Who reads comics on time anyway right? Welcome to the weekly pile-up!

Last time around the poll was convincingly won by Saga's mammoth 54th issue.

Here's what happened while your intrepid moderator was lazying around instead of making a new thread immediately: Bloodstrike wrapped up its Brutalists arc, Eclipse began a new storyline, as did Scales & Scoundrels, AND Seven to Eternity did too! Whew!

New though:
Leviathan, from the writer of Chew and the artist of Mahattan Projects, this one sounds pretty funny. A dumb schmuck forgot to stock enough beer for his party, so he has to run out to get more. But whoopsadaises whaddyaknowit, his even dumber schmuckier friends spent the time he was gone practicing arcane magic and summoned a giant freaking dragon. Welp. Looks like nobody watched Donnie Darko and learned to NEVER LEAVE A PARTY FOR MORE BEER.

What did y'all read and (dis)like?