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    Quote Originally Posted by Hiromi View Post
    The Lakers still have 30 million in cap space, you can assume they'll be an attractive destination for at least one of the big name FAs this year
    Sports Illustrated has an article that says they are targeting Kemba Walker as their top FA desire now.
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    Quote Originally Posted by WestPhillyPunisher View Post
    The Lackers gutted the roster and mortgaged their future for Davis, and there's ZERO guarantee the trade will reap rewards. At best, L.A. is no better than fourth or fifth in the West, and it'll still be a Herculean task to even make the playoffs, never mind go far once they get there.
    Totally agree. Let the collective national sports media reach climax together, though.
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    Quote Originally Posted by PwrdOn View Post
    They're guaranteed a deep playoff run as long as LeBron and AD can gel decently well and don't end up in an overblown struggle for alpha dog status, but this being the Lakers, what are the chances of that NOT happening? Also, the way the media portrays LeBron's constant search for "help" can't possibly sit well with the role players who are basically talked about as if they don't exist, even though every successful team has relied on guys who can come off the bench and provide shooting, defense, energy, or whatever. And who is going to step up and provide veteran leadership when the inevitable early struggles lead to even more intense media scrutiny?
    I donít know if Davis has an ego and needs to be the alpha dog, even if he did, thatís not happening with Lebron around. That brings to mind the clashes between Shaq and Kobe, sure, they found a way to coexist and won big, but, it crashed and burned at the end, I donít see Davis and James enjoying that sort of success. And when those inevitable midseason struggles raises its ugly head, everyone will naturally turn to Lebron for that leadership, will he be able to provide it? Who knows. Even worse, what if this just doesnít work and the Lackers are mired in the middle of the pack? Does head coach Frank Vogel wind up on the hot seat with his job at risk? Itís all a mess if you ask me.
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    You know who the Lakers should hire as coach to handle these superstars and has a history of it ? Plus he has a history with organization.


    Give Jackson whatever he desires as coach. If he wants a percentage of the organization like 10-20% you give Phil that. But you bring him in and have him sit down with the stars the Lakers assemble and go from there.
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