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    Default Who are The Powers of the MU

    The Celestials. Galacatus. The Sky Gods (Odin, Zeus, etc). Mephisto. Thanos. The Beyonder. The Inbetweener. The Living Tribunal. Dormammu. Mentor. Chronos. The Impossible Man.

    The MU has a surplus of ridiculously powerful characters. But where do they rank? If you had to call it, what's the pecking order?

    Not doing this as a poll because there're probably too many I haven't considered.

    Whaddya think?

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    The Classic Beyonder before they retconned him to pieces maybe just be the most powerful character marvel has ever had and if he's not the Living Tribunal is.

    Everyone else is far below them.

    From there, I would say ....

    Galactus is right at the top. He's "brother" to Eternity the living embodyment of the Universe, and Death herself.

    Then the Celestials. As a group they could overwhlem galactus, but he could take any few of them himself.

    Then the Skyfather's (with Odin being top dog of that group)

    and then it gets harder.

    Dormammu and Mephisto should rank about even with Dormammu having more magic skills and Mephisto more raw power.

    Stranger and Inbetweener tend to be very vague powerwise, but neither is a match for Galactus.

    I have no idea about Chronos.

    Mentor should be below Thanos, who really should be low on the cosmic power tier despite what Starlin wants people to think.

    I wouldn't say Impossible Man is stronger than Thanos or but it wouldn't surprise me if he was able to overpower him. He just might not win because he's weird that way.

    Molecule man should also rank pretty high. Still, he's got nearly limitless power, he doesn't have the knowledge or cosmic awareness that the other here do.

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    It's probably best to search at this point, because this topic comes up quite a bit. At the top of the food chain is always going to be TOAA (short for "The One Above All" which is God or the Creator and not to be confused with the Celestial of the same name). Below that, it gets murky. But I suppose that's part of the fun.

    Some say the original, pre-retcon Beyonder is the most powerful, but then you have to stop and consider that the Beyonder hails from a place that he did not create and where apparently now there are several other beings called he may not even be the most powerful representative of the lot, just the most powerful yet depicted in comics.

    The Beyonders are also not the only extra-omniversal beings that exist. There are realms of existence and power structures outside of everything where you have incomprehensibly powerful entities who do not find even a Beyonder-like being a threat. For example, a Beyonder can exist within the omniverse. He/she is not so powerful that merely crossing into the omniverse jeopardizes said omniverse. That's not the case for a handful of really, really, really powerful beings.

    And be prepared to encounter quite a few contradictory and counterintuitive conceptualizations posited as omnipotence. Take the Infinity Stones (originally called soul gems) for example. On the one hand, we're told that they were the fragments of an iteration of an omniverse, i.e., an Eternity like being. Yet we have discovered that even Eternity the All-Encompassing is not omnipotent in the same sense as TOAA, so anyone wielding the Infinity Gauntlet would not be truly omnipotent, either. That the Living Tribunal has domain to determine the functionality and efficacy of the stones further speaks to that fact.

    Anyway, have fun researching this topic. You'll come to find that over time the rankings change. (I'm of the mind that it's pointless to rank them.)
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