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  • A core X-Men book as solo writer

    25 25.25%
  • Weekly Uncanny X-Men together with another 2/3 writers

    11 11.11%
  • A satellite X-book

    27 27.27%
  • A solo character X-book

    19 19.19%
  • An out of continuity or disconnected book

    30 30.30%
  • Other

    21 21.21%
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    Quote Originally Posted by DDM View Post
    5 characters like Kitty, Kurt, Rachel, Meggan and Brian?
    Ha! Yeah, I'd be good with that, but it seems doubtful.

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    Claremont had an editorial job from approximately 1998 to 2000, as "editorial director," though I've never been completely clear on what his job was. He appeared to be some kind of consultant working with the staff editors, and he also was assigned to write a memo to Fox explaining who the X-Men were and why they would work as a movie.

    Anyway I believe he was fired from that job when Bob Harras was fired as editor-in-chief, and returned to working for Marvel only as a writer.

    If the X-books benefited from his being in that position it would be hard to see the evidence from here, but that's not to say the problems of the franchise were his fault (at least until he returned to writing it), just that bringing Claremont back was never, and never will be, the magic bullet to fix what's wrong with the books.

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    Maybe Claremont should write a Revanche solo book.

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    Give him a Psylocke ongoing/mini. Hes wanted to return her to her original body for nearly 3 decades. Let him have fun with Betsy.

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