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    Quote Originally Posted by Koriand'r View Post
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    Marvel's Ares wears minimal armor and leather pants, the only real nod to antiquity are his weapons and helmet. He looks modern and cool and sexy.

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    Though he may have stepped off an 80's heavy metal album cover the most recent depiction by Liam Sharp is cool too. Notice all the details like the skull profile on the bottom of the helmet's face guard, the ram's horns, the glowing red eyes, the interlocking metal plating on the boots with all the scroll work. Then look at the image from the solicits, that Ares is suffering from an identity crisis. The armor is basic ancient Greek warrior and Wonder Woman's golden eagle on his chest makes him appear severely nonthreatening. Where's the smoke, fire and special effects of Perez's Ares and the Vader like air of mystery and menace?

    How did I forget Sharp's awesome redesign of Ares? Why aren't they sticking with it? That's the creepiest Ares has ever looked.
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    Quote Originally Posted by SiegePerilous02 View Post
    I think it's the latter. Earlier solicits indicate that Ares being free has devastating consequences for Themyscira.
    Well if this whole arc is one elaborate effort to bring back the island and the Amazons then im all for it.

    Quote Originally Posted by SiegePerilous02 View Post
    The solicits mention him as being a "young God," which is weird. Are we seeing only one aspect of Ares, and the worst possible version he could turn into resembles the Perez and Sharp designs?
    This makes me curious if were going to see Grail be retconned the power to turn gods into babehs. Specifically gods and only into babehs. Would be interesting if what we end up with is essentially a reincarnation of Ares who could go either way.

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