Actually, not surprised by the whole run of Superior Spider-man, since i haven't read it yet. But really surprised on what happened to Peter Parker and Dr. Ock on last issues of The Amazing Spider-man (#698 through #700). Since the beginning, i was really curious about how the hell Dr. Ock switched bodies with Peter Parker and became Superior Spider-man. But even so, i hadn't read it.

Now that Dr. Ock as Spidey is done, and now with the reboot of Amazing Spider-man, i took a chance by reading last arc of original run, "Death Wish", and i'm quite surprised how good were those.


First of all, i was hoping to see how the switch happened on the last issue, but i was really surprised to see that on the first issue it already happened. The way the comic show it to us were very nice too.

Second, and this is what made me REALLY like "Death Wish", what happens on the last pages of the #700 issue: spidey showing Dr. Ock all his memories, and making him feel all the suffering he went through, all the things that made him Spider-man, all the things that made Dr. Ock Spider-man as well. REALLY liked this part.

Well, just had to put this out. Starting to read Superior Spider-man in 3... 2... 1...