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    Default Rumblers League (Live Action Edition): TEAM PROFILES THREAD

    This is the thread to post your team profiles in.

    If you have any questions, please ask them in another league thread or DM me - let's try to keep this thread limited to team profile posts (so we can definitely get all 9 on the first page).

    Your teams should be presented in a way that makes it clear which items are assigned to which characters.

    Each character and item needs a little description, letting us all know what said character and item is capable of.

    Where possible, links should be provided to profiles that describe your characters and items in more depth (wikis etc).

    Have fun with it - give your customised characters names if you wish! For example (and it's a terrible one), if you have Spider-Man with He-Man's sword, you can call him "He-Spider" or something (see... terrible - but you get the idea).

    Edit: Oh and please try to limit it to one post per team Thanks.
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    The Cosmic Protection Corps (CPC) are a force of good whose alignment uniformity ensures they're consistently on the same page and fighting for the same cause. With warriors and guardians from all around the cosmos, and with different specialities and power-sets, there's nothing they haven't faced or aren't prepared to face.

    Jean Grey (X-Men Movies - Young) 10
    w/ Absorption of Dark Willow Magic (Buffyverse) 7 & Terrigenesis upgrade, Daisy (MCU) 5

    Jean Grey is a massively powerful mutant, possessing high-level telepathy and telekinesis - she is more powerful than both Professor X and Apocalypse. The full extent of her power enables her to control molecules and energy.
    She possesses the powers of Dark Willow, which include flight, absorbing life and magic from others, teleportation, being impervious to physical damage, healing herself and others instantly, powerful energy blasts, locating people and objects at a distance (even when theoretically protected from such spells), emitting high-pitched shrieks in frequencies harmful to human ears, and exerting powerful levels of telekinesis and telepathic mind control - and it should be noted that this won't inherently make her evil (that was caused by Willow's rage and addiction, and Willow later proved it can be controlled - something a high-level telepath shouldn't have a problem with anyway).
    She also has a Terrigenesis upgrade giving her the powers of Quake, enabling her to manipulate vibrations, which can produce effects such as earthquakes and shockwaves.

    JOHNNY MASK (21)
    Hancock (Hancock) 9
    w/ Mask, The (The Mask Movie) 10 & Wakandan Vibranium Shields (MCU) 2

    John Hancock is part of a race of eternal gods that humans would refer to as "Angels". He possesses massive amounts of super-strength and durability, is super-fast and can fly - and he's immune to toxins and diseases.
    He's wearing the Mask of Loki, which grants its wearer reality-warping abilities akin to those of a cartoon character - essentially allowing them to carry out any action they wish (such as changing their appearance, granting themselves powers, conjuring items from nothing, and recovering from any damage taken very easily). It also brings out the repressed side of a person's personality, so while Hancock had become a lazy, reluctant hero, he will now be absolutely ready for action and more enthusiastic than ever before.
    He'll be wielding the Wakandan Vibranium Shields that Captain America used in the Battle of Wakanda. They're able to absorb and reflect kinetic energy, enabling them to withstand impacts that would break a shield made of any other material. The shields' points are incredibly sharp, making them efficient weapons for stabbing.

    Martian Manhunter (Supergirl TV Series) 9
    w/ Mjolnir (MCU) 9

    J'onn Jonzz, the Martian Manhunter, is a Green Martian who Superman referred to as "the most powerful being on Earth". He possesses super-strength, speed and durability, as well as flight, shapeshifting, telepathy, telekinesis, density control and a regenerative healing factor.
    He will be wielding Mjolnir, Thor's original weapon, which gives him a general power boost (especially heightened strength and durability), the ability to control the weather, as well as powerful lightning-based abilities. J'onn is "worthy" by virtue of the fact that he is a former police officer on his home planet, having discovered his vocation for protecting others. He holds no grudge against the human race who have since tried to kill him, has turned a corrupt company into a force for good, has spent his life on Earth watching over Alex Danvers, and is now a vigilante superhero.

    Hal Jordan (Green Lantern Movie) 9
    w/ Iron Spider Armour (MCU) 7

    Hal Jordan is a fighter pilot and a member of the Green Lantern Corps. He has in his possession (as standard) a Green Lantern Ring, which chose him due to his incredible willpower. With it, he can fly and, most pertinently, create energy-based constructs that are limited only by his imagination.
    He is also wearing the Iron Spider Armour - a nanotechnology-based armour that grants him incredible durability, the ability to survive in space, a neural-reactive interface, an in-built A.I., as well as armoured web-shooters and four Spider-Legs that can materialise as and when needed.

    Doctor Strange (MCU) 8
    w/ Terrigenesis upgrade, Yo-Yo (MCU) 5, Elder Wand (Harry Potter Movies) 5 & One Ring, The (Lord of the Rings Movies) 6

    Doctor Strange is the Sorcerer Supreme and a master of the mystic arts. He can tap into magical forces in order to produce a variety of spells and results, such as cloning himself, holding back the force of a river, traversing dimensions, the Crimson Bands of Cyttorak and the Images of Ikonn.
    He has in his possession (as standard) a Sling Ring that allows him to open portals and the Cloak of Levitation, which enables him to fly and protects him as best it can.
    He also has a Terrigenesis upgrade giving him the powers of Yo-Yo, which enables him to perform tasks at super-speed in very short bursts.
    He now possesses the Elder Wand and the One Ring, which give him a huge magical upgrade, allowing his spells to be more potent than ever before (as a master of the mystic arts, and someone who invokes evil beings on the regular, he should be void of any ill effects the One Ring brings - at least for quite some time). The One Ring also makes him invisible.

