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    Quote Originally Posted by Monstrous Bird of Qin, Ou Ki View Post
    Jesus Christ, this is becoming a habit of mine. Really gotta stop jumping the gun with these things.

    Okay, so I managed to get the issue sorted out despite the lack of a phone, so... not losing internet. Yay. Turns out their customer service chat actually works in Chrome.

    So, uh... I'm back, lol?
    Welcome back !
    Yeah, but if you... man, we're getting into weird analogy territory, like if you disintegrated Superman's arms he wouldn't be able to go "fool! Little did you know that my arms and I are one and can be remade from me!" and will his arms back into being from pure nothingness. - Pendaran

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    Quote Originally Posted by Cthulhu_of_R'lyeh View Post
    Welcome back !
    Thanks, did I miss anything important during my, like... half-day drop-out?

    Is Jagam dead?
    The poster formerly known as Daiyoukai Ramza.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Monstrous Bird of Qin, Ou Ki View Post
    Thanks, did I miss anything important during my, like... half-day drop-out?

    Is Jagam dead?
    No, but Meagan found Jinzi all Mad-Scientist-y. She snapped him out of it pretty good.
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    After a lengthy delay, here are the results of August's popularity poll:

    1st Place: Sarada/Charco/Zaofan (4 points)

    2nd Place: Ishtar/Ochazuke/Meagan/Jack (3 points)

    3rd Place: Etrina/P-Sta (2 points)

    Sasheem/Totoma (1 point)
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    Toadians and Replitas information 2

    Body Language


    eyes brows down slightly showing fangs and head tilt downwards ( annoyance)

    Rolling on back ( irritation)

    eyes relax and head tilt back ( content)

    eyebrows lower into a scowl , hunch over , teeth showing and hand clutch with tail raise up ( Anger)

    tongue sticking out with head tilt back ( amusement)

    eye brows raise , mouth up showing teeth and tail slightly up ( excitement)

    Tail slightly off the ground and straight out. ( arousal)

    entire body low to the ground with eyes looking up and tail point straight up ( tired)

    laying on back with eyebrows raise ( fear)

    Laying on front with eyebrows lower ( threatened)

    Laying on side with tongue slightly out ( curious)

    laying on back with eyebrows lower ( sad)

    Laying on front with eyebrows raise ( confused)

    Upright with eyes lower into a scowl and teeth slightly showing with tail raise and point straight out ( confident)

    Teeth showing eyes lower into a scowl and tail curl up ( in pain)

    Toadians main body language mostly involves use of their tongue

    tongue slightly out , curl upward (annoyance)

    Tongue out and in a zag zig ( irritation)

    Tongue out and curl downward (content)

    Tongue slightly out and to the side curl downward ( anger)

    moving tongue from side to side ( amusement)

    Tongue fully out and slightly curl upward ( excitement)

    Tongue fully out and slightly curl downward ( arousal)

    Tongue fully out and curl downward ( tired)

    Tongue fully out and roll up ( fear)

    Tongue slightly out and roll up threatened

    Tongue slightly out and point upwards ( curious)

    Tongue slightly out and point downward ( Sad)

    Tongue slightly out and point to the left with a slight hook ( confused)

    Tongue slightly out and point to the right with a slight hook ( confident)

    Tongue slightly out and point upwards with a slight hook ( in pain)

    Sexuality & Courtship


    Replitas by nature are highly aggressive race so Courtship intends to be very rough. doing mating male Replitas and female Replitas are aggressive towards each out. with the female usually biting and clawing at the male. as Oviparous species the females lay eggs.

    Fashion : Replitas are very savage wearing nothing more then lion cloth which makes it really hard to tell the males from the females since they mostly look the same with the expectation of color.



    Toadians have a deep courtship with each other. doing mating it is desire for the female to be as big as possible for the male to get a good enough foot hold. in mating the male Toadian will climb up top the female and the bigger the female the more space the male has to hold on to. while the female supports the male's bodyweight.

    at the same time or with some delay the male Toadian will fertilizes the female Toadian's eggs. once fertilize female Toadians deposit their eggs as clumps into a swamp. mating always takes place in a nearby swamp. when the eggs hatch new born Toadians start out as tadpole .

    after period of growth Toadians will undergo a metamorphosis to enter their second phase. in which they become a frog like creature. the after they the mature into the third phase which is the adult phase. female Toadians can lay up to 20,000 eggs . the most common number is 2000. among Toadians male and female Toadians with 20,000 offspring is consider to be a big family.

    fashion : Toadians wear highly fashionable Toga type clothing and there are three types of this clothing . the first type which is light is used in warm climates, the second type which is heavy and has heat insulation is used in cold climates and the third type which is light and has cold insulation for hot climates .

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    Quote Originally Posted by Monstrous Bird of Qin, Ou Ki View Post
    Thanks, did I miss anything important during my, like... half-day drop-out?

    Is Jagam dead?
    Ereshkigal has disappeared with Nunlil (within the last few weeks), and may have broken the Room of Spirit and Time.
    Yeah, but if you... man, we're getting into weird analogy territory, like if you disintegrated Superman's arms he wouldn't be able to go "fool! Little did you know that my arms and I are one and can be remade from me!" and will his arms back into being from pure nothingness. - Pendaran

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    Name: Chuan

    Race/Species: Human

    Age: 21

    Height/Weight: 5'7"/145 lbs

    Appearance: Post-Workout

    Power Level: 18,000

    Style: Internal Arts


    Afterimage: Chuan uses a burst of speed to leave behind an image even after he's already moved away from the spot.
    Flight: Chuan is capable of flying using his Ki to propel him through the air.
    Ki Reinforcement: By channeling his Ki into objects, he can enhance their toughness and power.
    Ki Sensing: This technique is used to sense the Ki of others.

