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She used to talk a lot, but also do a lot of things and fight too.
She doesn't have an identity? Why? Because she is a good girl and not driven by tragedy in her actions? She has an identity. She is the spirit of truth. The objective view. She chose her own path. She didn't become a hero as the result of a tragic backstory. She is not limited by her past, she lives the present. She isn't pessimist, but she isn't naively optimistic either. She keeps it real. And is here to make a difference and help a new world because that's who she is. Somebody driven by a desire to help and find her own place between 2 worlds that she treasures.
There is certain contradiction in that description, how can Wonder Woman be the spirit of truth and a real person at the same time?

I should mention that I would like to read more stories about Wonder Woman as character. The issues usually center more about her world.

That said, I think Azzarello really focus on her conflicts.