    Doctor, The (Whoniverse, Capaldi) 4
    w/ Green Lantern Ring (Green Lantern Movie) 9 & War Machine Armour (MCU) 6

    The Twelfth Doctor is a genius Time Lord. He has in his possession (as standard) a Sonic Screwdriver, which possesses a variety of abilities related to security, medicine, diagnostics, technology, amplification and much more.
    He is also in possession of a Green Lantern Ring - something he is perfectly suited for, by virtue of his incredible willpower (which saw him spend BILLIONS of years punching a tunnel through a mass of material harder than diamond). With it, he can fly and, most pertinently, create energy-based constructs that are limited only by his imagination.
    He's wearing the War Machine Armour - a powered battle-suit that grants him superhuman strength and durability, flight, and various weapons, including repulsors, bomb dispensers, machine guns and missile launchers.
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    Team Hell’s Brigade:

    Magneto (X-Men Movies: Young) 8
    -Lindsey’s Runic Tattoo’s (Angel) 5
    -Invisibility Cloak (Harry Potter) 5
    -Lightsaber (Star Wars) 3

    The younger Master of Magnetism, Eric, on the right path once more, is now invisible to all spectrums thanks to his tattoos and cloak: sight, technological means, psychic (his helmet) and magical. A true stealth operative. He comes equipped with a wicked purple lightsaber to aid him in taking down foes.

    Superman (DCEU) 10
    -USD Eldridge Ship’s Barometer (Warehouse 13) 7
    -Antman’s Suit (MCU) 7

    After his boost in Justice League, Clark feels the need to do more. Thus he not only has Antman’s Suit which can shrink or grow (because at 80ft tall super fast Kryptonian is scary, but somehow less so than an ant sized one that retains its strength) but also a barometer that allows him to stop time for 47 seconds while he remains mobile within the time stop.

    Mary Embrey (Hancock) 9
    - Alien Orchid Transporter Fusion (Star Trek) 9 with Wonder Woman
    Wonder Woman (DCEU) 9
    -Medusa’s Head w/bag (Clash of the Titans remake) 9

    Mary and Diana, two warrior women with boat loads of experience, strength, speed, and durability are now fused into one being by an accidental transporter malfunction. Now boasting the powers of both and their equipment, she also has the head of the gorgon, Medusa, which was shown petrifying humans and Kaiju sized titans alike.

    Paul Atreides (Dune) 3
    Exposure to Crashed Meteor Radiation (My Super Ex Girlfriend) 10

    Paul, Emperor Of Dune, now has massive speed and strength and durability to go with his impressive psychic powers, martial prowess, and keen mind. Imagine the killing word shouted by him now.

    Jesse Quick (Flash) 9
    -Wasp Suit (MCU) 7

    Jesse, super fast and fun, can now shrink down or shrink others down. Oh, and fly and blast.

    Ghost (Game of Thrones) 2
    -Invisible Man Formula (LGX) 2
    -CRISPR - Ralph Edition (Rampage) 6

    Ghost, Jon’s faithful Direwolf, was already pony sized. Now invisible, he was given the CRISPR treatment and is now even bigger. Much, much bigger, and has spikes he can fire out and can glide.
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    Tyrannosaurus Rex (Jurassic Park) 4, Exposure to Radiation (Godzilla) (Godzilla VS King Ghidorah) 10

    Godzilla was born from an irradiated Godzillasaurus. Its only natural that TYRANNO is born from an irradiated Tyrannosaurs Rex. Watch out Godzilla, Rexy the Queen of dinosaurs is now 100 meters tall and coming for that crown.

    Dalek Caan (Whoniverse) 7, 2 Severed Hand, The Doctor's (Whoniverse), Genesis Ark (Whoniverse) 10

    Dalek Caan is here to EXTERMINATE and he is bringing in a prison ship filled with millions of his brethren. He also has the key to opening and activating the prison ship, the hand of his nemesis, the time traveling doctor.

    Professor X (X-Men Movies: Young) 6, Nanogenes (Whoniverse) 7, Yellowjacket Suit (MCU) 7

    Young Prof X bring his considerable telepathic might to my team. With him are nanogenes that heal his body and that includes his spine. So, Prof X can walk! Also helping him not be such a glass cannon is the Yellowjacket Suit. He can shrink, and defend himself with lasers.

    Psi (Supergirl TV Series) 6, Radioactive Spider Bite (Raimi Spider-Man Trilogy) 6

    Psi is a powerful fear-based telepath. She's also a squishy normal human, until she is bitten by a radioactive spider that gives her a stat boost across the board. More importantly though, it gives her a spidey sense, that should help amplify her already potent detection abilities. Supergirl was unable to sneak up on her.

    Hela (MCU) 8, Cloak of Levitation (MCU) 4

    The goddess of death needs very little introduction, just kidding, her introduction to the franchise is spectacular. She gets the cloak of levitation to give her the ability of flight plus the sentient cape can act on its own.

    Quicksilver (X-Men Movies) 8, Captain America's Shield (MCU) 2, Plastic Gun w/ Mutant Cure Darts (X-Men: The Last Stand) 3

    *sweet dreams (are made of this) playing* The incredibly speedy Quicksilver comes in ready to help his team. He has experience pulling everyone's ass out of the fire, literally. He'll be given Captain America's shield to better protect himself. Of course, if needed, getting hit by the Shield going at like mach 1000 or whatever will ruin everyone's day. The plastic gun is there to cleanly and harmlessly depower any mutant opponents Quicksilver may have. Hes not one to bash the real squishy mutants with the shield after all.

    Vision (MCU) 9, Excalibur (King Arthur: Legend of the Sword) 4

    The vibraniumbot with a noble soul and a nifty rock stuck to his head, comes into the game wielding a potent magical weapon. Though not as powerful as Mjolnir, once activated, this weapon gives a speed boost, and what appear to be magical windblasts capable of knocking down brick walls from a distance. It also has a slight effect against dark magic (as its glow is shown putting out some magical fire). Its strength boost is good too, but not really for Vision as he already has strength to spare.

