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    There's a germ of an interesting idea here. Like the idea that Diana's so selfless she doesn't give herself time to dwell on her own problems COULD be an interesting thing to reveal/explore.

    But I'm not sure about this execution. Feels too extreme and paints it as almost pathological.

    It reminds me of that JLA issue Chuck Austin wrote where Wonder Woman had an abrupt and out of nowhere break-down after a fight because she was so terrified she almost died even though...she's Wonder Woman.
    It came across like an effort to inject depth/pathos from someone who knew almost nothing about the character, so he latched onto one idea and bent the story over backwards to justify it.
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    What's so stupid about it is that there are several things that King could have used instead, with far better results and foundation.

    • Guilt over failing to help people—that's a core part of her relation with Cheetah after Rucka's second run.
    • The loss of contact with Themyscira and thus her original family. She's trying to build a new one, but it takes time and effort.
    • Her constant work on being a good example, touching people's hearts, and changing Man's society for the better, and she feels like she barely makes a dent.

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    The chances of him knowing anything about her more recent stories are slim to none. He didn't even know that Steve Trevor was back in her life as her romantic partner when he wrote her guest spot in Batman, hence trying to use her as a sexual tease. If he didn't know that basic info at the time, chances are not good he'll know about her current dynamic with Cheetah, or the details of her contact with Themyscira.
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    knowing Tom king after what he did to booster what it means is that she was traumatized after watching her mother menstruate.
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