    Expunging Pulse: Chuan can channel Ki through his own or another's body to clear the Ki channels of impediments and promote healing.
    Phantom Needles: This tricky technique can be used to project needle-like Ki blasts, their concentrated power more suitable for precise attacks instead of mass destruction.
    Pressure Points: The basis of his external skills, he favours precise strikes to vital areas so as to disable people with minimal Ki expenditure.
    Rippling Water Palms: A rudimentary technique that allows Chuan to more efficiently transfer the power of his palm strikes across physical mediums, partially bypassing armour at this level of skill.
    Tracing the Dragon's Tail: With a single touch, Chuan can send a pulse of energy through the target's body, revealing their internal anatomy and their Ki channels to everybody who can sense Ki.
    Vital Sculpting: Chuan can manage the healing process through applying stimuli to various pressure points, allowing the body to focus on specific tissues or even causing it to heal 'wrong'. This latter application can be compared to letting a broken bone heal without setting it properly first, creating a diminished state that is still considered to be 'normal' by the body.

    Capsule: One with a tent, and one to store clothes along with other supplies.
    Needles: 108 acupuncture needles, to be exact. Easily replaceable, if necessary.

    Special: Acrobatics, Acupuncture, Contortionism

    Abandoned at birth, Chuan was an unwanted child left in the care of a travelling circus. Raised by the troupe's doctor, he spent his time learning both internal medicine and his fellow performers' skills when he wasn't busy helping to set up equipment for shows and fetch supplies. While he disliked his duties at first, he eventually began to warm up to his tasks and looked forward to the time he could take part in the performances as well. When he finally got to make his debut, he finally understood the beauty of what they did. Of course, that wasn't to say that he would neglect his adoptive father's teachings. Chuan proved to be a quick study, albeit overly eager to test out his newly acquired knowledge on others. As easygoing and flamboyant as he was, it was hardly a good sign when he came around with needles in hand and a big smile on his face.

    Some would call him a borderline lunatic, while others were bemused by his curious nature. Either way, he was invested in helping people, even if it didn't seem like a very good idea. Of course, his eccentricities eventually landed him in trouble. He was no protector of justice, but he did not appreciate it when people tried to take advantage of his adoptive family. Unfortunately for him, the person he fended off was a rather strong bandit, one who ended up scarred as a result of Chuan's sneak attack. Fearing what would happen if he stayed around the troupe after this incident, he formally cut ties with them for the sake of appearances. While they understood his decision, they were still reluctant to let him go as he set off on his own. Truth be told, while he didn't want to leave, their safety and the possibility of him travelling the world on his own drew him onto this inescapable course. As a final gesture to the troupe, he dared his nemesis to chase him down, drawing the criminal's attention and ire as Chuan embarked on his journey into the unknown.

    Maybe one day, he'd get caught. Maybe. Until that time, he would explore the world to its fullest!
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    Hey Cleric.

    I should have asked this when it was first mentioned ... but would Ishtar be able to tell where Ereshkigal is given they're bound together?

    As a follow up.

    Who is Ishtar bound to. Ereshkigal, or the Angel that's sharing her body ?
    Yeah, but if you... man, we're getting into weird analogy territory, like if you disintegrated Superman's arms he wouldn't be able to go "fool! Little did you know that my arms and I are one and can be remade from me!" and will his arms back into being from pure nothingness. - Pendaran

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    Default Ochazuke: Character Profile

    Name: Ochazuke (お茶漬け)

    Race/Species: Human

    Age: 25 | 27 | 30

    Height/Weight: 6'2"/220 lbs


    Outfit | 2

    Power Level: !

    Style: Crane School Apostate


    Long ago there was a master who groomed five pupils for succession. As each exceeded expectations and brought different parts of the root art to new heights, the master's technique was honoured and elevated by the five. Upon the master's death, however, instead of banding together for the sake of the art, the five turned against each other and quarreled over whose techniques were the strongest and therefore the master's worthiest heir. As the five fingers of the elder master's hand split apart, five schools were establish who continue to fight and scheme against each other. Whether through might or character, saving face called for exhibitions; Cultivated rivalries led to honour duels to the death; subterfuge and underhanded murder conflated vengeance with duty.

    A pupil of Crane Master Chahan, Ochazuke is one of a new generation this blood feud expected to continue this war. The roots of the rivalry between the five schools led him to obsess over the original master, and he became fixated with recovering the mother art's original techniques. To this end he attempted to broker peace and share techniques with Kaibyo, one of the twin mistresses of the Tiger School. Before any real widespread progress could be made in blending the Tiger and Crane styles, Chahan and Ochazuke's fellow students assaulted the Tiger stronghold and all but killed him as they brought his sympathizers in the Tiger faction to ruin.

    Forced into exile by this disgrace with enemies all around, Ochazuke continues to fulfill his quest through refining his technique. His obsession compels him to move from beyond what he believes to be a "gateless barrier" against understanding of the fundamental truths of the world and where a warrior's pursuit of strength will ultimately lead. Though fate may have cast him adrift, he is still nonetheless compelled to fight, for to do nothing in a world gone mad is to live slavishly without meaning.


