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    Quote Originally Posted by ţh€ €жţяą-๏яďɨɲąя Tycon View Post
    A mind-controlled Kitty takes Nature Girl, Eye Boy, Ink, Scorpion Boy, Ziggy, and Quentin out for another Blackbird trip.
    Quentin is just enough of a pompous asshole for me to like him.
    Cyclops was SO DAMN RIGHT, BABY
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    Quote Originally Posted by HandofPrometheus View Post
    They adding all these characters just to kill them off.

    Bishop looking good
    This is my bet.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Digifiend View Post
    Not a fan of Kid Omega? Do you want giant Tigra or Kate Bishop - who are both currently mind controlled - to stomp him in West Coast Avengers?
    Actually, I don't mind Quentin in small doses. How he interacted with the NXM in Adjectiveless X-Men and WatXM: Alpha/Omega were some of my favorite Quentin moments. But when a student that got two other students killed over immaturity gets better treatment than students that gave their bodies to the cause, it can be offputting.

    Quote Originally Posted by Gambit, King of Thieves View Post
    Quentin is just enough of a pompous asshole for me to like him.
    "pompous asshole/everyone thinks he's either a loser or weirdo" quentin is my favorite.

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