    Thor (MCU) 9, Exposure to Growth Ray (Honey, I Blew Up the Kid) 8

    Thor God of Thunder. Standing at 6'3 he is a force to be reckoned with. Now he is much much taller, and much much more massive. He's been blown up to giant proportions, much like the mom and the kid from honey i blew up the kid. The baby was apparently 120 feet tall, and his giant mom was like twice as tall as the giant baby. Thor should definitely be in the 250 foot range. 75 or so meters, and not that far behind TYRANNO.

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    Wrecker of Days!

    Have You seen my New TIE?:
    Darth Vader (Star Wars) 5
    -- Xilien Mothership w/ Monsters (Godzilla: Final Wars) 10

    A ship hosting some of Godzilla’s most powerful foes, and enough mutagenic energy to morph them into a super beast if it is destroyed. Being flown by someone who has the knowledge of flying big starships and the powers to access the computers to control the monsters, the Dark Lord of the Sith Darth Vader. On the plus side if the ship is breached Darth Vader is much better at close combat than the Xiliens.

    Better Zedd than Dead:
    Lord Zedd (MMPR) 7
    -- Magneto's Psychic Resistant Helmet (X-Men Movies: Young) 5
    -- Sentinel (X-Men: DoFP) 7
    -- Box of Gavrok (Buffyverse) 7
    -- The Trio's Invisibility Ray (Buffyverse) 2

    The self proclaimed “Emperor of Evil”, he is one of the best, and strongest of the Power Rangers’ villains. He’s capable of interstellar projection and teleportation (Complete with Ominous Throne), healing magic, telescopic vision (moon to Earth levels), some ability to instantly know who the Power rangers were even in their normal forms, putty soldiers more powerful that the originals, effortlessly stripping other mages of their powers, shrinking people and sealing them in containers and that was all in his first 5 minutes of screen time. He Depowered and Destroyed even the mighty PowerZords. He’s also famous for making his own monsters out of ordinary stuff, making them grow, and other standard Power Rangers Villain stuff.

    He’s got himself a new helmet to cover up that exposed brain on his head. It is magneto’s helmet capable of stopping even Xavier at close range while he has it on.

    He now has a magic box with “About fifty billion” demon-spiders inside. Each of these was a monster capable of killing people. Of course as an Emperor, Zedd has no need to carry the box himself. He has Puttys to do that for him. It will start the battle near him.

    He also has at his command a Mark 10 Sentinel straight from the Days of Future Past. They have adaptive capabilities, head based lasers, flight and anti-mutant powers. They are made of non magnetic polymers making them immune to Magneto and EMPs. They are also equipped with X-Gene detectors so even shapeshifters couldn’t hide from them.

    Mighty MUTO, Power Rangers!
    MUTO (MonsterVerse) 7
    -- Centipede Serum (MCU) 5

    The MUTO is a giant Bug-like monster, a “Massive Unidentified Terrestrial Organism” to spell out the acronym. The male MUTO can both fly and emit EMP Bursts from his claws. They are similar in size and power to Godzilla, though the male is somewhat smaller due to being not fully mature. They eat radiation and can use echolocation to track things. According to the novelization and earlier screenplay, the EMP is a defensive measure that shuts off Godzilla’s Atomic Breath.

    To make the somewhat more fragile male tougher, we have dosed it up on chemicals make it stronger and more invulnerable.

    Power of the Deadman:
    The Undertaker (WWE) 4
    -- MITRE Headset (Doctor Who) 9

    The Undertaker was basically a undead wrestling God. He has lightning, teleportation, and control over light and Darkness. His mighty DONG could intimidate entire stables of wresters. Then he got a headset that amped his normally impressive Telekinesis to moon-dropping heights. With this newfound strength and his already existing toughness NOTHING will be able to stop the Deadman.

    Post-Urban Commando:
    Shep Ramsey (Suburban Commando) 1
    -- Star Blade (Smallville) 9

    He's the legendary space commando, Ship Ramsey! An intergalactic hero, capable of beating whole ships full of bad guys with nothing but his guns, grenades and attitude. He's so tough he drinks antifreeze to stop freeze rays, pick up an F-1 Racer,, wrecks intergalactic bounty hunters, and fights animal abuse in his spare time.

    All this BEFORE we turned him into a Kryptonain with powers far beyond that of mortal comprehension with the Palak.

    WE Are Venom:
    Venom (Spider-Man 3) 6
    -- Muppet Lab's Copier ala Carte (Muppet Show) 9

    Venom is the symbiotic with all the powers and more than Spider Man. getting knocked through cinderblock walls barely stunned it, It's webbing can hold up taxis and such, Is Immune to the Spider sense, and fast enough to react to the Goblins Glider trying to hit him. Still doesn't like Sonics. Whether Fire is a big deal for this version is unspecified, as the explosion that killed it was pretty crazy even without being fire based.

    Then it accidently got sucked into a weird machine that spews out copies of the effected individual. How many it makes is unknown, but the most we saw on screen at 1 time was 8 on stage, while 8 played in the orchestra, while 2 more were in the balcony. So a minimum of 18 Venoms will be running around trying to wreck havoc. It implied there were even more Beakers running around, but that's how many we saw...

    A Drac that REALLY Sucks:
    Dracula (Dracula Untold) 5
    -- Gem of Amara (Buffyverse) 1
    -- Power-Sucking Athame (Charmed) 6

    Dracula, Vlad the Impaler with all kinds of fun Vampire Powers, nowhas a ring that makes sunlight beam down in a nice non-fatal way, protects him from staking, and even the Holy Power of the Cross (couldn't find that part of the episode on Youtube). Also he has a knife that sucks the powers out of people it stabs. The wiki says "kills", Siriel says "stabs". I couldn't verify either on youtube.

