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    Depending on type and how many Pokemon you have, a lot of a damage can be dealt. Clever application of different types of attacks, like using fire and ice to make something brittle, could be possible strategy. Using the anime as a guideline isn't recommended as power levels and durability flux depending on the situation and what the plot calls for. For example in the Sinnoh seasons Ash battles his rival Paul a few times, only beating him at the Pokemon League. Even then it's very close with Ash's Infernape, which is very powerful (its main character arc is about getting control of its Blaze ability which increases power) being worn out after defeat Paul's final Pokemon.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Dawn Quixotic View Post
    I'm saying I've seen them blow up big vehicles, and I've not seen them take bullets Superman-style (which I figure is what most people mean when they say bulletproof).

    edit: I mean, if it's happened, great, I didn't want to infer too much without having a specific feat to show.
    There was an episode where a large Onix tanked two bazooka missiles going off in his face without flinching. These looked to be basic explosive missiles. Heck, had he not been looking at Team Rocket, who fired the missiles at his face, he probably would not have even known that he had been attacked save for the noise of the explosions. And these were not special effect missiles that Team Rocket often used in the past, and even in the future. Granted, this Onix was a larger than normal Onix, but the impression I get from the rest of the show is that most Rock-type Pokémon are durable enough to either strongly resist bullets to being outright bulletproof, especially if one of them can no sell being hit by missiles. For example, I don't think it would be a good idea to rely on bullets to take down a Golem or a Tyranitar.

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    Golems in the Pokedex are explicitly said to be dynamite resistant. Miners tend to be quite shocked when the rock they were trying to blow up just gets cranky and kicks their butt.
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