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    Quote Originally Posted by A Small Talent For War View Post
    That's not a bad argument. The essential benefit that conglomerated capitalist approach has is that it can attract talent and put more resources behind the production of the comics that an individual creator or independent creative team could not. Most of the elements of any profitable character that has maintained success over time from James Bond to Ghost Rider has been the combined contribution of many people and not the original creators.

    I do agree that too often the creator has been leveraged out of deserved compensation by the unfair advantages conglomerates have as far as getting published or getting access to the resources necessary to market the books.
    Ghost Rider is another great example. Friedriech was off the book at issue 4. By issue 20 there were three more writer changes. There were so many weird changes and directions that the Lore never REALLY got nailed down. Zarathos wasn't even given a name till #77. I especially like the years where 'his skin was translucent' and that's why you saw the skull. He also had big googly eyeballs at that time which is just weird to see... That was a character that was truly a product of many many talents. Frankly Howard Mackie should get most of the credit for Ghost Rider since everything about the Spirit of Vengenance, mystic Chains, and Penance stare were all his creation and SOMEHOW... Johnny Blaze usurped everything that made Danny Ketch's GR different and cool. Basic Ghost Rider was all about shooting fire from his hands and burning people. So yeah, who made the modern GR so popular? Who gets the credit?

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    I think the content does and should belong to the creators, the ones who continue to tell the stories and put them out for the fans. The fans are well within their right to complain about bad stories (or good stories, if you just don't like it), and good business sense would be to listen to the fans' concerns, but the fans don't own it. They shouldn't own it, that's on the creators.

    And yes, I agree, creators can (and have) botched characters terribly. But, if they don't have the freedom to create these stories the way they do, they also can't implement character growth. We want to see our favorite characters grow and improve, and that only happens when you can get a couple of creators working on a project vs. the often conflicting opinions of the fans.

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