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    Default Will the Star Wars comic monthly go into the ESB-ROTJ gap?

    The last year of comics seem to be closing the ANH/ESB gap, with Vader assembling his "Death Squadron" fleet, some of ANH's Rebel command getting killed off, and the Rebel's fleet becoming much stronger due to the Mon Calamari giving full support (Rogue One's Raddis was pretty much his own guy and joined the alliance early as the Vader comic pointed out, the rest of the Mon Cal took some more years). Of course, we're not quite at Hoth yet, but once the comics catch up to that, I'm curious if the comics will cross the ESB/ROTJ gap, and may have already prepared for it in a few ways (apart from the Mon Calamari that is). The Jedha arc in particular noted that the Emperor is continuing to harvest Kyber crystals for something.

    Although some aspects of the gap have been covered in some books/novels, such as the Rebels and the Imperials both trying to disinform each other about the coming confrontation, and the stealing of shuttle Tydirium (The "Moving Target" novel), as well as parts of "Lost Stars". However there's probably still some story material to be mined here and there (Especially since "Shadows of the Empire" is no longer canon); such as Luke's growth from being badly beaten at the end of ESB to become the more confident and driven Jedi of ROTJ; Vader's own conflicting thoughts on his son; the Bothan mission.... Info and opinions on a variety of interests.

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    I hope they keep the Star Wars monthly going too.

    Like you, I hope they get to the actual events of the ESB movie soon, in the comic, then they could do a time shift, and pick up a few days, after all the movie happenings. Luke's story, especially.
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    This still being Marvel, they will almost certainly relaunch with a new#1 and a bazillion incentive covers when they get there.

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