Since well we already have a Nintendo thread , one missing is for the #1 selling company right now and its Sony. The PS4 vs X-Box thread is ok for what it is as Sony buried the X-Box One pretty quick. But the company overall has rode a hot streak since 2013 and continues that roll. A roll so big that this past year they released 2 big single player games "God of War" and "Spider-Man" off the bat.

The success of Spider-Man and God of War has led people to mock EA who have kept insisting that single player driven games are dying and can't survive in a multiplayer world. They even cancelled and closed a studio that was working on a single player story game from a respected creator last year to float this. People are hoping Disney is watching what has happened and yank the license from EA and give it to Sony or another developer since the 2 games that have came out are selling huge right now.

Whether that happens or not , we shall see. But according to sales figures Spider-Man launched better in Japan than God of War did ! So its off to the races already.