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    Quote Originally Posted by Phoenixx9 View Post
    Didn't Thumbelina once fight Wasp and win?
    I would pay to see that fight.

    Quote Originally Posted by CRaymond View Post
    Ever since I thought of a comedy X-Book wherein Thumbelina is the Brain and the rest of the MLF are the Pinkies-meets-Jersey Shore-meets-the-Scooby-Gang, I want to find time to draw again.

    They'd travel throughout the flyover states in an RV called Zero, threatening yokels who don't take them seriously like them turrorists tha X-Men.
    Wow, I want that right. now.

    Quote Originally Posted by 616MarvelYear is LeapYear View Post
    What if the comicbook character Briquette turns out to be the unknown sister of the comicbook character Thumbelina?
    Meh, I think two of the only big gals in the X-Men universe can coexist without being literal sisters. Besties? That, I could see.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Nyssane View Post
    Wow, I want that right. now.
    Yeah, drop the New Mutants in space trash book, and give us Zdarsky's X-Universe version of the Booster and Beetle League. Losers in concept and prestige, but close because they're all they got. Hell the New Mutants cast could be the team of X-Men that run them down and reset them every arc.

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