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    Default Animal Crossing Switch

    Animal Crossing for Switch has been announced

    The game is coming next year and here is a small tease

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    Hopefully this will be different enough to keep people interested. Always seeing and doing the same stuff every game is repetitive and boring after awhile. The same fossils, bugs, and fish in every game with only a few additions gets boring.

    Don't get me wrong, I do like Animal Crossing but I greatly prefer the DS and 3DS Animal Crossings over the console ones. I was greatly disappointed in City Folk for the wii because after playing Wild World on the DS there really wasn't much difference. A few things were different, but not enough to my liking. Pocket Camp is ok for a phone app, but there's not really much to do and you can't really visit other people in their camp. You can visit the camp and they're just standing there, not actually controlled by the player. I do like that Pocket Camp gets regular updates and things to do, but it still wasn't enough to hold my interest after a couple of months.

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