    1) Headband: A cloth headband with a taijitu and ba gua. He claims it helps him focus his senses.
    2) Capsules: #14: Standard issue capsule. Current contents: None
    3) Capsule (unmarked): Received from Evangeline. Current contents: Capsule House infected with Tech Rot
    4) Capsule (AT1) Received from Alternate Ochazuke. [B]Current contents: None
    5) Arthur's Ring: The magical ring of an alternate reality counterpart of Earth's first Guardian; taken from Glacia's Corpse
    6) Nail's Artifact: Created by Elder Nail of AT5. Conjured from Namekian life force and rendered with Creation Energy into a Dark Sphere created to find the Doctor, it resonates with intention to act as a wayfinder
    8) Dragon Bracers:
    9) Wolf Circlet:
    10) Forger's Hammer: Less a weapon than a worksmith's tool, Caladash Banespell's hammer is enchanted with Darkling Rune Magic and one of Grinthorn's Dragonballs. Acting as a conduit for Creation Energy , it with the potential to react to things of First Magic.

    Bound to its user, it can be summoned from thin air and change shape. Ochazuke typically summons it as a Jo Staff about four feet long or a pair of nunchaku which bear some of the properties of the hammer. To use its full range of abilities it must be returned to its default state.


    1) Mumonkan (無門関 "Gateless Barrier"): The pursuit of Esoteric mystic power - more a philosophical practice made manifest through martial arts - which is Ochazuke's ultimate goal. He seeks to cultivate his senses through martial practice to see the truth of the world and find an individualized path to live on untethered to limitations. This practice manifests in the development of his techniques for Battle Meditation and Senshin Techniques.

    2) Kikojutsu ((気功術 "Energy Control Technique"): The foundational energy practice for a set of Crane School forbidden techniques. Where conventional ki energy techniques draw from a surplus reserve cultivated from martial practice and can be intuitively grasped as an extension of physicality, Kikojutsu draws from a deeper power which governs the conscious will over the body, the fundamental life force that forms consciousness to being and asserts one's ego. Feeding life force into ki energy like a bellows feeding a furnace, and used well it can cultivate great yields that exceed limitations of the mind, body and spirit. However if used hastily or in poor form it may snuff out the user's life. Thus Kikojutsu techniques require preparation time and perfect technique.

    3) Dragon's Endurance - The fundamental quality of the Dragon School, a trained resistance to extreme temperatures [Learned from Samson balon]

    4) Nullification - A specific frequency of ki technique, discovered after his prolonged exposure and analysis of Junjo stunners [Campaign acquisiton]

    5) Shinkeisuji-do (神経筋道 "Way of Nerves and Muscles") With the use of ki control, Ochazuke sheathes his nerves with energy to create an extremely fine point of interception to nullify pressure-point attacks. [Learned from Evangeline]

    6) Genki (元気) The ability to summon, absorb and transfer external sources of living energy. Mastery of this technique requires the utmost skill and clarity of intent to both find the sources of willful intent and to gather it into a focused form. Because the energy is summoned from more than a single will, techniques using Genki are bolstered by the unification of their intent forming a cohesive whole that is greater than the sum of its parts. This grants them increased efficacy where incorporated by the user.

    The energy must be voluntarily and willfully granted to the user of the technique. It is not a vessel for dumping stats.
    Harmonization of intention is absolutely crucial to properly harnessing the energy for use in techniques

    7) Gattai (合体 "Fusion)[/U] A technique to merge two separate warriors into one. When properly fused, the process combines the attributes of its components into a single, composite being that possesses an astounding level of power, far beyond what either fusees would have had individually. Known Fusions: Zaozi

    8) Satori (悟り "Awakening to Knowledge") Ochazuke has acted upon the works of Guardians over the years and has been exposed to the Path of Creation as a result culminating with the blessing of Evangeline. While he does not possess the Spark of Creation inherent to Guardians, his ki can mimic some of its characteristics. The way it augment his various skills is somewhat abstract, less a straightforward empowerment than a realization: Even if there is less than a 1% probability that he might change the outcome set before him, he can create that chance

    9) Heka: The last gift of the Palantine was a fundamental force which each of them alone could not master, but through the guidance and sacrifice of Cleos and later the Lord Forger, observing the memory unlocked something in their minds that is more than strength alone. A mysterious force drawn from will and hope, Heka used with genuinely good and selfless intent causes a magnification of power and focus. The greater the faith one has in another, the stronger their combined actions become.

    10) Kensho (見性 "Comprehension of the Universal Principle")

    "What is the highest technique you hope to acheive?" "To have no technique. When there is an opportunity, I do not hit. It hits all by itself."
    "What are your thoughts when facing an opponent?" "There is no opponent...because the word I does not exist"
    Zxu'ro, the founder and originator of the Ten Schools founded the discipline in and put at its head a symbol. Ten hands among Ten Beasts brought to one in perfect harmony proved adequate to bring order to a chaotic age, but where he had erred, was, ironically, in the codification of each discipline. Aligning technique and understanding so specifically to create a structure was to cage the mightiest beast and make the man it guided forget something much more fundamental.

    Where there is a conflict, there is no separation between the self and others. To understand life and death intertwined in the moment truly is to shed the ego. A resilient soul will fight to survive, but a man who is mindful of what he can do will realize far deeper truths and destroy all barriers before him. In that moment a fighter ceases to be just themselves for this, and all moments are tethered to others. Power for the sake of it is static; the dynamic skill to change the relation and sieze the moment, that to realize the true essence of living. Only by enduring hardship and understanding failure will truly glimpse into enlightenment.

