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    Default I need help with comic book tools please

    Hi guys, I allways wanted to create my own comics when small, now I have lot of time. Please, could You help me out with what tools and please try to be very precize of mm etc would I need, I would aswell appreciate if You could let me know about which brands produce top tools and which I should avoid. Kindly please, try and be very specific, maybe You could send a links or so. I will really appreciate it. I dont have graphic tablet yet, so I need all the physsical tools. Kind regards and thank You in advance

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    I mostly work digitally I'm afraid.

    You're going to want pencils and an ink pen. When I work in my sketch book, I use a 0.1mm pen or 0.2 because I like the precision and the way it's easy to make a scratchy aesthetic.


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    If you're going to do the lettering yourself I can recommend Comic Life. One half hour tutorial and you're good to go.

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