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    I don’t know Grail. How would we explain how one hooks up with a Darksied?
    Grail's mother was, i think, raped by Darkseid. She kept Grail in order to destroy Darkseid. It didn't work that well. Darkseid is, after all. It's explained in Darkseid War. i recommand you read it if you didn't, because a lot of things happening in Darkseid War are the foundation of what we have in rebirth wonder woman. I re-read it sometimes because it is a very good story.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Koriand'r View Post
    I agree, I say bring back Morgan Tracy. Make him Steve's boss at A.R.G.U.S. and a government thorn in Steve's side as well as Diana's. He could later be revealed to be an undercover leader of Kobra as well as secretly a mental illusion of Maxwell Lord. That's my controversial opinion, Maxwell Lord was a great villain for Diana. He just has to drive in a lane not already occupied by Dr. Psycho, who is the resident sexist, rapist, madman the book needs to rail against.
    Im with Kory. Bring back Morgan Tracy, as a slightly sinister Dale Cooper type...maybe, I Ching's son.
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    I swear sometimes I get dyslexia. I read that as "Bring back Tracy Morgan"

    I was confused and interested and appalled all at the same time.
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    I hope one day they gave her back sensational comics. That this one focuses more on other aspects we don’t see
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