    Personality Notes

    - Ochazuke values the precise execution of intent over a pragmatic ends-justify-the-means approach.
    - In spite of his appearance, his fighting style is based on methodical outfighting and oblique footwork rather than brute force
    - Rigidly blunt and honest, he rarely minces words. He no longer has much respect for ritualized formalities or good graces without merit.
    - He feels compelled to act righteously in the stead of those who have no power, but otherwise remains rather aloof.
    - Though not a complete stranger to city life, he prefers to live on the fringe of society. Therefore his knowledge of technology and current events - outside of the martial arts world - is profoundly stunted.
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    Default Ochazuke: Techniques

    Newest techs in bold

    Ki and Physical Attacks

    1) Dodonpa: (どどん波 "Explosion Beam") The signature of the Crane School, a ki beam fired from the finger. By concentrating force through a narrow point, it sacrifices raw destructive power for concentrated damage. Can be charged to amplify destructive or piercing effects.
    • Ryuka Dodonpa: (龍火どどん波 "Dragon-Fire Dodonpa") A long tongue of white-hot flame with a maximum range of about five meters. A variant form of the Dragon Style technique, it has neither the range and piercing power of the Dodonpa or the fluid quality of the true Dragon's Fire.

    2) Kiai: (気合 "Fighting Spirit") Assertion of ki to apply force over an area of effect. Directed outward from his person or targetted through meditation field.

    • Shuhari ni Kiai (守破離 に 気合 "Mastered Kiai") Some thoughts have a certain sound, that being the equivalent to a form; that intention itself is the fundamental essence of ki. Through manipulating the essential flow of ki within energy and form, Ochazuke is able to disrupt an opponent's defense by targeting the very 'nature' of their energy. Just as a body cannot move with paralyzed nerves, or muscle affirm upon shattered bones, once sighted Ochazuke is able to snuff out intent, neutralize auras and unravel innate or passive abilities inherent to an opponent's nature. (requires at least 1 post to set up)

    3) Senko Setsudan (閃光切断 "Flash Cutter") Ki orb gilded with a razor's edge. The centrifugal force and cutting edge allows it to slide around other attacks rather than clashing to set up its true purpose as a mobile reflector for a Dodonpa

    4) Seisui Tensho (静水転掌 "Flowing-Water Turning Palm") With the redirection of force, the enemy itself becomes Ochazuke's weapon. By using their force against them, he may parry, deflect, or break their structure entirely, depending on the discrepancy in power.

    5) Taikyokuken (太極拳 "Pinnacle fist") An adaptation of the classical Crane technique the Solar Flare or Taiyoken. As the user of a solar flare amplifies and redirects the rays of the sun to an opponent's eyes, using Taikyokuken Ochazuke synchronizes with ambient energy, and with focus amplifies it and takes it under his control. This can be used to various effects, from amplifying and repurposing local energies, or using himself as a focal point for pooling ki to cast later. Provided he has a light source, he may use it as a standard Solar Flare as well.
    • Hoyokusen (鳳翼扇 "Phoenix Wing Fan") Ochazuke can catch and contain an attack, then subsume it and make it his own before returning it. He is also capable of converting and dispersing the energy into other forms, such as concussive force, storing it to use as an enhancement, or shunt it away as a harmless dissipation.

      - Visual aids [1] [2][3]


      - Since Ochazuke is not a magician nor possesses God Ki, while he can exhibit some resistance over more esoteric energies, the effect and his control over them are limited by his understanding of them. If he is not countering a form of ki, the results outside of resistance may be unpredictable. (ie: at present he cannot precisely emulate Freiza's contolled resistance of Hakai).
      - The greater the difference in strength, the faster it burns through his stamina. Ochazuke requires a 1 post cooldown between uses of this ability.

    6)Ishiki Toei (意識投影 "Cognizant Form Projection") Ochazuke's abilities of insight allow for him to analyze a structure for gaps or deficiencies. By tracing an object's residual energy or a missing point of cohesion in a structure, he is able to use ki to make a theoretical reconstruction of what its form might have been based on the information he has available to draw inference from. Through the application of solid partitions of ki, he is able to rebuild or fortifty a structure to assert form where there was none before.

    • The inferred trans-creation is limited by both the medium of ki and Ochazuke's knowledge base. Given he is not a magician or a mechanical engineer, fundamental structures may be emulated, but not their specifically designed functions (ie; he can reconstruct the outer shape of an engine but not the innermost workings and moving components.)
    • The projections are not permanent fixtures, they last only as long as Ochazuke is consciously able to will them
    • The intergrity of the structure cannot exceed Ochazuke's base PL

    Battle Meditation Series

    1) Kyokushin Keihatsu (極真啓発 "Ultimate Truth Awareness") By reaching his ki out, Ochazuke creates a sixth sense, through subtle energy interactions discerning the true nature of his target, from structure, weak points, and energy source connections. Ochazuke uses this projected frield of awareness as a vector to direct his kiai
    • Muhen Seikai Keihatsu (無辺世界啓発 “Boundless Worldly Awareness”) By connecting with the Genius Loci of the planet through the Bear's Strength and combining it with the sensory web of the Woven Path, Ochazuke is able to further enhance his senses on a greatly increased scale. In an area of effect, he is able to apply his field of awareness to gain sublime knowledge of a target, tracing movement, energies, nature and intent. As Kyokushin Keihatsu is a method of meditation manifest as pursuit or inquiry, Muhen Seikai Keihatsu grants him increased receptivity through a medium which provides a greater amount of information. This concentrated field of sense-awareness may also be used as a remote vector for certain ki attacks (Kiai, Saifa Kensaku, Karua no Kaen, Woven Path).

    2) Sanchin (三戦 "Three Conflicts") The foundational stance of the Crane School, Ochazuke bolsters his physical durability through his ki armouring his body by his will, spirit and energy, increasing his resistance to physical harm and amplifying the penetrative power of his strikes.
    • Ju no ken: Kokaku Sanchin (柔の拳: 甲殻三戦 "Gentle Fist: Carapace Sanchin) Applying to the Crane Sanchin qualities of the Snake and Dragon systems, Ochazuke has found a technique that grants him an armour like the Turtle. Through subtle technique he can absorb greater impacts than with armour alone. The deeper level of this technique is established through a state of contact with the enemy, wherein he can feel shifts and weaknesses in structure and energy through a skill of kinetic listening, or "kakie," and in doing so redistribute the force received through his body harmlessly into the environment or return it to the opponent through Seisui Tensho.

