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    Default Retro DCU casting call

    I was rewatching Rear Window and it suddenly struck me that Jimmy Stewart & Grace Kelly would have made a spot-on perfect Jay Garrick & wife Joan.

    We already know that the OG Captain Marvel's likeness was modeled on Fred McMurray and Broome & Kane based Hal Jordan quite explicitly upon young swaggering Paul Newman.

    Which other period appropriate actors do you think should've been cast in hypothetical DC movies from the past?

    I think Gregory Peck would have made a damn fine late '40s/early '50s Clark Kent/Superman, along with Elizabeth Taylor as Wonder Woman circa 1960.

    And Clint Eastwood as Jonah Hex goes without saying

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    When I was a kid in the 70s I thought Robert Conrad should play Hal Jordan.

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    Even tho he was short, Alan Ladd always struck me as a good fit for Alan Scott.

    Joel McCrea seemed a good candidate for Carter Hall Hawkman.

    Leonard Nimoy would have been a great Martian Manhunter.

    Tyrone Power might have been a good fit for Batman

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