    Not MY Super Ex:
    G-Girl (My Super Ex-Girlfriend) 10
    -- Magneto's Psychic Resistant Helmet (X-Men Movies: Old) 5

    A jealous Super heroine(?) with basically Superman's whole powerset. plus the ability to keep sea life alive in the above water world and people in the upper atmosphere. She threw cars, sharks, her opponents, anything really. And of course to keep her from suffering PC Superman's weaknesses to mind control, I gave her a hat capable of stopping even Xavier at close range while he has it on.
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    The World Shapers
    Brought together by a powerful summons to compete in a Multiversel tournament these people were plucked from their universes out of nowhere. They were chosen for their strong beliefs in that their actions were for the good of the world/universe and they would do anything to achieve their goals. They are each given powerful items to aid them in this battle and their reward for victory is that they can choose to go back at any point in their world's history and shape it to their liking. After meeting their current teamates and coming to an agreement they are focused and ready to beat all who oppose them and receive their prize, the "Shaping".

    The Chosen
    David Haller (Legion)(10): w/Mind Stone (MCU)(8), NZT-48 Pills+Injection (Limitless)(7)
    •The most powerful mutant ever born David Haller aka Legion has immense telepathic/telekinetic powers and reality shaping abilities that for decades was held back by his Shadow King manipulated mind. After his victory over the Shadow King he regained his normal self, and now he has been gifted items that enhance his mental capacities/capabilities/powers to unseen levels.

    First the NZT-48 pills he takes fully open his mind so he can use 100% of its capabilities and gives him extreme intelligence in the process akin to a super computer among many other abilities. With this he is able to understand and apply his own powers to the fullest and more importantly he will be able to master his next major item.

    The Mind Stone contains vast cosmic energy that the Chosen uses to boost his powers/abilities. It is versatile and was used in many ways by different people, for example it opens the users mind to huge amounts of information giving them a major intelligence boost like it did to Hawkeye and Erik Selvig and brings life to robots like Ultron/Vision.

    It's psionic powers allowed Loki to telepathically talk across the Universe at will and even interact physically while doing so. The stone also allowed users to use molecular telekinesis to manipulate matter around them like Vision altering his vibranium armor and going intangible by controlling molecules and it gave Wanda her TK powers.

    Now in the hands of the supremely intelligent David the ultimate psionic power item is with the ultimate psionic person and he is ready to lead his team to the "Shaping".

    The Phoenix Queen
    Jean Grey (X-Men Movies: Old)(10): w/ Curse of Home Dai(Full Regeneration)(The Mummy)(9), Coronet of Rassilon (Whoinverse)(9)
    •Jean Grey has risen again and brings her Phoenix powered Telepathy/Telekinesis with her. To assist her with the "Shaping" she is given items of power that enhance her own extreme abilities to even further heights.

    Her first gift is The Coronet of Rassilon which gave it's non telepathic wielder formidable telepathic powers that easily froze groups of people, mentally dominated a Doctor, and incresed the users willpower to where it took 4 separate Doctors working together to overcome the user. With this power combined with her already overpowering TP she is ready for anyone wanting to test her mentally.

    Next to boost her TK considerably she receives the Curse of Home Dai. This gives the user TK strong enough to lift and throw Deserts and Rivers at targets high in the air and miles away, control over some elements, and regeneration so good it makes them immortal. With these powerful items adding to and complementing her already overwhelming abilities the Phoenix Queen is ready for the "Shaping".

    The Omni-Titan
    Thanos (MCU)(9): w/ Tesseract (MCU)(9), Absorbtion of Gravitonium (MCU)(7)
    • Space Grimmace enters the Rumblers League for the first time ever! The last Titan arrives in his gold armor and empty infinty gauntlet that can take Hulk punches and grabs without denting, and his strength/speed/vastly superior fighting skills that allowed him to beat the Hulk easily. He also has high intelligence and willpower that enables him to wield vast amounts of energy and use them to the fullest, so for this tournament he is given the ability to manipulate 2 fundamental forces of the universe.

    To start off he Absorbs Gravitonium which gives him the power to manipulate Gravity at a high level like guiding/landing huge spaceships in atmosphere and other exotic uses. Seeing as how everything was done by an insane old man the Gravitonium when controlled by Thanos will be used to it's fullest potential. " Hmm, this isn't the power gem but it's a good substitute" is what Thanos thinks to himself, then he turns to receive his second gift.

    As he does a small smile comes to his face as the Tesseract is handed to him and he breaks it open to reveal the Space Stone. He adds it to his gauntlet and feels the rush of power that allows him to teleport anyone anywhere at will, absorb attacks into and then out of portals, and control space like TK as shown when he stopped Lokis blade and pulled the pieces of a broken moon towards the planet Titan. With his new abilities combined with his familiar ones he is more than ready to win and and start the "Shaping".

    The Ultra Adaptron
    Ultron (MCU)(7): w/Motherbox (DCEU)(8), Borg Nanoprobes (TNG)(6), Zetabyte of Internet Data(RW)(1)
    The machine with a dream returns as Ultron makes his way into the tourney bringing his large Vibranium body that can go toe to toe with Thor, his high level technopathy that allows him to take over the Internet and control hundreds of bodies at once, and his Chutari/Stark hybrid weapons with him.

    Ultron himself was always adapting and looking to improve himself so to aid him in this Tourney he is given 3 items of power that go along with his own desires. First he downloads a Zetabyte of Internet Data from our world giving him knowledge of many things helpful to him and his team.

    Next he is infused with Borg Nanoprobes which gives him a self healing factor, the ability to recreate Borg sheilds/weapons, the ability to integrate tech into other tech, and other Trek universe knowledge. As the Borg are highly adaptive and evolve from attacks rapidly his next item adds more adaptive capabilities to his arsenal.

    He next receives the Motherbox a perpetual energy source and world changer that he intergrates into himself with help from his Borg Nanoprobes giving him a huge energy boost to his systems. It also continuously upgrades its user and allows them to change shape and create weaponry from withen, as well as create Boom Tubes for teleportation anywhere they can think of.

    So now Ultrons desire to upgrade is now aided by the Motherboxs ability to continuously upgrade and the Borg's ability to adapt to almost any attack making him fully prepared to win this fight and commence the "Shaping".

