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    three separate creative teams working on the ongoing Wonder Woman series. Not all were aware of each other. Oh and no one seems to be sure which order their stories will be running

    Great Hera!

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    Over from the G Willow Wilson thread:

    Quote Originally Posted by kjn View Post
    That Bleedingcool article sounds just like rumours, and there is a paragraph that just ends in thin air. There are also statements that I can't understand (what does he mean with "the interlinking that Rebirth began with"). Besides, both Orlando's and Tynion's short runs were well-received, so the "disquiet over quality" must have been over Robinson's run.

    To me, it reads more like a game of telephone based on overheard bar conversations.
    Now, if "three creative teams" are to imply the previous Orlando-led team, the current Tynion-led team, and the incoming Wilson-led team, then it makes a little more sense, but it's more rapid turnover, not the total managerial disaster that the article seems to imply.
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