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    Default Why are they no new Iconic characters at Marvel?(or in comics)

    In looking for modern takes on the Superhero genre I came across what isn't a very big secret. They aren't many if any modern heroes that stand on the same level as the best of the past. The modern era in comics hasn't created one character you can say stands on the same level as Superman, Batman, Spiderman, Wonder Woman, Captian America,etc. Iron Man and Wolverine have pushed their way into convo and Deadpool, Black Panther and say Harley Quinn are creeping into the picture . Nothing seems to be close to obvious big ones in comics. Now Manga has some huge stars in Naturo and Goku who have some of the elements but don't have reach as the iconic silver and gold age characters.

    So what do think is the cause of this because classic heroism always sticks around imo stories of Heracles, Robin Hood, King Arthur still stick out. Shouldn't there be modern stories and heroes that resonate in this era like those in past?
    Is the focus on old heroes blocking the new heroes? When they revamp some older characters are we missing out on original characters? Because some revamp are so extreme if they didn't have a similar look you would think they are different characters.

    Or I am missing something and they are heroes that are approaching those iconic guys when they get a little more exposure in this nerd friendly media hero heavy era and they will blow up after older hero crush is over. Who do you think is next hero that could make the leap if they were given the right push?

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