    The Shaker of Stars
    Purity (Supergirl)(9): Exposure to Glowing Crystal (Chronicle)(8), Sling Ring (MCU)(3)
    •One third of the World Killers arrives as Purity brings he Kryptonian matching physical abilities, expert fighting skills, empathy sensing/reading, and Sonic/Vibration powers to the tourney.

    To aid her for the fights ahead she was Exposed to a Glowing Crystal giving her high level TK that can throw buses hundreds of feet through the air, create shields, do huge AOE style blasts, and amplify physical abilities many times over. The teens who wielded this power(which was always growing) were complete noobs and had normal human durability limiting the use of power they could exert without bodily harm. Under control of the ultra durable and expert combatent Purity she can exploit this power like never before.

    She is next given a Sling Ring which allows her to open portals to anywhere she can think of with a motion of hands. These can be used offensively and defensively to port people or attacks and can be used well in combat as shown in the fight on Titan. With these upgrades Purity is more than ready to fight for her prize and bring about the "Shaping".
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    The Extraordinaries
    Its members handpicked by a mysterious god who either wants to recruit or redeem or even experiment how certain team members would get along. So they're sent to fight against other teams in various dimensions kind of like Exiles.

    Captain America (MCU):

    Steve Rogers a.k.a. the man out of time-literally so. Fought in World War II but after stopping the Red Skull's plan, he found himself frozen in ice and ended up in the future. He becomes leader of the Avengers stopping all sorts of threats but also ultimately became a fugitive after the Civil War incident but by that point and when Thanos and minions attacked Earth, dude has seen everything. He has a noble and honest spirit, intolerant towards injustice and abuses of power.

    He is equipped with the Crystal Sword. A weapon wielded by the Lords of War, able to absorb souls and magical powers as well as being immune to physical and magical harm-including being immune to other weapons.

    Black Panther (MCU):
    The King of Wakanda himself. After a long incident involving the death of his father and defeating Killmonger, he rules over the technologically advanced nation of Wakanda with respect to his people. He's an honorable fighter but if he must, he'll kill his enemies or at the very least disable them.

    He will be equipped with Radioactive Spider Bite (MCU and really, that should be self explanatory there as to what it can do-even if you haven't watched a Spider-Man movie or read a comic), Wakanda EMP Beads which disable electronics, Wakanda Vibranium Gauntlets being sonic blasters, the Kryptonite Spear which if you've read a Superman comic is self explanatory as to what Kryptonite even is, the Terrigenesis upgrade James in Agents of SHIELD has which involves combustion and the Longclaw, a Valyrian steel sword that was the ancestral weapon of House Mormont for five centuries.

    The most deadliest woman in the galaxy and for a good reason. Once an assassin but then turned to become a member of the Guardians of the Galaxy-especially when rebelling against her adopted father Thanos. Mind you, she has become more caring, empathetic after becoming a hero but that doesn't mean she lost her edge as a warrior. She's still aggressive, ruthless, she earned that title for a reason.

    She will be equipped with the Wakanda Sonic Spear, powerful enough to even demolish a tank, the martial arts download from The Matrix which again self explanatory and the Protection Amulet which is designed to protect the user from magic and the Super Soldier Serum which, come on, have you not been paying attention to Captain America?

    Carrie White (1976 movie):
    She can be shy but the poor girl has reached her breaking point and really, not a good idea to upset a teenage girl with telekinetic powers-especially when after she gets abused by various students and her own mother.

    She'll be equipped with the Atoniek Armband which is designed to enhance the wearer's natural abilities and she also has the Terrigenesis upgrade Lincoln has, being electromagnetism manipulation.

    Sailor Jupiter:
    Sailor Jupiter, the fourth Sailor guardian, she's tough but can have a sensitive side but otherwise, not one to take crap from others to the point of being aggressive to the aggressors.

    She will be equipped with Wakanda Ring Blades.

    She will be equipped with the Wakanda Energy Shield For the sake of argument, let's assume the Wakanda energy shield can be retrofitted to act as his traditional shield like in the comics-just more advanced (plus, I can't find a wiki article about the energy shield surprisingly).

    Kimberly Hart (2017):
    Once the most popular girl in school but now deemed an outcast and instead of a valley girl persona, she's a rebel without a care. Confident, speaks her mind and due to her abilities as a Power Ranger, she has super strength, can leap very high, super durability, superhuman climbing skills, very skilled combatant and driver and even has superhuman swimming abilities.

    She will be equipped with the Gungnir, formed from strong Asgardian metals and fires energy blasts that can even take out several enemies and even sent Thor to Earth. And if push comes to shove, she gets the Lycanthropy Venom which would turn her into a werewolf.

    Jillian Holtzmann:
    The most eccentric inventor of the Ghostbusters but is a sharpshooter and a genius to boot. And the most random given she once pulled out a can of Pringles when seeing a ghost first hand or even smashing a guy's guitar. But you can't deny her genius.

    She will be equipped with the Iron Man Mark L (Nanotech) Armour, the latest in Tony Stark's Iron Man armor which has some of the usuals but more advanced like being able to fly into space really fast and more strength to boot to name a few.

    Supergirl (CW):
    Honestly, at this point, people know who Supergirl is as much as Superman. But long story short, she's the cousin of the Man of Steel himself and defends Central City from dozens of evildoers. She's kind, caring, selfless, intelligent, brave, and has a sense of justice, honor and good morals and really, you get the idea how strong she is and what she can do. You'd have to be living under a rock to not know anything about Superman or Supergirl-even if you haven't seen her show.

    So, maybe she doesn't need equipment or anything.

