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    Default The Director/Script Writter Thing

    I was always wondering why the director is considered to be a movie's heart?
    I can't find the reason, why we always blaming the director every time a movie is a flop since the director is responsible as to how the movie is depicted and how the cast performs while the script writter is responsible as to how the movie unfolds as a story?
    For instance, we saw Zach Snyder taking the blame for some of BvS 's most controversial moments such as the Martha thing. Wasn't the scriptwritter's fault for writing that scene?

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    Film is seen as a visual medium, so the director gets the credit and the blame.
    Thomas Mets

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    The scriptwriter doesn't get much say in the shaping of the script. Lots of scriptwriters have complained that the script they originally handed in to the director made sense, but that the director commanded them to make changes. The director has almost total control of the script, and the scriptwriter has to more or less go along with it. That's how it is in Hollywood.
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    Look for the auteur theory on the web. This was a theory of cinema pioneered by André Bazin in France in the late 1940s and gave rise to other film critics--turned directors--like Francois Truffaut, Jean Luc Godard and Eric Rohmer.

    Bazin suggested that the true author of the film was the director--who worked with everyone else on the set to produce the finished product. It often happens that directors work with the writers to come up with a shooting script. Hitchcock would have long sessions with his writers until they came up with a screenplay he liked. Hitch would then storyboard the movie himself and follow that storyboard exactly for the finished film (so there were no covering shots that a studio could use to re-edit his movie).

    Of course, when other hands can interfere with the finished product, the movie no longer is what the director/auteur set out to create. But the ideal of the director as auteur remains strong. And you can see that in how people get upset when a director's movie is interfered with. Yet there's less uproar when a screenplay is altered (often by the director) to create something very different from what the writer intended.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Mister Mets View Post
    Film is seen as a visual medium, so the director gets the credit and the blame.
    Yeah, and the best script can't overcome a terrible actor, so the idea is the director is responsible for kind of pulling everything together.

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