    3) Kei'i Ken (形意拳 "Form-Intention Fist") Ochazuke concentrates his sense-awareness directly to himself or an ally to receive or offer a boost in focus, enhancing the efficacy of the next action (+Focus / +Critical Hit %)

    Kenpo Gokui Series (拳法極意 "Inner Secret of Martial Arts) "Combat is craft; what matters most is not raw power but the skill by which you hone it."

    Dedicated practice and refined technique has begun to manifest in Ochazuke beyond what can be explained on a physical level. Skill refines strength, spirit draws skill, and the epitome of the martial practice manifests itself in a manner which can be likened to sublime qualities which persist and possess all of nature.

    1) Kaigan (開眼 "Open Eye") Triggered when Luop's Lamentation of the Grave stripped him of egotism and attachment, under certain conditions where Ochazuke is forced into facing a foe with no alternatives, he enters a heightened state of awareness, wherein his highly-trained intuitions combine with refined deathly instincts, allowing him to strike, evade, act and react with heightened efficacy at the cost of reckless abandon. This is not a state he can access willingly at this time.

    2) Tai Sabaki (体捌き "Body-Movement Skill") To meet the opponent, movement is key, for it is the fundamental means to establish the optimum distance and angle in battle. By combining the theory of the Turtle School Afterimage with the Crane School Multiform, the efficiency of Ochazuke's movements is such that he can appear to be in two places at once. Like a shadow cast from a moving body, the true intent is concealed behind the image. In a melee range he may do one of the following:

    • Irimi (入り身 "Entrance step") As if using a Multiform, Ochazuke performs 2 sequences in 1 turn; either 2 separate attempts or a 1 attempt overlapped and doubled (ie; attack/move or attack/attack)
    • Tenkan(転換, "diverting movement") Like the After Image, Ochazuke moves to an advantageous position when he is struck while using this technique. The damage he receives within a certain range is halved, giving him an opportunity to reposition himself from otherwise debilitating injury.

    3) Ikken Hissatsu (一拳必殺 "One Strike Annihilation") The underlying principle of 2000 years martial history contained in the Tsuru-ryu Soke. **locked**
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    Default Ochazuke: Techs pt 2, Associated Characters and NPCs

    Techniques Part 2

    Kikojutsu Series

    1) Kikoho (氣功砲 "Energy Control Cannon") Using life energy to go beyond the usual threshold of ki blasts, Ochazuke puts everything he has into a blast that, with perfect form, allows him to summon a power far beyond the limits of his power level. (Charge time [3 posts]; Stamina [2 shots])
    • Shin Kikoho **LOCKED**

    2) Danko Sosai Ken (断己相殺拳"Self-Sacrificing Offset Fist) Kikojutsu technique of the body. Ochazuke stakes his life to his limbs and strikes with a concentrated strength. Current limit without accruing immediate damage is a 25% increase beyond the limits of his body (Limitation: req. 1 post after Kei'i-Ken to charge. Application is limited to areas of contact [ex: arm, leg, etc] successful contact results in progressive damage)
    • Zenrei no ken (全霊の拳 "Fist of One's Whole Soul") **LOCKED**

    3) Sekai Jiku: Rasen (世界軸: 螺旋 "Axis mundi: Spiral") - A synthesis of Genki and Kikojutsu technique that relies on the sapient will of living beings. Those who are cast adrift are without power, and unable to direct the course of their lives they become lost. No matter how firm the will, without a clear path even the greatest powers are lost to chaos. It is by providing firm footing, cutting through confusion and providing stillness where the path becomes clear. By utilizing strength of will and the skill bequeathed by his training, Ochazuke is able to tap into the Axis Mundi of a planet, the core of its Genius Loci, the collective consciousness by which a world and its peoples turn.

    This is differs from the Genki Dama such that Rasen specifically requires conscious wills - that is, other sentient beings - to interface with. It is entirely dependent upon those who hear the plea and how they respond. Using this method to direct the manifest intent of a population, the collective body is empowered, silenced voices are raised, and focus is greatly sharpened.

    As a result, by acting as a fixed point to unite the intentions of a planet, Ochazuke can steer the collective living will of a world, gathering it into a singularity of energy to be shaped. It is not necessarily a mere weapon, but a spiritual font to be directed, and by witnessing the will of others, Ochazuke might be able to steady and potentiate their ability to empower themselves, and thereby change the outcome of their fate.

    Visual Aids [1] [2] [3][/QUOTE]

    Senshin Series (先心 "Awakening"):

    1) Shoshin Hiei (初心飛衛 "Flying Defense of the Naive Mind") On guard with a lack of preconception towards an opponent, Ochazuke through his the understanding of ki-based flight, gains an enhanced reactive mobility based on his relationship to his surroundings. Like formless water trickling into cracks, with concentration he is gains an enhanced intuition in his defensive actions.

    2) Zanshin Touki (残心闘氣 "Fighting Spirit of the Aware Mind") A warrior's weakest time is in the remaining moment after the successful execution of a technique, for during overextension there is an opening created. Ochazuke, through the intended point of contact after a strike, can follow his effort with a concentrated burst of kiai at 100% of his power to various effects, from striking the same target twice with one hit to a burst of suppressive force like an iron wind. Effectively the first strike acts as a feint or stop-hit, followed by the fullness of the spirit behind it.