    Godzilla (MonsterVerse):
    Same deal with Godzilla even if you haven't seen the recent 2014 reboot. He's indestructible, shoots radioactive blasts and fights giant monsters. But there is more to him because he can display levels of higher thoughts and strategy like when he managed to kill a Muto when he was flying towards him with using his tail to knock him into a building at just the right moment. In other words, no equipment for him. Missiles didn't phase him, whatever the Mutos threw at him didn't phase him. Nothing does.
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    Apocalypse (X-Men Movies) 9: Apocalypse is an incredibly powerful mutant with a variety of powers including: High Strength Force Fields, Creation of long range portals, The ability to transfer his essence into other people to take them over and steal their powers, steal knowledge from intelligence networks, Matter manipulation to a fine degree, gifting new abilities to allies as well as enhancing their existing powers, Telekinesis, Telepathy, shielding other people's minds, High level Regenearion, superhuman strength, and Super Durability, He is also a master strategist and manipulator.
    - Ghost Rider Transformation (MCU) 5: A form of demonic posession that grants a variety of powers, granting strength implied to be on par with the Hulk, healing, hellfire manipulation, the ability to enhance objects by touch, he ability to detect dark magic, and interdimensional travel. It can also be passed onto a deceased team mate to revive them.
    Godzilla (Final Wars) 10: One of the more powerful versions of Godzilla.

    Doctor, The (Whoniverse, Tennant) 4: An alien with a vast amount of Knowledge and experience. Familiar with basically all forms of science.
    - Sonic Screwdriver (Whoniverse) 5: An incredibly versatile tool used for making all kinds of modifications.
    - Hulkbuster Armour (MCU) 8: A powerful variation of the Iron Man armor designed to combat the Hulk

    Ares (DCEU) 8: The god of War, who slew all the other Greek gods. It's incredibly intelligence and capable of developing incredibly deadly chemical gas. He was able to wound Steppenwolf and is on par with Wonder Woman and possibly Superman. He is incredibly durable and cannot be killed through conventional means, his death would likely require magic. He posesses a healing factor. He has speed on par with Wonder Woman. He is incredibly skilled in melee combat and warfare, and draws power from violence. He is also able to mentally influence others. Additionally, he has very powerful electro kinesis, stolen from Zeus. He has powerful Telekinesis and matter manipulation as well as thermokinesis. He can fly, teleport over large distances, render himself imperceptible to humans, and cast illusions
    - Kr
    yptonite Gas Grenade (DCEU) 3: A grenade containing kryptonite gas, which temporarily depowers kryptonians

    Electro (The Amazing Spider-Man 2) 7 : Posesses the ability to Generate 10,000 volts of electricity a minute, up to his maximum capacity of 10,000,000 volts. He can fire volts of lightning, propel himself via electromagnetism, detect through electricity, electrocute based on touch, withstand blows from spider-man, cannot be electrocuted, absorb electricity, grow in size, and travel through electrical devices.
    - Stormbreaker (MCU) 9: an axe capable of focusing and enhancing Thor's powers, and presumably the powers of people who wield it. Can also open a bifrost to travel over interplanetary distances.

    Hulk (MCU) 8: an enormously strong brute, who is the alter ego of bruce banner, a brilliant scientist.
    - Dark Elf Singularity Grenade (MCU) 5: A grenade that creates a miniature singularity, which wipes those in it's range from existence. Range is only about 2 feet.

    Voldemort (Harry Potter Movies) 6: A master of the dark arts, capable of a variety of spells including an instant death spell, a torture spell, a mind control spell, and teleportation. He is also a gifted mind reader
    - Radioactive Spider Bite (The Amazing Spider-Man Movies) 5: a bite from a Radioactive Spider that grants strength capable of lifting Cars, Superhuman durability, Super speed, enhanced senses, a passive danger sense, the ability to crawl on walls, and regeneration
    - Lethe's Bramble (Buffyverse) 2: a mystical plant that enhances the power of mind control and memory erasing spells.

    Daphne Millbrook (Heroes) 7: a human capable of moving at incredibly fast speeds, to the point that she can move within a time stop
    - Terrigenesis upgrade, Joey Gutierrez (MCU) 4: Grants the ability to melt metal at will, and shift it into different shapes as well.
    - Kungai Demon's Tak Horn (Buffyverse) 2: The horn of a demon, which drains the life out of any one that it stabs, reducing them to black Ash.

    Josuke Higashikata (Jojo Movie) 3: An intelligent Japanese boy who posesses the Stand Crazy Diamond, which has super strength, super speed, and revert objects to another state in their history, effectively healing them. However, it cannot heal Josuke, or revive the dead, or cure illnesses.
    - Serpentera (MMPR) 10: A powerful mecha, which dwarves the skyscraper sized Red Dragonzord. It is stated to have the ability to destroy planets. It's only weakness is the immense amount of fuel that it uses up.
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    Legion of Doom

    Thinker, The (Flash TV Series) 10
    Exposure to Parallax Energy (Green Lantern Live Action Movie) 4
    The Thinker started as Clifford DeVoe, who after the absorption of Dark Matter energy, had his mind greatly enhanced. He also had the ability to transfer his consciousness to other individiuals empowered by dark matter, absorbing their powers. He ended up in the body of Ralph Dibny, the Elongated Man, so his physical form has the same elascticity. In addition, he has also absorbed the abilities of several other meta-humans, giving him the following powers: Dimensional manipulation via portals, DNA manipulation via touch, effigy animation, energy absorption, gravity manipulation, the ability to generate quantum luck fields, generate psychoactive fluids, size alteration, soud manipulation, technopathy powerful enough to disable all of STAR Labs, and telepathy. His telepathic powers have been further enhanced via exposure to Parallax energy, giving him further enhanced telepathy and telekinesis.

    Doomsday (DCEU) 10
    CRISPR (Lizzy Version) (Rampage) 7
    Gamma Blood Injection (MCU) 7
    Doomsday is a genetic monstrocity created from the dead body of General Zod. He has strength, durability, regeneration, and some level of speed that allows him to contend with Superman, Wonder Woman, and Batman at the same time. He also has the ability to release thermal blasts that can take out whole city blocks. He has been further enhanced by CRISPR, further genetic manipulation that turned a normal crocodile into a small Kaiju sized beast that could tank missles and easily physically handle other similarly sized creatures. On top of this, he has been enhanced by gamma irradiated blood, which gave an enhanced human the physical prowess to match the Hulk. All together, this massive pile of genetic mutation and gamma will be tough to handle.

