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    Quote Originally Posted by kjn View Post
    Yeah, and DC (or at least Comixology) didn't really made clear how the pieces all mesh together.

    I had some issues with how the fallout was handled in the last special, but what we have here is really the prologue and chapter one of Tynion's JLD run. I also hope that that future issues won't be as Wonder Woman-heavy as it has been so far—maybe not the right thing to say in the Wonder Woman forum, but the other characters haven't really had recurring chances to shine or develop yet.
    Yes they did, you read them in order of release, it's that simple

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    Quote Originally Posted by kjn View Post
    Including the three first issues of Justice League Dark, which introduces the team and the reason they were formed in the first place (it's partially recapped in the first special, 04).

    01 Justice League Dark 001 (2018)
    02 Justice League Dark 002 (2018)
    03 Justice League Dark 003 (2018)
    04 Wonder Woman and Justice League Dark 01 - Witching Hour 01 (2018)
    05 Wonder Woman 056 - Witching Hour 02 (2018)
    06 Justice League Dark 004 - Witching Hour 03 (2018)
    07 Wonder Woman 057 - Witching Hour 04 (2018)
    08 Justice League Dark and Wonder Woman 01 - Witching Hour 05 (2018)
    I knew i had missed one, thank you

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    I read everything up to this issue. Not really much of a fan to be honest, a lot of these JLD story lines feel very samey to me.
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