    3) Mushin Nehan (無心涅槃 "Extinguishing Void Mind") The superfluities which burden the mind of the warrior prevents one from moving with proper form. By intercepting his opponent's emotional tenseness, Ochazuke can delay or snuff out the execution of an enemy's technique while amplifying the efficacy of his execution (+ Hit %/ - Opponent's Accuracy %)

    Fudoshin Series (不動心 "Immovable Soul):

    1) Kongosho (金剛掌 "Vajra Palm") After studying the mechanics of Junjo nullification, Ochazuke as discovered a technique to break a foe's technique by desynchronizing their energy from their body. Contact with freeform energy allows him to cut through it, while bodily contact results in a diruption of ki resulting in energy deactivation or a notably reduced efficacy in forming energy techniques.

    2) Saifa Kensaku (砕破羂索 “Severance Noose” ) Ochazuke immobilizes the opponent by using his meditation field as a vector to displace and redirect their energies, and by using their own force against them, he is able to bind an opponent significantly stronger than he is for a limited number of posts (2-5). When used as a restraint, this technique does not harm the opponent, and Ochazuke cannot move or apply any other techniques besides Battle Meditation while using this; if he disperses the energy with Kongosho, he is able to manipulate its course.

    3) Banjakuza (盤石座 "Bedrock Throne") Ochazuke's steady practice to understand the subliminal things of the universe has granted him a skill to maintain his steadfast intent, unmoving upon the course of his pursuits. This allows increased insights to perceive the unseeable and break the unbreakable. Once sighted, an enemy's resistances passive or otherwise are reduced in their efficacy. By concentrated, targeted efforts he may gradually strip them apart and only the truth will remain.

    4) Mafuba (魔封波 "Demon Sealing Wave") **locked** Ochazuke has discovered the principle of nullification may be applied not just to an essence, but to the totality of a being. Reconstructed from the accounts of Kevi the Stalker, rather than sealing an opponents technique (Kongosho) or movement (Saifa kensaku), the Mafuba with tis common root anchored in the use of Life Energy seals an opponent's very spirit and essence. However, while he has the theoretical knowledge of how to perform it, he has not yet discovered the full expression of the technique, and as such, would only use this as a last resort.

    Subquest Acquisitions

    1) Shinkeisuji-do (神経筋道 "Way of Nerves and Muscles") With the use of ki control, Ochazuke sheathes his nerves with energy to create an extremely fine point of interception to nullify pressure-point attacks. [Learned from Evangeline]
    • Kiss of the Dragon: The finest strike of ki to the back of a human’s neck (at a very specific point) can paralyze a foe for seconds to minutes. In that time they cannot breathe easily and can even die from blood buildup. If human, at least. [Learned from Marron Balon]

    2) Karura no Kaen (迦楼羅の火炎 “Flame of Garuda”) [Adaptation of Dragon's Fire/ Dragon's Endurance] Casting his ki in a fiery outward aura about him, Ochazuke burns away outside influences to reduce their effects on his person and surrounding allies. (Elemental resistance, restoration from status effects, enemy debuff) [Learned from Samson Balon]

    3) Legacy of the Master - Yang: The common root of the Five Schools **locked** (3/5 prerequisites; Crane, Turtle, Dragon)

    4) Legacy of the Master - Yin: Qualities of the hidden hand of Zxu'ro**locked** (3/5 prerequisites; Wolf, Spider, Bear)
    • [The Wolf's Prowl: An increase of speed by 3x (5x with Zxu'ro's Circlet) (5 Posts) [Learned from Mara the Wolf]
    • The Woven Path. "This technique allows you to ground your opponents. By feeding ki into the area around you, you can negate flight entirely. The better you are at the technique, the further from your position you can project this field.” [Learned from Tao'ro the Spider]
    • The Bear’s Strength: When activated, they may draw upon the genius loci of any place (the surrounding energy) to enhance their physical strength by 3x (5x with Zxu'Ro's Gauntlets) (this is the companion piece to the Wolf’s Prowl). [Learned from Barlon Bedlam, descendant of the Bear Clan]
    • Genki-dama (元気玉 Spirit Bomb) - By summoning energy from the environs, the user gathers the collective energy into a sphere, carrying upon them the hopes, strength and intentions of a unified spirit. The potency of this technique varies greatly with execution, depending on charge time [5> Posts] the number of beings supporting its use, the strength of the contributers, the sapience of its sources and the amount of energty being voluntarily granted. [Learned from The Scroll of Zxu'ro]

    Associated NPCs

    [Profliles linked here for readers' convenience]

    Crane Grandmaster Chahan [Head of the Crane School, Ochazuke's former Master]
    Aiko Fukuhara [Upcoming heir to the Crane School, Ochazuke's last living student]
    Tiger Master Kenshiko [Former Master Sergeant of the Red Raiders, The last orthodox pracitioner and current Master of the Tiger School, Ochazuke's Kru]
    Tiger Master Kaibyo [The deceased head of the Tiger School, Ochazuke's kru]
    Kamesennin Kuki [The former Master of the Turtle School turned apostate sage, Ochazuke's savior in the Northern wilds]
    Samson Balon [The last Master of the Dragon School, Ochazuke's comrade and martial brother]
    Marron Balon [Dragon Style practitioner, Ochazuke's martial sister]
    Obushi-Sennin [The Legendary Founder of the Five Schools]
    Zxu'ro the Ancient [Grandmaster of the Chimera Style, the master behind the Legend, the Two Hands that created the Ten Schools]
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    Default Ochazuke: Post archive, Soundtrack, Misc

    Notable Posts, Sidestories, Lore (Posted in loose continutity)

    Part 1

    Memories [1] [2] [3] [4]
    Vs Ishtar [End]
    Vs Koorimaru [End]
    Reunion [Ft. Held]
    Disciples of the Dragon
    Trial of the Tortoise Prelude
    The Legacy of Tanchozurujima
    Tiger in the Glass Cage

