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    Default Iji Kataiser vs Cabadath

    crossover fight between my personal favorite Indie games: Chzo Mythos and Iji

    1. Cabadath vs Start of the Game Iji Kataiser(her nanoweapons are just shotgun, resonance detonator, and resonance reflector)
    2. Cabadath vs Fully-upgraded and armed Iji Kataiser

    who will win
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    I wish I knew Cabadath because it pleases me to see an Iji thread. Anyway, Iji at full upgrade is more or less Samus-lite, also potentially with the strength to kick over like... Transformer-sized giant robots (I'd contend Gundam sized though because they're always crouched with their giant guns). She's got huge AoE on her side, a gun that sits around Blaster 3 Divine Buster levels, and the damage soak to take low power shots from a weapon that can punch through planetary shielding and into the planet's crust.

    Resonance Reflector can ALSO reflect low power Phantom Hammer shots, so at the very least, Cabadath needs to be packing something other than energy weapons. Or, you know, something more powerful than Tor's gun.
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