    Magneto (X-Men Movies: Old) 8
    Heart-Shaped Herb (MCU) 2 (Ingested)
    Dino Morpher of Choice (PR: Dino Thunder) 7 (Red)
    Magneto has the utmost mastery over magnetism, and can exert that power in a variety of ways including blasts, force shields, flight, etc. Beyond this, his physical prowess has been enhanced by the Heart shaped herb, giving him the same physical prowess as the Black Panther. He has also been given the honor of being the Red Dino Ranger, which gives him supersonic speed on top of the physical defenses and weapons of the suit.

    Flash (DCEU) 9
    - La Magra Transformation (Blade) 6
    Wonder Woman's Sword (DCEU) 3
    Wonder Woman's Bracelets (DCEU) 7
    The Flash has access to the speed force, granting him immense speed, enough to tango with Superman. He has also been transformed into La Magra, the blood god, turning him into a vampire without almost all of the weaknesses. Now with enhanced physical abilities and highly effective regeneration, Flash will be a much more effective and ruthless soldier. He has also been given the mystical sword and bracers of Wonder Woman, giving him effective defensive and offensive tools. The bracers can be hit together to create a powerful mystic blast.

    Scarlet Witch (MCU) 8
    Blood of Charmed Ones (Charmed) 7
    Merging w/ First Evil (Buffyverse) 2
    Grimoire, The (Charmed) 5
    Terrigenesis upgrade, Lash (MCU) 4
    Scarlet Witch is a human enhanced by the Mind Stone, who has the ability of neuro-kinetic interfacing, which allows her to manipulate energy and minds. Her pseudo-mystic powers have been upgraded to real ones, with her merging with the First Evil, the mystical embodiment of evil itself. She has also been injected with the Blood of the Charmed Ones, giving her more mystical abilities including telekinesis, astral projection, Molecular freezing and Premonition. She has also been equiped with the Grimoire, an evil tome full of a variety of spells. Her physical form has also been enhanced via Terrigensis, giving her enhanced physical abilities, regeneration, and powerful energy blasts.

    Pestilence (Supergirl TV Series) 9
    Olaf the Troll God's Hammer (Buffy) 5
    Pestilence is an enhanced Kryptonian, physically able to contened with CW Supergirl. She also has the ability to spread a deadly contagion. She also has been equipped with Olaf's hammer, a mystical weapon.
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    The Rulers of Infinity

    The Man Who Would Be Everything - 28
    Absorbing Man (2003 Hulk Movie) 7
    Adamantium Skeleton Infusion (X-Men Movies) 2
    Exposure to Radiation (Ghidorah) (Godzilla vs King Ghidorah) 10
    Hollow Symbiote (Charmed) 9

    The father of the Hulk from the 2003 movie, David Banner technobabbled his way into obtaining the powers of the Absorbing Man, allowing him to merge with anything he comes in contact with and gain its property - in the movie, he demonstrates the ability to absorb metal, lightning, water and the Hulk's radiation-based energy. He suffered from a fatal flaw however, in that the amount of energy he could absorb was limited, and absorbing in excess would cause him to go out of control and explode.

    Enter the Hollow. The Ultimate Power that consumes both good and evil, which possess the ability to absorb any magic that comes into contact with the person it possesses, and grants its possessor the ability to use that same power - note that this is not limited to spells, but also to inborn 'magical' abilities like pyrokinesis. The Hollow's hunger, and its ability to absorb magic, are limitless, being destined to devour everything in the universe and leaving it hollow. With it as a reservoir for the power he absorbs, David's once-weakness is now gone.

    Having been granted two possible paths of absorption in the form of the indestructible metal Adamantium and the mighty radiation that gave birth to Ghidorah and Godzilla, which would greatly include his size and grant him the ability to fly at supersonic speed and fire bolts of energy, David is ready to set out on his quest to satisfy his hunger for power.

    The Ultimate Evil That Transcends Time - 30
    Balthazar Blake (Sorcerer’s Apprentice) 5
    Eye of Agamotto (MCU) 9
    Source of All Evil Symbiote (Charmed) 9
    Vest of the Corsican Brothers (Warehouse 13) 7

    Balthazar Blake's tale is one of tragedy and relentless battle against evil. In his millennia-long battle, he has mastered many forms of magic, including transmutation, trapping people into mirrors, manipulating souls and the mastery of the elements. Yet now, he has found himself bested by that which he sought to oppose, as his body is now host to the powers of the Source of All Evil, which twists his mind and turns him into a ruler of demons and warlocks, possessing greater magical powers than every before.

    Wary of the possibility of defeat and of the great powers that his newfound allies possess, he has bolstered his considerable might with two artifacts. The Vest of the Corsican Brothers, acquired from those who would have made no use of it, adds a certain sense of style to his one disheveled appearance - but more importantly, it turns harm that would be inflicted upon him back upon those who would have dealt it. Mightier still, he bears upon himself the Eye of Agamotto, the necklace that holds the Infinity Stone of Time, and the Source of All Evil is very well acquainted with such magic, having once had under its command the demon Tempus.

    With time and causality themselves under his commands, Balthazar Blake, the sovereign of evil, is ready to take control over the mystical forces of the League and prove his supremacy.

    The Infinite Doom - 27
    Doctor Doom (Fantastic Four Movies) 6
    Aether (MCU) 9
    Infinity Gauntlet (MCU) 1
    Iron Throne (Game of Thrones) 1
    Orb, The (MCU) 8
    Vampirism Infection (Buffyverse) 2

    His last bid for cosmic power did not end well for Victor Von Doom, enraged and furious at his own failure, he has since shed the remainders of his human weaknesses by taking on the mantle of a dread creature of night. Now, his mind is empty of such drivel as love, and thinks only of the glory that awaits him, and thanks to the assistance of a certain man, he has found a way. Gathering allies from across time and dimensions, he sits upon a throne of conquest, and plots his triumph.

