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    Default Infinity Warps: Who should be amalgamated?

    I have to say, the idea of the Infinity Warps really attracts me. Instead of killing people, we have people merged into one, which allow them to stay alive. But I have to say, some of the ideas they are preparing for this arc seem a little... Well... Silly. I mean, no offence, but wouldn't be more appropiated to merge similar characters with reasonable similarities, instead of almost just picking any characters and mixing them to see what happen?

    I think the characters they are going to show us in this arc seem awesome, but I believe I could make more suitable WARPS. Let's see:
    + Captain America and the Sentry: From this warp, Marvel would definitely have his perfect version of Superman. Don't you think?
    + Black Widow (Natasha Romanoff) and Spider-Woman (Jessica Drew): Both Spies, both have the name of spiders, both trained by Hydra and SHIELD... Doesn't sound suitable?
    + Captain America and Captain Marvel (Carol Danvers): The ULTIMATE Captain, don't you think?
    + Charles Xavier and Doctor Strange: Combining these two's powers could really gives the real "Sorcerer Supreme".
    + Gwen Stacy and Black Cat: Half police, half thief; don't tell me it doesn't sound interesting.

    There has been even more interesting mash-ups in previous stories, like in "Spider-Dreams", where Spider-Man's losing memory was failing and causing him to combine memories of different persons from his past. For example:
    + Flash Thompson and Harry Osborn.
    + Doctor Octopus and the Tinkerer.
    + Mysterio and Chameleon.
    + Electro and Shocker.
    + Green Goblin and the Jackal: These two were already too similar, to begin with.

    Well, what do you think?

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    Wasp + She Hulk = Green Wasp
    Ms. Marvel (Kamala) + America = Marvelous America
    Power Pack + Fantastic Four = Fantas-Pack Four
    Molly Hayes + Nova = Nova Princess
    Cassie Lang + Kate Bishop = Stingeye
    Moon Knight + Daredevil = Moon Devil
    Nico Minoru + Spider Woman = Jess Minoru

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    Crystal + Nature Girl = Captain Planet

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    Invisible Woman + Storm = The Invisible Storm
    Mr Fantastic + Professor X = Professor Fantastix
    Human Torch + Iceman = The Frozen Torch
    Thing + Colossus = That
    She Hulk + Deadpool = Hulkpool
    Wolverine + Iron Man = Adamantium Man

    Also check out : The Invisible Woman Appreciation thread!

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    Jubilee/Colleen Wing
    Dagger/Iron Fist
    Sentry/US Agent
    Cloak/Misty Knight

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    One thing that I said on the outset of this was that the Spider-man/Moon Knight warp which was lame not only on design but premise as something like this could definitely go bigger.

    One thing that I think would've actually worked as far as Spider-man warps go is the warp of Iron man and Spider-man in a way that feels more true to both characters. Not just an Iron Spider or your Aaron Aikman type but instead focusing on the strengths of both and embellishing them both wholeheartedly. We aren't particularly beholden to modern history it is just a warp of both in some capacity.
    The costume could be like the Alien symbiote costume in function and act as his own webline with the webs actually being part of the armor as extensions. Of course the suit could be malleable and as our hero needs things. It morphs in certain functions like if he needs more weapons it just forms another arm be it spider-like, or an extra human-like appendage as needed. Of course the potential for extra vision modes could be accomplished through growing more lenses for cameras which act as eyes. And given he would be up in the air, the face of the mask could be an oxygen mask like device which may by default resemble a spider mouth.

    Combining the personalities of both Spider-man and Iron man results in something of a jokey but admittedly grim take on both heroes forming something akin to gallows humor. And like Iron man he wont kill except when out of absolute necessity, but given his personality leads many to be wary of him. Combine this with his monstrous appearance among not only the criminal underworld and to the people he regularly saves and you get somebody who we could outright call a menace without knowing any better. It's not a man in a suit or a guy formerly on television, but this is a man with a suit that is almost alive and kind of horrifying to look at as he gets going. For a personality type to contrast, Peter Parker is something of a timid guy in his first years on the town due to him being very young in these "adult" situations he finds himself in and even swore vengeance on bullies just prior to getting his powers. As the hero he becomes more confident in finally being able to express himself in a way that is liberating for him not only out of a genuine want to help people but also come out of his shell and live out a fantasy all young nerds do and ultimately gets lost in it. From Spider to Man it is a noticeable change and a disappointment for him when he has to go back. It wouldn't be right to use his new abilities when he couldn't before and as a teenager he's just not thinking about things other than his wants of being a superhero for his own escapism and conscious.

    As for villains being something the actual one-shot is aiming at I would suggest the villain be a combination of Iron Monger's capitalism by any means necessary persona and the goofy aspects of the Green Goblin. The Marvelous Marigold as I would call it and be used as a pharmaceutical type. Potentially discovering a way to make money off a medicine derived from plants. Except in reverse of Iron monger he gains physical abilities like Norman Osborn. In this case becoming more attuned with nature. Seeing as both Iron man and Spider-man spend a predominance of their time devoted to the alter-ego this is a nice juxtaposition as our villain has become attuned to himself and nature (albeit painfully). Whereas our hero is losing himself overtime to the alter-ego and getting more exaggerated monstrous.

