-zag = irritation
    • Curled upward = content
    • Curled downward = anger
    • Subtle wag = amusement
    • Overt wag = excitement
    • Erect = arousal
    • Limp = tired
    • Rolled inwardly (downward) = fear
    • Rolled outward (upward) = threatened
    • Slow wave, bent upward = curious
    • Slow wave, bent downward = sad
    • Clockwise circle = confused
    • Counterclockwise circle = confident
    • Wrapped around leg = in pain

    Saiyans keep their tails wrapped around their waists to not only keep it from harms way – being cut off, pulled on, etc – but also to prevent it from reacting to stimuli.

    Sexuality & Courtship

    Unlike most races, Saiyan females are the ones who initiate courtship. This is because male Saiyans tend to only preoccupy themselves with eating and fighting, while mating is a distant third on their list of priorities. This apathetic attitude toward procreation was cited as a main reason for the Saiyan race to go extinct if it went unchecked long enough. This has caused females to develop a much more aggressive and persistent attitude when it comes to courting a potential life-mate. It's also the origin of the Saiyan race's rather brutal means of securing a life-mate – that being by means of intense combat.

    When it comes to sexuality, females tend to be more active early in life than males. This, again, has to do with males preferring to fight than mate. Saiyans typically become sexually active around thirteen years of age. Mating at this juncture is for pleasure than procreation, and is much more casual than mating is for adults. During teenage years, it's not unheard of for close friends to mate often, usually without there being any complications added to the friendship.

    Homosexual and lesbian relationships are commonplace among teenagers, as these are often understood as no-strings attached relationships that have no bearing on a Saiyan's future life-mate prospects.

    When a Saiyan finds a potential life-mate, they become fiercely overprotective of that person. This is especially true of females, as they often search for the strongest males to mate with. Once they find one, it's not unheard of for them to fight off or even murder any potential rival women who may have their eyes on the same male. While men aren't as jealous as women, they have been known to fight off any rival male who has his eye on their life-mate.

    The above is not found in lesbian relationships, as sharing female bed-mates has no bearing on procreation.

    Courtship has evolved over the years, but still maintains its combat-oriented core. While it varies from planet to planet, Saiyan women will employ any number of methods to seduce and attract male suitors for procreation. The oldest and best way has always been through combat. Since males are more combat-minded than females, women have taken to proving their strength by besting them in any number of fights until the male recognizes them as a suitable mother.

    Other methods have taken on a more sexual approach. Many women on planets such as Ruco, Pepa, and Turrip wear more seductive clothing in hopes of arousing potential life-mates. This clothing, often skimpy and made from unusual fabrics like lace and silk, accentuate the female form – particularly the breasts and buttocks.

    The above method is even gaining some steam on Vocado, with varied amounts of success.

    Saiyans achieve puberty around 11 to 12 years of age for females and males, respectively. Females don't start ovulating until around 18 years. It's not unheard of for females to start searching for potential life-mates as early as 16, even though at this age, it's often subconsciously or instinctual. Saiyans, despite how aggressive females are, don't start procreating until around 30 years of age. As such, it's considered taboo for anyone over the age of 30 to mate with someone under the age of 20, even though the universal age of consent is 16. This also has to do with the fact that younger Saiyans are considered much more immature and have different priorities than older Saiyans.

    Contrary to popular belief -- even among Saiyans themselves -- Saiyans are very much capable of feeling, acknowledging, and displaying love toward one another, be it familial love or romantic love. As far as the latter goes, their displays are much more understated, and isn't realized until a Saiyan has already found and spend time with their life-mate. Love is the reason why Saiyans tend to only procreate with one person until that person's death.


    Over the centuries, Saiyan fashion has evolved as a direct response to their culture. Under Arcosian slavery, they wore plain clothing. The men wore brown or blue pants, while the women wore crudely made brown or black dresses. Everyone wore white boots and white gloves. After their slavery, they added more to their wardrobe, since Nameks were among the first beings to colonize the planet that would become Vocado. It was still simple, but much more colorful.

    It remained this way until Otatop IV. The Nameks returned to their homeworld, as well as the other races who had been taken by Glacier. Once Vocado's guardian, Ceriac, vanished under mysterious circumstances, Otatop completely overhauled the planet's culture from one of peace to one of war. It took a few years, but the Saiyans' natural lust for combat made the transition easier. As such, their fashion shifted to one of war. It was then that the first generation of Saiyan battle armor was developed. It was black on the breastplate with brown pauldrons and tassets. Underneath, they wore either black pants or shorts. They also wore brown vambraces and boots.

    As years ticked by, the materials Saiyan armor was constructed out of improved, as did the method by which it was created.

    Hundreds of years later, with the establishment of the colonies, culture started to shift again. Saiyans on Pepa and Ruco ventured out to other words to observe other races in secret. In addition to realizing that there was in fact plenty of merit in other races, they took notes from their fashion sense. Eventually, this trend found its way to Langal, then Vocado as of the last twenty years.

    Nowadays, fashion differs between men and women. Men mostly where either colored shirts or t-shirts, depending on their station in life – Elite, working class, etc – jeans or slacks, and either army boots, sneakers, or some kind of dress shoe. Younger boys wear t-shirts, shorts or pants, and sneakers or sandals. Color and style depends greatly on the colony, as well as the planet observed.

    Women wear either color shirts, t-shirts, pants, jeans, shorts, or dresses of varying length. Style and color depend on class.

    Today, only the Saiyans on Callion still wear their battle armor at all times, even while at home. Most older Saiyans wear their armor when they travel to other planets, since they only do so to train or fight. Younger Saiyans are more like to visit other worlds to sight-see and fraternize, so they wear more casual clothing.

    Saiyans from Turrip tend to wear more formal clothing, while Saiyans from Ruco and Pepa wear extremely comfortable clothing.
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    The Guardians of Vocado

    The planet Vocado, since its inception 2,000 years ago, has had eighteen people serve as its guardian. This number includes a lone Namekian. Whether that Namekian created a set of dragonballs for the planet or not is unknown. If he did, they were possibly destroyed or perhaps rendered inert with the death of its last guardian.

    The guardians of Vocado are as such:

    1. Flute
      • Flute was one of the hundreds of Namekians enslaved by the Icer Glacier 2,000 years ago. When Vocado freed them, he went along with the other races to the planet that would become named after their liberator. He stayed there for several years until he decided to return to his native Namek with the rest of his people, serving as the planet's guardian in an attempt to help King Vocado rule the planet peacefully. He chose a successor and passed on the mantle of guardian to...
    2. Okora
      • Okora was the second to serve as guardian and the first Saiyan to do so. She and Vocado worked closely to help keep the rambunctious Saiyans in line.
    3. Tercres
      • Tercres was guardian when Vocado's son, Vocado II, took over as King
    4. Okara
    5. Cassa
    6. Teeb
    7. Kassaya
    8. Corgetta
    9. Lemogras
    10. Coriflo
    11. Gorlick
    12. Jinjer
    13. Spargu
    14. Sunchock
    15. Planta
    16. Lotuce
    17. Kail
    18. Ceriac
      • Vocado's final guardian. Famously butted heads with then King Otatop IV over whether or not to turn the Saiyan race toward violent warfare. Disappeared without a trace before he could establish a successor.
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