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    Default Five Runs/Stories/Series You Would Take If Stranded On An Island

    If you were somehow stranded on an island and had five runs from any series what would they be? They donít all have to be DC.


    5- Daredevil Born Again by Frank Miller

    4- Amazing Spider-Man: Renew Your Vows miniseries by Dan Slott

    3- The Wally West Flash run by Waid, Millar, Morrison, and Johns

    2- JSA by Johns, Goyer , and Robinson

    1- Starman by James Robinson
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    5. Chuck Dixon's Nightwing
    4. Frank Miller's Daredevil
    3. JRJR/Stern's Amazing Spider-Man
    2. Frenz/Defalco's Amazing Spider-Man
    1. Bendis' Ultimate Spider-Man (Peter Parker)

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    Identity Crisis
    The Flash Rebirth
    The Lightning Saga
    Judd Winick's Outsiders
    Joe Kelly's JLA
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    DC: Justice League, The Flash, Justice League Dark, Superman, Action Comics, Green Arrow, Justice League Odyssey, The Terrifics, Teen Titans, Titans, Brimstone, Female Furies, Damage, Heroes In Crisis

    Marvel: The Punisher, Cosmic Ghost Rider, Venom, X-23, Cloak and Dagger, Jessica Jones, Sentry

    Indies: Unnatural, Jeepers Creepers, Project Superpowers, Black Hammer, Ninja-K

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    I'm assuming DC titles.
    Normally, I'd just say the Flash:
    Baron run
    Messner-Loebs run
    Waid run
    Millar run
    Johns run

    BUT to try something different, let's say:

    Mark Waid's Flash run
    Ron Marz' Green Lantern run
    Chuck Dixon's Nightwing run
    Garth Ennis' Hitman run
    Gail Simone's Secret Six in a tie with Beau Smith's Guy Gardner run
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    Just five?

    The entire Jurgens era of Superman
    The Morrison era JLA
    The Knightfall saga
    Claremont’s X-Men run
    Marz Green Lantern

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    5. L.E.G.I.O.N. '89 - '93 - Keith Giffen/Alan Grant/Barry Kitson
    4. New Teen Titans - Marv Wolfman/George Perez
    3. Legion of Super Heroes - Paul Levitz/Keith Giffen
    2. Justice League International/America/Europe - Giffen/JM DeMatteis/Kevin Maguire/Adam Hughes/Bart Sears
    1. Justice League of America - Steve Englehart/Dick Dillin

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