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    Quote Originally Posted by Jabare View Post
    this is really something you should message the mods or administrator about if you're curious. We don't have control over this. If a mod deemed something violated the rules or spirit of the forum that is why it got removed.

    I made a thread analyzing the Batman & Batgirl pairing and how the characters were initially conceived years ago vs now, but that thread got removed right away. I don't know why and probably never will so you've just got to let it go.
    Aha that one was hilarious, but I’m not sure why it got taken down either.
    It's the Dynamic Duo! Batman and Robin!... and Red Robin and Red Hood and Nightwing and Batwoman and Batgirl and Orphan and Spoiler and Bluebird and Lark and Gotham Girl and Talon and Batwing and Huntress and Azreal and Flamebird and Batcow?

    Since when could just anybody do what we trained to do? It makes it all dumb instead of special. Like it doesn't matter anymore.
    -Dick Grayson (Batman Inc.)

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    To be fair, your post seemed like an opportunity for others to trash King. It's trendy to hate on him now.
    Ignore list gets longer.

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    There is a thread on Bendis and that is generating good debate. Not removed. The secret is in the 'wording' of a thread title.

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