I decided to make a new topic about this so that the news thread doesn't keep getting flooded with posts about this subject in case someone wants to read about news instead.

Everyone can use this thread to discuss what kind of candidates they prefer to vote for.

I personally only vote for candidates who support single-payer healthcare and a living wage (i.e. enough money to afford some form of housing and necessities for living). I don't compromise on those issues because I don't feel there should be a debate about whether people should go bankrupt from illnesses they can't control and I don't think anyone who works 40 hours or more should be homeless or hungry no matter what the job is.

I also don't think people who vote for less popular candidates should be blamed for another candidate winning just like I wouldn't blame a cancer researcher for looking for a cure rather than temporary treatments to lessen patients suffering. Some times you have to fight for the ideal and not just short term wins or ultimately what is the point?

Let me know what you guys think about political systems you have to vote in.