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    Quote Originally Posted by Immortal Weapon View Post
    Kathleen Kennedy herself said the movie was dead.

    That wouldn't happen if it's existence was just a rumor.
    Okay then.
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    Quote Originally Posted by SuperiorIronman View Post
    It's both relieving and disappointing to me because the interest is there, but with the way Star Wars fans currently are and what happened leading up to Solo's release, I'm not surprised Disney killed it.

    Also worth mentioning is the landscape for a Fett movie is not there. A lot of the problem Solo faced around it's release besides the JO from people who hated TLJ weirdly enough was that it went up against several other big names. It was a big year for summer films and even this winter has some big releases. So waiting until these franchises die down a little and the Sequel JO stops a bit is probably for the best. It also allows Disney time to refine tastes for any potential film seeing as it's going to be about 2 years or so following 9 that we know anything definitive.

    I wouldn't be surprised if Fett is moved to television given the current TV push, but I guess we'll see where the landscape is going post-Mando. Although if The Mandolorian is popular it might land itself a TV show and if it can't get Morrison to voice Fett, Baker is still the clone voice they use.
    my theory was that they simply released "Solo" too soon after TLJ. it felt like the TV equivalent of showing two episodes of a TV show two days in a row at different times of the day.

    well, that and I never had any interest in watching it in the first place.

    what is JO supposed to mean?

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