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    i guess i'm a russian troll too.

    i didn't like this movie. not because of all the negative reviews or theories or anything. i found it lacking on a lot of levels and i probably won't watch it again. i don't hate it. i just didn't think it was very good.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Sacred Knight View Post
    Its just a weird insecurity all-around. From both sides.
    While I'm about to argue that the backlash was genuine and from multiple different viewpoints, regardless of what size we think it was, I think that the insecurity on both sides may have been helped along by possible Russian Troll bots, though probably in a way targeted more towards Rian Johnson and others.

    On the Jedi Council Forums, we spent about a week talking about the article, and a few of us realized that the implication of the article was that the general type of TLJ criticism the evidence seemed to implicate as artificial was the Alt-Right-esque information, and that the TLJ praise that was also perhaps more artificial was the SJW-on-Steroids.

    Why is this important?

    Because more of the stubborn and well thought out complaints about TLJ actually attack the film from the opposite direction: someone like me thinks TLJ was unintentionally but blandly and disappointingly sexist in handling Rey's story and racist in handling Finn, Poe, Rose, and DJ's story. At the same time, most defense of the film is not going to be politically powered by "SJWs", but rather by people who simply liked the way the story unfolded.

    Now, those are generalizations, but it does explain some of the issues people have with the debate. I mean, I started from the standpoint that Finn's story was badly written both in concept and execution, regressing his character and ignoring his development and sacrifices in TFA in exchange for cheap jokes and for raising Kylo up in a bad way. Now, while the basis of my complaint is just a matter of artistic taste, the fact that I think it is moderately racist means that I'm going to bristle whenever someone tries to accuse the critics of racism. On two fronts, I am kind of provoked to respond: the first is that I don't want to be called racist when I'm not, and the second is when I think that subtle and unitentional racism in the film is part of why my favorite character had his injuries downplayed and was sent on busy work while a priveleged white boy fascist was presented as a sympathetic co-protagonist the female heroine contorts around unnaturally.

    And let's face it, there *was* a narrative at the start of the film's release that haters were Alt-Right weirdos and defenders were SJW fanatics. Time has proven that is far from the case, in part because neither TFA nor Black Panther had the backlash of TLJ, even though both arguably offered either juicer targets (Black Panther) or had a signifanct number of fans turn on the sequel for what it did to their new favorite characters (TFA). I mean, stroll onto any Star Wars forum, and you'll find a lot of stubborn defenders and Bashers who do not conform to the earlier narrative; the debate tends to focus much more on arguments about characterization, internal film logic, and conceptual strength for the themes and arcs.

    BUT! While the intial marketing narrative about the Criticsm is probably wrong... I'm more than willing to bet that troll bots might have exacerbated and enhanced the cyber bullying targeting Rian Johsnon, Kelly Marie Tran, etc.
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    Anyone else depressed a story about Star Wars vs "Russian Bots" isn't Luke Skywalker vs Crimson Dynamo?

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    Quote Originally Posted by Jokerz79 View Post
    Anyone else depressed a story about Star Wars vs "Russian Bots" isn't Luke Skywalker vs Crimson Dynamo?
    I don't like mixing franchises just for the sake of it.

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    I'm surprised they didn't blame China. Isn't it there that these movies have bombed repeatedly?

    They were also vocal about disliking the casts.
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