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    Default Rumblers League (Live Action Edition): The Arenas

    Our list of arenas for the upcoming Rumblers League is confirmed:

    1. Reign of Fire London
    2. The Supremacy
    3. Fury Road Wasteland
    4. Starkiller Base
    5. Wakanda
    6. Ego
    7. Star City
    8. Jotunheim
    9. Cybertron
    10. Asgard
    11. Hush Sunnydale
    12. The Matrix Earth
    13. Dune
    14. Westeros
    15. Corasaunt
    16. Planet Kamino
    17. Discworld
    18. Mythbusters Abandoned City

    Each of these arenas needs a profile.

    If you could each make a 1-post profile for the arenas you added, complete with general details of the environment and any standard NPCs who'll be present, that would be great.

    Starting positions for the two teams fighting in said arenas (as well as the distance between them) should also be specified.

    Links would be great.

    If we could limit this thread to profiles, I'd appreciate that. Any questions you have can be DM'd to me or asked in the more general Rumblers League discussion thread we have going.

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