    Part 2

    Disciples of the Dragon II
    On the Weakness of Humanity
    Fight with the Man with the Crimson Sight (end)
    Wings of the Crane
    Red Wings
    Shattered Soldier

    Part 3
    The G File
    Flashbacks [1] [2]

    - Ochazuke is a Japanese dish made by pouring hot tea over cooked rice; simple in its preparation, versatile in its presentation. Chahan translates to fried rice.
    - Voice: Isaac C Singleton Jr.
    - The image used in his profile is of "Bolo" Yeung Tze
    - Philosophically Ochazuke is perhaps closest to a Shingon Buddhist with elements of Daoism. The Fudoshin Series is named after the diety Acala or Fudo Myoo


    Theme of Ochazuke: Judas Priest - Bloodstone
    Confront the Past: Hokuto no Ken Raoh Gaiden - Face to Face
    "I Cannot Teach You": Killer Instinct 2: Jago (Shakuhachi Remix)
    Mumonkan, the Gateless Barrier to the Truth: Susumu Hirasawa - Earth
    The Weakness of Humanity: Susumu Hirasawa - Fear
    The Hidden Hands of Zxu'ro: Soul Calibur III: Hour of Destiny
    ??? - Don Davis - Neodammerung
    ??? - Ace Combat 5: The Unsung War

    Fighting Style

    U15 Crane style as practiced by Ochazuke's lineage is based on the Goju-Ryu branch of Okinawan Karate. In close-quarters, Ochazuke is a sort of composite Karateka/Judoka kind of fighter with some supplements from the Crane set of Hung Gar. Having used his height and reach advantages against Ishtar and Kami, he tends to stay on the outside before committing. I had him use a stiff-arm like Thomas Hearns to obfuscate Kami's vision before shooting her with a Dodonpa. I have a hard time describing footwork, but I envision him moving kind of like Willie Pep's shuffle-steps on the ground. Stylistically the blend is probably closest to Marvelous Marvin Hagler.

    U15 Tiger Style is based loosely on Muay Boran, or Thai Boxing. Certain principles, such as the kicking method, clinch and kick-checks were incorporated during his training. I envision Kenshiko's style is similar to Sagat Petchyindee and Samart Payakaroon; Kaibyo was likely similar to Saenchai and Jeeja Yanin.

    Indicentally, Muay Thai and Karate have a historied rivalry, most well-documented with Masutatsu Oyama's Kyokushin school.

    The legend of Obushi-sennin and the root art of Five Styles has its origins on the lineage of White Crane Kung Fu in relation to Okinawan Karate, specifically Uechi-ryu and Goju-ryu, and the movie Five Deadly Venoms.

    Other than the Dodonpa which is an incandescent red, Ochazuke does not emit a visible aura during combat. His meditation field is invisible and his ki is unless otherwise stated is contained within his body.
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    Default War of the Five Schools, Obushisennin, Zxu'ro, and other bits of lore

    Obushi-Sennin (大武士仙人 The Great Warrior-Hermit)
    Race/Species: Human

    Age: 108 at time of death, about 2000 years before present.

    Height/Weight: ????
    Appearance: ???
    Power Level: ???
    Style: Muso Munen (Clarity)


    Zenrei no Ken (Fist of One's Whole Soul)
    Shishin no ken (Fist of Four Bodies/Multiform)
    Musou Insatsu (Unconscious Shadow-Kill)
    Mushinken (Fist of the Empty Heart)
    Kenpo Gokui (The Secret of Martial Arts)


    Among the martial artists of earth, there is a legend of a master among masters. His name long since lost to time, it is known that he had groomed five renowned pupils who stood apart from others throughout history. Upon his death, the five fingers of the elder master's fist split apart, and so Five Schools were established who then turned against each other to prove their mettle as the worthiest successor.

    Tiger, Turtle, Snake, Dragon, and Crane. Five Animals quarrelling to imitate the shadow of a man. Their dance paints his image in spilled blood.

    War of the Five Schools (五武道の戦)

    The Martial Arts techniques of the Obushi-Sennin was the stuff of legend. Among the warriors of Earth he was for a time without peer under the heavens. But to possess such knowledge without sharing it would be a waste, and from time to time as circumstance allowed he would take disciples, each of whom asked the Old Master to help them reach a specific goal. To each request, he showed them the way, and they ascended to heights greater than he could imagine..
    From five of his most prodigious students the foundations of five legendary disciplines were created. 2000 years ago, before he could declare any one of the five as his true successor, a great calamity befell the Earth and the Master fought his final battle, turning the tide, though it claimed his life, at the age of 108. Posthumously, the blood-feud of his five greatest students springing from a desire for a final recognition he could no longer give them was his greatest failure.


    Founded by Nomi, the daughter of a general who was a friend of the Obushi-sennin. She sought to learn from him the secret of inner strength. Her philosophy was “one-shot, one-kill” with an emphasis on maneuverability to create the perfect opening to reach that goal.

    Specialty: internal energy works, including the use of life-force (kikojutsu)
    Techniques: Dodonpa, Kikoho, Multiform
    Lineage: Chahan, Toh Magoh, Ochazuke, Zaofan
    Status: Alive; multinational underground organization lead by Chahan, including assassin adepts; in the public sphere under many names a chain of spiritual fitness clinics.
    Toh Magoh's Neo Crane school exists as a seperate organization in parallel.


    Founded by Yoroi, the first Turtle Sage, who sought to learn from the secret of longevity. Eternal patience lead to the development of a keen insight into the spirit of others and a forceful presence. His technique manifest willful intent through strong, direct energy attacks.

