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    And looking at my pull list there’s also the following titles coming out monthly:

    Spider-Man (Abrams)
    Spider-Man Noir
    Daily Bugle

    So why do we need more satellite books?

    - Jason G. Carr

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    Quote Originally Posted by JGC View Post
    My preferred monthly schedule would be:

    1st week: ASM
    2nd week: Venom
    3rd week: ASM
    4th week: Spider-Man Mini-Series (a.k.a. Symbiote Spider-Man)

    That is a solid monthly schedule of Spidey lore. Plus, there’s the other character books (which I don’t read) to get more Spidey universe stories so there’s no need for satellite titles.

    Amazing Mary Jane
    Black Cat
    Miles Morales: Spider-Man
    Ghost Spider
    Interesting point on minis as an alternative. They do offer something different from Amazing Spider-Man, but don't have the competing subplots problem.

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