    On his hand sits the Infinity Gauntlet, upon which are embedded the stones of Power and Reality, making the world his plaything - and Doom knows such power very wel; - as a genius who even before gaining powers had already mastered anti-gravity, who figured out how to manipulate the Silver Surfer's cosmic board through science, and who showed a strong affinity with that power upon usurping it, there are none who can make better use of its power.

    Sitting upon his dark throne, he plots, and awaits the time of his first conquest.

    The Lightning's Rage - 23
    Livewire (Supergirl TV Series) 7
    Enlarged by Rita Repulsa's Wand (Power Rangers) 8
    Vampirism Infection (League of Extraordinary Gentlemen) 4
    Zeus' Master Bolt (Percy Jackson Movie) 4

    Leslie Willis may seem like an odd addition to such a team, as even her own allies snicker sometimes behind her back at the thought that in another time she gave up her own life for the sake of a superhero - albeit reluctantly and against a common enemy. However, Leslie's nascent god complex has been growing as her power does, fueled by the Master Bolt of the god Zeus, fueling her power without risk of running out. Able to take on the form of lightning itself and having demonstrated the ability to absorb other forms of energy such as Supergirl's heat vision, Livewire is not to be underestimated. Much like David Banner, she has been enlarged to a titanic size, thanks to the magic of the witch Rita Repulsa, granting her increase durability, strength, power, and magnifying her threat level. Finally, she has been infected with a more refined strand of vampirism, an experience of Doom's, which further enhances her physical abilities and powers of transformation, without such pesky weaknesses as sunlight.

    In the League, Livewire has but one objective - to do what she loves, and show her power to the world.

    The God of Speed - 12
    Savitar (Flash TV Series) 10
    Wolfram and Hart Empty Template Sourcebook, One (Buffyverse) 2

    It was Doom who spoke to the Rulers, and gathered them under his banner. It is Doom, who sits and plots, and bears the powers of the Gauntlet. But there was one who was there before Doom, who whispered to him and spoke of power and glory that awaited beyond his own dimension. He is the would-be ruler of the Speedforce, the first speedster, the Fastest Man Alive, the master of the Philosopher's Stone - the Future Flash, Savitar.

    Unlike his allies, Savitar has not yet seen fit to arm himself with artifacts of cosmic power or to transform himself into an inhuman creature. Of course, one could rightfully question if a man of his power has any need for such things. An older, more experienced Barry Allen with the demeanor of a god, he has mastered the Speedforce more than any other speedster, and his battles across time have made him quite knowledgeable in both advanced technology and the occult, as demonstrated by his possession of a highly advanced suit of armor and the Philosopher's Stone. The only artifact that he holds is an unassuming blank book, which can search throughout the entirety of the archives of the Wolf, the Ram and the Hart.

    For now, Savitar waits, content to let the more deluded Rulers take center stage while he takes the role of an adviser - he has already seen where things lead, and he is content to wait for that end.
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    Team Beasts of Burden

    Professor X (X-Men Movies: Old) 8
    Exposure to Comet (Maximum Overdrive) 3
    All Spark, Converted (Transformers Movies) 4
    Puddle Jumper with ATA gene (Stargate Atlantis) 5
    Dalek-Enhanced Thompson Submachine Guns (Whoniverse) 2

    Professor X is an extremely powerful telepath. He is safely inside a puddle jumper which is an Ancient starship, which is capable of cloaking, has powerful seeking missiles called drones, and is capable of traveling at inter stellar speeds. It's varying a sentient allspark which it self can turn electronics to transformers. The puddle Jumper also carries several Dalek enhanced Tommy guns, which are capable of destroying Daleks.

    Surtur (MCU) 7
    Eternal Flame (MCU) 7

    Surtur King of the Fire Giants, is here in his proper form. Now kajui size and powerful enough to destroy Asgard.

    Zoom (Flash TV Series) 9

    Thing Infection, The (John Carpenter's the Thing) 5
    Blue Box w/ All Modern Animal DNA (Animorphs) 3
    Corvus Glaive's Glaive (MCU) 2

    The Flash for Zoom is super fast and has a death touch. In addition he can infect people with the thing, turning them to his side. The Thing also allows him to continue every portion of his body into its own separate entity. The blue box allows him to transform into any animal on Earth.

    Rita Repulsa (Power Rangers) 7
    Leviathan Possession (Supernatural) 7
    Powers of the Devon Coven (Buffyverse) 6

    Rita Repulsa is a powerful mage capable of making her own kajui. She is further amplified by the levithan, which gives her an intellegence boost, regen, extra speed, the ability to possess enimies and powerful jaws. She has additional magic power from the Devon coven.

    Godzilla (Hesei) 10
    Altairan Android Duplicate (Stargate SG-1) 3
    Trinium Plating (Stargate SG1) 4

    Godzilla, everyone's favourite King of the Monsters is a 100
    Metre tall beast. He has his atomic breath, spiral breath, nuclear pulse, and is very strong even for his size. In addition he has Mechagodzilla, an Altairan Android Duplicate, which is reinforced by trinum which itself is over 100 times stronger then steel.

    Jasmine (Buffyverse) 10
    Exposure to Radioactive Sand (Raimi Spider-Man Movies) 5

    Jasmine is a demon who can control anyone who sees or hears her, she is strong and durable, both of them are further enhanced by her sand body. She can now fly, then giant, and is very durable.

    Hiro Nakamura (Heroes) 7
    Silver Samurai (The Wolverine) 4

    Hiro Nakamura is a master of time and space, capable of teleporting, time travel, and a time slow. He is wearing the silver samauri armour which gives him adamanium protection, and a sword capable of cutting through adamanium.
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