    The conflict itself being resolved by finding the balance among the two as Stark and Parker have never really found that sweet spot that other heroes do due to a sense of responsibility out of legacy.

    I think I put far too much thought into this.
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    • Nightcrawler + Daimon Hellstrom= Brimstone
    • America Chavez + Ms Marvel= American Marvel
    • Jessica Jones + Jessica Drew (Spider-Woman)= Alias
    • Captain Marvel + Rogue= Legacy
    • Misty Knight + Winter Soldier= Winter Knight
    • Molly Hayes + Honey Badger= Talon
    • Moon Girl + Kid Kaiju= Lil' Leviathan
    • Dazzler + Wasp (Janet van Dyne)= Doctor Spectrum
    • Multiple Man + Shang-Chi= Multiple Master

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    Franklin Richards + Kobik = Beyonder

    Honestly, I want to see that just to see how broken they can be together.

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    Someone suggested Daken and Quicksilver for the Weapon Hex(Wanda and Laura) story and it just couldn't make any more sense.

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    Always a fan of amalgam and merge character, my mind drifted to merging the members of my two favorite Marvel teen teams - the Runaways and the New Mutants.

    I tried matching them each up based on at least one part of each of their personality, group role, character traits or powers.
    Unfortunately I couldn't find a final version I was 100% happy with but I found the following merges to be pretty interesting.

    • Xi'an Coy Manh (Karma) + Getrude Yorkes (Arsenic) = Kismet
    Telepathic Mind Control and empathetic link creation

    • Danielle Moonstar (Mirage) + Nico Minoru (Sister Grimm) = Phantasm
    Team Leader, Wields the Bow of One which shoots/casts illusionary spells.

    • Rahne Sinclair (Wolfsbane) + Klara Prast (Rose Red) = Lupine
    Conservative views, Nature powers including plant control and animal transformation.

    • Samuel Guthrie (Cannonball) + Chase Stein (Talkback) = Cannon Fists
    Wields Self propelling Fistigons.

    • Roberto Da Costa (Sunspot) + Victor Mancha(Victorius) = Soltron
    Solar Powered Android Designed for Mass Destruction.

    • Amara Aquilla (Magma) + Karolina Dean (Lucy in the Sky) = Eruption
    Alien with very powerful abilities cause a volcanic eruption of rainbow magma and lava.

    • Douglas Ramsey (Cypher) + Alex Wilder = Abstract
    Genius Intellect, Deciphered the Prides secrets codes and died. Later resurrected with a Powerup.

    • Warlock + Xavin = Xavlok
    Shapeshifting Alien with impressive powers that befriended the team.

    • Illyana Rasputina (Magik) + Molly Hayes (Bruiser)= PRINCESS PORTAL
    Originally the Youngest, probably the most powerful. Extremely strong heavy hitter that can teleport via her own children's fantasy dimension that she rules.

    Missed out on a few potential fun ones like Nico + Illyana, but I'm pretty happy with this team.

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    Black Bolt + Dazzler = Blight Bolt (his own voice would feed his other power)
    Storm + The Human Torch = Janey Storm (she'd create fire whirlwinds and shoot fire from the sky)
    Medusa + Deadpool = Redpool (she'd wield katanas with her hair)
    Jean Grey+ Deadpool = Pool Grey (she'll be like Jean, but won't die as frequently)
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    Don't you think Moon Knight would have been better merged with Daredevil? (That would be Marvel's excellent version of Batman).

    Besides, anyone knows if Moon Knight has any "own villain". All the villains Moon Knight has battled, as far as I know, are enemies from other heroes' rogue gallery: Spider-Man, Daredevil, Punisher... etc. And why to combine the Green Goblin with Werewolf-by-Night? Isn't Werewolf-by-Night a good guy from the Howling Commandos/Monster Legion and other similar teams? Personally, I would have combined the Green Goblin with the Jackal.

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    Batwing + wonderman =Batman!
    Super skrull + Man bull = Superman!

    Hey this is fun!

    OK joking over how about Human Torch and black knight? Torch Knight!
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    Inhumans + X-men = X-humans
    Ahura + Armor = A Bolt
    Inferno + Colossus = Iron
    Predictor + Legion = Omni
    Karnak + Beast = Philosopher

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    Final Force (The Ultimates + The Squadron Supreme)

    Blackhawk (Nighthawk & Black Panther)
    Ms. Power (Power Princess & Captain Marvel)
    Spectral (Dr. Spectrum & Monica Rambeau)
    The Boricua (Whizzer & Miss America Chavez)
    MegaHyperion (Hyperion & Blue Marvel)

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