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    Default Storylines/Plot Twists you wish never happened in superhero/action tv and movies

    Ever seen a storyline on your favorite show and went "that shouldn't have been a thing"? Or, have you watched a movie and have a plot twist happen that ruined the whole thing for you? Well, this is the time to speak up about it. Vent your frustrations about things that should never have happened in the first place.

    For me, the storyline that I wish never happened was the stupid infighting on Arrow this past season. It was dumb, it went on for FAR too long, and it made the new recruits look terrible in the end. Even worse, it basically resulted in the main villain of the year, Ricardo Diaz, winning and gettting away while Oliver is sent to jail. Feh.

    As for plot twist that I wish never happened: James Bond and Blofield being related in Spectre. That was just bad.

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    Truthfully to me the answer is simple, Olicity should never have been a thing and truthfully my reasons for said approach have been documented before.
    Truth is the best policy

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