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    Default Dark Phoenix vs Parallax vs Scarlet Witch vs Dr Manhattan

    Dark Phoenix vs Parallax vs HOM Scarlet Witch vs Dr Manhattan.
    Who wins?

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    Original Hal Jordan Parralax? Before the retcon?

    If so, that one. Destroying and recreating the universe while smacking around the Spectre is a bit above anyone's paygrade. Unless Dr. M has some SERIOUS new feats im unaware of.
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    I seem to recall his being responsible for the Nu52.

    Also, Wanda is about as dangerous as any of them, what with rewriting the universe on such a fundamental level that it created another. "House of M" or what have you. I see her falling first primarily because she needs to speak however, though ... I suppose this is largely a quickdraw regardless ?
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    Doomsday clock has been soo slow... only thing Doc's done is revive/ save The Comedian (off panel)

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    maybe parallax can kill all of them using entropy to destroy them back in time before they get powers.
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    Scarlet Witch is the glass canon here. She got the fire power to do some serious damage and possibly even win, but she lacks the durability to hold up to the others attacks.

    Dr. Manhattan's power from what I've see is far more implied than actually shown.

    Dark Phoenix do we count feats of other Phoenix users as viable to Dark Phoenix? I remember her holding her own against Galactus a few times.

    Parallax is probably the most dangerous one here, but his mental hangups could easily be exploited and I have no idea if he has any real protection against mental attacks.

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    Don't know who wins, but I'm pretty sure the universe loses.

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