    Specialty: Observation, interpersonal knowledge, perseverance, adaptation
    Techniques: Kamehameha, Zanzoken
    Lineage: Master Eskramato, Kamesennin Kuki, the Turtle monks of Kame Island, Sensei Roshi, Kami, Zaofan
    Status: Alive; Lead by Eskramato in a sleek, ultra-modern martial arts school that seeks to bring the spiritual and physical practice into a new age.


    Founded by Seiryuu, the Dragon Abbot. A man with a protective instinct, he wished to learn the way to protect all living things from the wicked. A keen sense of justice was the root to develop a keen sense of timing with the philosophy “act last, strike first.” Inheriting a Fist of Life, he soon became dedicated to, then obsessed with, preserving things that would otherwise disappear from this world, resolving to guard them.

    Specialty: Energy projection for evasion, shielding, and defensive maneuvers
    Techniques: Claws protect the Pearl, Tail swirls the sea
    Lineage: The Dragon Monks, Samson Balon, Marron Balon, Ochazuke, Zaofan.
    Status: Alive; The Order of Dragon Monks was destroyed by Simon Battersea for their prized relic, the Jade Dragon's claw. Samson Balon, his daughter Marron, and his two latest students Ochazuke and Zaofan are currently working to revive the art.


    The first Snake Master was an enigmatic man named Doku who sought to learn the way to end a conflict before it could happen. Trained to strike swiftly and to disappear without a trace, many of his enemies simply disappeared or seemed to die of natural causes with a suspicious timing after crossing him. In his view, by killing one evil man he could spare the lives of thousands. However the rules of honour dictate blood shall be repaid in vengeance, and soon his technique turned to hands of darker, more selfish ambitions.

    Specialty: Poison hands, hidden essence, escapism.
    Techniques: Naga Palm, Yamata no Orochi Fist, Multi-arm.
    Lineage: The Snake Mistress of Coral Canyon, Hebito, Hebiko, Sasheem
    Status: Dead; had a great big falling out with Sasheem in his prime 300 years ago. Their techniques have since fallen into legends and lore.


    The vagabond Bya Kau was a spirited fighter who sought to attain the will to push the body to its threshold and beyond. He became legendary for his endurance and stamina and gained notoriety for his overwhelming ferocity and intuitive Battle Awareness. The Obushi-sennin's last student, he did not get on at all with Lady Nomi. It was their clash of internal and external energy methods that started the first conflicts.

    Specialty: Calculated offense, rugged endurance, mushin (empty mind; martial instinct)
    Techniques: Tiger Smashing Fist, Tiger Splitting Kick, Iron Mirror
    Lineage: Kenshiko, Kaibyo.
    Status: Alive. Kenshiko, the single remaining master, currently trains the Red Raider Corpsmen in a simplified variant.

    The Legend of Zxu'ro

    Quote Originally Posted by Cleric of Hell’s Brigade View Post
    “To all who read this, hear my words: When the crane flies, the tiger strikes. When the turtle crouches, the snake is lost. Above all, the Dragon is summoned, and the time shall come. Find me when the five are one, find me at the place of birth. Find me, and let your belief be cast against my own.”

    —Zxu’ro, Founder of the Five, Grandmaster of the Chimera.
    Quote Originally Posted by Cleric of Hell’s Brigade View Post
    “Once we were ten schools under Master Zxu’ro. But when the master left, to seek higher purpose, he left the ten Grand Master’s in charge. A few years passed and all was well until the Grand Master’s of Snake and Tiger passed on, their successors less willing to follow the old ways and angered at being lesser in the eyes of the other Grand Masters. They plotted, and in a moment of savage deceit, slew the Grand Master’s of Turtle, Crane, and Dragon, setting others of a like mind up as their new masters. With five then, they waged war against the rest of us. We were not prepared for this and were on the defensive. When the dust settled, they were triumphant and we were not.”
    Mara the Wolf

    Specialty: Speed
    Techniques: The Wolf’s Prowl
    Lineage: Unknown

    Tao'Ro the Spider

    Specialty: Technique and mobility binding, Enhanced reactions based on kinetic listening
    Techniques: The Woven Path, the ___
    Lineage: Unknown; Tao'ro is the cousin of Zxu'ro

    Barlon Bedlam, groundskeeper of the Bear's woods

    Specialty: Strength, Endurance, the sharp cuts of katchin-like claws
    Techniques: The Bear's Strength, the Bear's Claws, the Bear's Endurance
    Lineage: Barlon Bedlam, Brutus Bedlam


    Lineage: Evangeline (Speculative)


    Lineage: Simon Battersea (Speculative)
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    Default Supplemental Lore

    Kuki's Quest:

    A Terrapin at Thirty-Thousand Feet (Introduction)

    Beneath the Drowned Shell (Turtle School)

    Between Stilled Stripes (Tiger School)

    Who Fears to Tread Upon the Grass (Snake School)

    The Archive of the World (Dragon School)

    Fathers and Sons (Crane School; to be concluded)

    Ten Hands, Two Fists (Finale)

    [these] [posts] [need] [content]

    Lore Lore Lore
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    Oh yes. While this timeskip may be coming to a close soon - at least as I understood it was the situation before I left - there's still some stuff that Ochazuke must attend to, and I must write out

    Timeskip 1:

    1. Finish that last novella.

    Timeskip 2:

    1. Follow up with Zaofan and Balon
    2. Sow seeds of self-examination, and possibly resultant self-doubt, in Parsley's mind
    3. Something with Ishtar
    4. [Free space]

    Pending the first item on the list being finished, I hope to send Cleric a PM before the greater plot at large progresses. But we shall see.

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