I like that it seems that Giellen is definitely connecting a lot of the dots between ANH and ESB. While his Jedha arc was a bit iffy (due in part to Sal's arc looking overly based on photos) the Mon Calamari/trapped rebel fleet stuff was pretty decent. It also kind of explains why the alliance leadership in the films changes-Draven (From Rogue One) Dodonna (The guy who gave the briefing and oversaw the Death Star attack) and Willard (The guy who welcomes Leia to the base)....and also why Luke got promoted to commander (In the old continuity, it was because he lost his former X-wing squadron commander). Leia is also promoted to general, which of course is her rank in the ST but it wasn't quite clear what her rank was in the OT (Since everybody kept referring to her as "Princess").

I'm wondering now if he plans to tackle other events-perhaps, for instance, we'll see the bounty hunter on Ord Mantell and the establishment of Echo Base.