"Cagefighters from the Rock"

What is this?

"Cagefighters from the Rock" is a 12 chapter comic book series written by Mike Radich with art by comic book superstar Martin Coccolo (DC Comics The New 52 Green Lantern) and cover by Image Comics pioneer Dan Panosian (Rampage Jackson: Street Soilder).

What is it all about?

Escaped criminal Brad Chaney seeks revenge against the man who sent him to prison, Jason Larkin the mayor of Empire City. He kidnaps Larkin, and, with the aid of plastic surgery, takes his place. Chaney then sets out to destroy the city and Larkin’s reputation. But he makes three new enemies in the process when he orders to have their coach Fabiano Da Silva killed. The three Cagefighters vow to track down the man responsible for Fabiano’s death, and join the police department as private detectives to help hunt for Chaney. The Cagefighters from the Rock are a trio of world champion MMA fighters, consisting of mixed martial arts legend Jon Kang, the best female fighter on the planet Rhian “RJ” Jennings and the future of MMA “Razor” Roger Neal. They train at one of the best MMA gyms in the world, the fictional "Rock Street Gym" (or "The Rock"). With the help of their fighting abilities, their courage and resourcefulness, and the timely messages sent by a mysterious figure who goes by “A Friend”, the Cagefighters begin to foil Chaney’s plans despite the fact that they’re making their reports to a man they believe to be Larkin but is actually Chaney himself, who is trying to misdirect the investigation. The Cagefighters must not only block Chaney’s sabotage attempts, but also end his double masquerade.

“Cagefighters from the Rock” has everything…MMA, Action, Adventure, Excitement and Mystery all in one story!

"Cagefighters from the Rock" truly is unlike anything you've ever seen before. The structure of our story is different because it's modeled after the saturday matinee movie serials that were popular during the 1930s, '40s & '50s. "Cagefighters from the Rock" is not your traditional MMA story. There's no big tournament. There's no one fighting to get into the UFC. There's no one fighting against their estranged, older brother. There's none of that. This story is a mix of MMA and a 1980's action movie.

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