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    Default Grade Dan Abnett's run on Aquaman

    Abnett is finishing his run, and tie in issues included was about 50 issues. Not too shabby, especially these days.

    How would you grade his run?

    Unfortunately for me, I bailed on the series after issue 8, didn't like the feel of the series. I came back once Rath took power in issue #25 and have been with is ever since.

    Loved the Mera mini series, and still really like the main ongoing series.

    Overall from what I read I'd give him a B-
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    Very good overall, even if the Rath arc dragged on for a while. I like that Arthur has a role that suits him more now, that of protector and hero rather than king. I liked how he wrote Mera, and her relationship with Arthur. That art was pretty fantastic throughout the entire run too. I'd give the run a B+.

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